Riders Battle Brutal Conditions at Broome-Tioga Snow Scrambles

| 27 February 2012 6:25 pm

2011-12 Broome-Tioga Winter Snow Scrambles Series
Round 3: Broome-Tioga Sports Center

By Jim Sanderson
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Hurd Motorsports, promoters of the Broome-Tioga Sports Center, hosted the third round of the newly created Winter Snow Scrambles Series on February 12, 2012. The series, which originally consisted of four rounds, has been so well received by the off-road racing community that Hurd Motorsports has added a fifth round, to be held on April 22, 2012. This unique off-road series utilizes the multiple motocross tracks, grass-track and single-track trails of the Broome-Tioga facility. Series points are being kept, and overall series awards will be presented at the final round to eligible riders.

The weather and track conditions for this round were almost as brutal as those at the previous round. Temperatures were in the upper teens, but it felt much more like zero degrees due to sharp winds and heavy snowfall. The overnight forecast was for light snow for the region, but the area got hit with a storm that dumped approximately five inches of lake-effect snow. This round proved to be a very real snow scrambles, with brutal wind and almost zero visibility throughout the day.

Tim Meyers (859), Glen Davis (54) and Jeff Hart (525) lead the start of the Over 40 Amateur/Novice contest at round three of the Broome-Tioga Winter Snow Scrambles Series.

On the dead-engine start of the Over 40 Amateur/Novice division Snow Scrambles, Tim Meyers got the jump on the rest of the field and led the pack into the first turn, followed by Glen Davis, Jeff Hart, Chris Holdridge and Mark Kuehn. Hart took the point position on the back hill and continued to lead at the start of lap two. Davis, Meyers, Holdridge and Paul Best rounded out the top five.

The top four remained unchanged at the start of lap three. Jim Seamon passed Best, taking fifth. Seamon began to close the gap on Holdridge, and he made the pass for fourth on the white-flag lap; Holdridge was displaced to fifth. Hart took the easy win and was followed by Davis, Meyers, Seamon and Holdridge.

When the green flag dropped for the start of the Over 30 Amateur/Novice Snow Scrambles, heavy snowfall made visibility in the first turn almost nonexistent, but that didn’t stop Dave Karp from leading the pack into the first turn. He was followed by Hart, Gordon Doane and Joe Potter. Hart quickly took the lead and began to pull away, and he continued to hold the point at the start of lap two. Potter passed Karp, taking second; Karp dropped to third. Doane and Jason Dimare rounded out the top five. Jeff Elliott passed Dimare on the following lap, taking fifth; Dimare was relegated to sixth.

Dave Karp (501) and Jeff Hart (525) battle for the holeshot off the start of the Over 30 Amateur/Novice Snow Scrambles.

The top five were all spread out by the start of lap four and the order remained unchanged all the way to the checkers. Hart took the win. Potter, Karp, Doane and Elliott completed the top five.

Mike Frederick, Matt Holbrook, Bryan Burnett, James Black and Brandon Utter led the start of the Quad Amateur Snow Scrambles. Holbrook had taken over the point position by the start of the second lap. Fredrick, Bryan Post, Mike Vaccaro and Black rounded out the top five.

Holbrook and Fredrick remained first and second at the start of lap three and were followed by Black, Post and Dave Mica. Fredrick slowly closed the gap on Holbrook and made the pass for the lead on lap five; Holbrook was relegated to second. Black, Mica and Utter held third through fifth. Fredrick pulled away and held on to take the win. Holbrook, Black, Micha and Utter completed the top five.

Mike Frederick (308), Matt Holbrook (607), Bryan Burnett (143), James Black (501) and Brandon Utter (144) lead the start of the Quad Amateur Snow Scrambles.

Broome-Tioga Sports Center
Binghamton, New York
Results: February 12, 2012 (Round 3 of 5)

50-65: 1. Connor Coyne (KTM); 2. Tyler Kundrata (Kaw); 3. Ethan Raymond (KTM); 4. Paulie Best (KTM).

85: 1. Michael Vandelinder (KTM); 2. Brandon Karp (KTM).

101-200 AM: 1. John Roys (Yam).

201- OPEN AM: 1. Mason Kipfer (Yam); 2. Joseph Potter (Yam); 3. Nicholas Wheeler (KTM); 4. Chris Leschak (Hus); 5. John Thierfelder III (Suz).

NOV: 1. Kevin Shedden (KTM); 2. Billy Jenkins (Kaw); 3. Michael Vandelinder (KTM); 4. Danny Fulkerton (KTM); 5. Bradley Foss (Yam).

EX: 1. Nick Davis (KTM); 2. Mike Maresca; 3. Anthony Howe (Yam); 4. Zachary McCutcheon (KTM); 5. Charlie Thayer (KTM).

UNLIMITED: 1. Mike Maresca; 2. Robert Civiletti Jr. (KTM); 3. Cody Jordan (Hon); 4. Spencer Hoyt (Suz); 5. Zachary McCutcheon (KTM).

WOMEN: 1. Kayla Boorom (Kaw); 2. Alyssa Bennett (Hon); 3. Danielle Sheldon (Hon).

30+ AM/NOV: 1. Jeff Hart (KTM); 2. Joseph Potter (Yam); 3. Dave Karp (KTM); 4. Gordon Doane (Suz); 5. Jeffrey Elliott (KTM).

40+ AM/NOV: 1. Jeff Hart (KTM); 2. Glen Davis (KTM); 3. Tim Myers (Hon); 4. Jim Seamon (Yam); 5. Chris Holdridge (KTM).

50+: 1. Dennis Tavella (Hon).

NON-STUDDED: 1. Dave Barnes (Hus); 2. Ken Gumbs (KTM).


MINI QUAD 90: 1. Hunter Hart (Cob); 2. Cory Vandelinder (Yam).

QUAD NOV: 1. Eric Gofgosky (Yam); 2. Hunter Hart (Cob); 3. Justin Beebee; 4. Ryan Tingley (Kaw); 5. Dustin Roser (Hon).

QUAD AM: 1. Michael Frederick (Hon); 2. Matt Holbrook (Yam); 3. James Black (Yam); 4. David Micha (Suz); 5. Brandon Utter.

QUAD EX: 1. Nate Thomas (Hon); 2. Marty Christoferson Jr. (Hon); 3. Greg Covet (Yam); 4. Christopher Brofcak (Yam); 5. Zac Eastman (Kaw).

QUAD WOMEN: 1. Karalin Frederick (Hon); 2. Becki Wheeler (KTM); 3. Katelyn Osburn (Suz).

QUAD 30+ AM/NOV: 1. Robert Friedlander (Kaw); 2. Bryan Godfrey; 3. Nick Mase (Kaw); 4. Frank White (Kaw); 5. Michael Bell Jr. (Yam).

QUAD 30+ EX: 1. James Bobzien (Yam); 2. Zac Eastman (Kaw); 3. Jim Wilczek (Yam); 4. Corey Schaffer (Yam); 5. William Ray (Hon).

QUAD UTILITY: 1. Gary Chamberlain.

QUAD NON-STUDDED: 1. Josh Park (Yam); 2. Kyle Thompson.

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