Davis Perfect at Broome-Tioga Winter Series

| 16 March 2012 2:53 pm

Broome-Tioga Winter Snow Scrambles Series
Round 4: Broome-Tioga Sports Center

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Hurd Motorsports, promoters of the Broome-Tioga Sports Center, hosted the penultimate round of their new Winter Snow Scrambles Series on March 4, 2012. Round four had originally been slated to be the series finale, but this unique new off-road series has been so well received by the regional racing community that the promoters have added a fifth round, to be held on April 22, 2012. The series utilizes the multiple motocross tracks, grass-track and single-track trails of the Broome-Tioga facility. Series points are being kept, and overall series awards will be presented at the final round.

The weather for this round wasn’t nearly as brutal as at the previous two. Mother Nature presented riders with sunshine and warmer temperatures, which thawed the ground and made the majority of the racecourse a slick, muddy mess. Mother Nature also threw in some heavy snow flurries; after all, it is called the Broome-Tioga Winter Snow Scrambles Series!

Mike Maresca (X), Derek Holcomb (51), Dallas Mica (8), Joel Grover (17) and Zachary McCutchan (35, behind Holcomb) lead the pack into the first turn at the start of the Expert contest at what has turned out to be the penultimate round of the Broome-Tioga Winter Snow Scrambles Series.

Nick Davis, a KTM pilot from Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, has dominated the Expert class in this series. Davis had won three in a row and led the division points chase by a whopping 22 points coming into round four. Mike Maresca is second in points, and Dustin Jordan, in third, trails Maresca by six points.

When the green flag flew to signal the start of the Expert contest, Mike Maresca, Derek Holcomb, Dallas Mica, Joel Grover, Zachary McCutchan and Davis led the pack into the first turn. Davis quickly picked off several riders and moved into the lead before the end of the opening lap. Micha, in tow, was now second. Maresca, Grover and Holcomb rounded out the top five.

The top-five running order remained unchanged for the next four laps, and the top three remained unchanged all the way to the checkered flag. Davis took another win and a perfect sweep of the series. Micha and Maresca took second and third, respectively. Holcomb passed Grover on the final lap to take fourth. Grover had to settle for fifth.

Davis now leads the series with 60 points. Maresca is second and trails Davis by 29. Davis could sit out the final round and still be the series champion. If Maresca wins the final round and Davis is a no-show, even with the 15 points for the win, Maresca would still trail Davis by 14 points after five rounds.

Kevin Shedden (53, in the lead), Danny Fullerton (420, behind Shedden), Jeremy Vondracek (1928) and Justin Munley (1) lead the pack into the first turn at the start of the Novice contest.

When the green flag dropped for the start of the 101-200cc Novice-division scrambles, Kevin Shedden, Danny Fullerton, Joe Brown, Jeremy Vondracek and Justin Munley led the pack into the first turn. At the end of the opening lap, Shedden continued to lead, followed by Vondracek, Chris Leschak, Billy Jenkins and Joe Brown. The lead riders were all spread out by the middle of lap two and the order remained unchanged until the last lap, when Vondracek passed Shedden for the lead and held on to take the win. Shedden, Leschak, Jenkins and Brown completed the top five.

Broome-Tioga Sports Center
Binghamton, New York
Results: March 4, 2012 (Round 4 of 5)

50-65: 1. Tyler Kundrata (Kaw); 2. Connor Coyne (KTM); 3. Kamren Lehman (KTM); 4. Bobby Schultz (KTM); 5. Lucas Finch (Kaw).

85: 1. Michael Vandelinder (KTM); 2. Shayne Failey (Kaw); 3. Darren Davies (Hon).

101-200 AM: 1. Craig Evans (Hon); 2. Sean Ballard (Kaw); 3. John Roys (Yam).

201-OPEN AM: 1. Cody Whitney (Hon); 2. Nicholas Wheeler (KTM); 3. Mason Kipfer (Yam); 4. Warcus Hodge (KTM).

NOV: 1. Jeremy Vondracek (KTM); 2. Kevin Shedden (KTM); 3. Chris Leschak (Hus); 4. Billy Jenkins (Kaw); 5. Joe Brown (Yam).

EX: 1. Nick Davis (KTM); 2. Dallas Micha (KTM); 3. Mike Maresca; 4. Derek Holcomb (KTM); 5. Joel Grover (KTM).

UNLIMITED: 1. Joel Grover (KTM); 2. Chris Seeley; 3. Kyle Trantham (KTM); 4. Zachary McCutchan (KTM); 5. Spencer Hoyt (Suz).

WOMEN: 1. Britini Santee (KTM); 2. Kayla Booram (Kaw); 3. Alyssa Bennett (Hon); 4. Holly Murphy (Hon).

30+ AM/NOV: 1. Steve Ackley (Suz); 2. Bobby Magee (Kaw); 3. Dave Karp (KTM); 4. Kenny Monico (Kaw); 5. Calvin Parvis (KTM).

30+ EX: 1. Brian Laven (Hon); 2. Jay Mitrowitz (KTM).

40+ AM/NOV: 1. Tim Ferguson (KTM); 2. Robert Murphy (Hon); 3. Stephen Kenyon (Yam); 4. Glen Davis (KTM); 5. Michael Ferguson (KTM).

50+: 1. Richard Bristue (Hon); 2. Dave Verdetto (KTM).

NON-STUDDED: 1. Robert Mix (KTM); 2. Ben Murdoes (Yam); 3. Joshua Teeter (Hon); 4. Jason Robbins (Hon).

MINI QUAD 50-70: 1. Chase Archibald.

MINI QUAD 90: 1. Cory Vandelinder (Yam); 2. Megan Godfrey (Yam); 3. Bailey Poarch (Kaw); 4. Casey Stoughton; 5. Zachary Soper.

QUAD NOV: 1. Justin Beebee; 2. Brandon Gavitt (Yam); 3.Mike Parkhurst (Hon); 4. Kevin Carr (Yam); 5. Holdan Hayes (Suz).

QUAD AM: 1. Eric Gofgosky (Yam); 2. Michael Frederick (Hon); 3. Jordan Allen (KTM); 4. Nathan Sayre (Yam); 5. Bryan Burnett.

QUAD EX: 1. Marty Christoferson Jr. (Hon); 2. Nate Thomas (Hon); 3. Greg Covert (Yam); 4. Tyler Beebee; 5. Bart Ferreira (Suz).

QUAD WOMEN: 1. Kara Frederick (Hon); 2. Katelyn Osburn (Suz); 3. Megan Mawhiney (Yam); 4. Becki Wheeler (KTM); 5. Diane Greene (Hon).

QUAD SCHOOLBOY: 1. Andy Tavelli (Yam); 2. Brandon Clark (Yam); 3. Abbi Troy (Yam).

QUAD 30+ AM/NOV: 1. Robert Bach (Yam); 2. Kevin Sims (KTM); 3. Robert Friedlander (Kaw); 4. Stephen Barber; 5. Jason Kemp (Kaw).

QUAD 30+ EX: 1. James Bobzien (Yam); 2. Corey Schaffer (Yam); 3. Paul Fuksman (Yam); 4. William Green (Hon).

QUAD UTILITY: 1. Kress Simpson.

QUAD NON-STUDDED: 1. Brad Aman (Hon); 2. Ricky Peters (Yam); 3. Josh Morrow (Yam); 4. Daniel De Carlo (Suz); 5. Mike Stevens.

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