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| 24 April 2012 12:26 pm

ACES Appalachian Championship Enduro Series
Round 2: New Straitsville Enduro Riders’ Moonshine Enduro

Story by Heather Wilson
Photos by Phil Bartow

After a downpour of rain the day before this event, many riders would describe the Moonshine Enduro as “muddy.” Temperatures in the 80s made for a hot race day. The Moonshine Enduro celebrated its seventh year since its return to New Straitsville. There were more than 120 riders in attendance, each vying to earn the prestigious “moonshine jug.”

The terrain consisted of 80 ground miles, with seven sections. In total there were 15 checks. The breakdown of the sections included: Section 1 – 3.2 E; Section 2 – 6.0; Section 3 – 4.8 E; Section 4 – 3.2; Section 5 – 3.2 A only; Section 6 – 5.2 A/B; and Section 7 – 6.4.

Although the technical southern Ohio layout was made a little more treacherous by Mother Nature’s unleashing of rain the night before, traction was not too bad, although several sections did develop nasty mudholes due to the rain.

Johnny Barber was the overall winner of the Moonshine Enduro, a.k.a. round two of the Appalachian Championship Enduro Series.

Husaberg jockey Johnny Barber, a first-year ACES rider, took the Moonshine Enduro’s overall win. Barber dropped 23 points throughout the day, while second-place finisher Zach Klamfoth dropped 30 points. One point behind Klamfoth was his fellow KTM rider Cody Meeks, in third; 200cc A-class rider Meeks was also the Overall A winner. KTM-mounted Mark McGrath and Husaberg pilot Jeff Johnson rounded out the top five finishers.

Barber said that he loves how technical the layout was at the Moonshine Enduro.

“The trail was great for experienced riders, but probably not very fun for lesser skilled riders,” he said, adding that for him, the toughest section was the A section. “Only because of a bottleneck in a creek with the trail going up and around some downed trees. I was stuck there for a few minutes and thought I had blown the race. I eventually got through it and still scored a five, which wasn’t all that bad.”

Weather played a large role in the race.

“With all the rain they got Saturday,” Barber continued, “the course was saturated, and being back on row 30 made it kind of tough fighting the ruts and mudholes. If it wouldn’t have rained, the course would have been perfect.”

Barber thanked Rich Smith from Smith’s Power Sports, Husaberg USA,, EBC Brakes, and ODI.

“The race was the third time I’ve been on a bike since November, so I couldn’t be happier with the way the season is going,” he concluded. “Hopefully I can keep it up.”

The Overall A rider in New Straitsville, Ohio, was Cody Meeks.

Overall A rider Cody Meeks, who’s in his third full season of being an ACES competitor, said that he looked forward to the fact that it was going to be muddy and have lots of technical sections.

“I thought the trail layout was amazing!” he enthused. “It couldn’t have been better.”

The hardest section, in his opinion, was the A/B section: “To overcome it, I just was always looking as far as I could see down the trail and tried to figure out my best route through the ruts and mudholes. The weather always plays a huge part in the layout of enduros, but I thought it helped this one.”

Meeks thanked his dad, his grandpa, and Sport Cycles, and Brian Rickard and Tyler Chadwell for being great riding partners.

“Thanks to Kevin Brown,” Meeks added, “for getting me started in enduros and teaching me the ropes.”

The overall B went to KTM-mounted Rob Gorst, a rider in the Senior B class. Gorst, a three-year ACES racer, said his favorite aspects of the Moonshine Enduro were the single-track and the hills.

“It was slick but rideable,” he noted, adding that it was a fun layout with “some great single-track. Considering the rain we had, it was still a lot of fun.”

The toughest section of the day, according to Gorst, was the A/B section.

“It had a few areas that you had to make in one go or you would lose lots of time,” he recounted. “There were a couple bottlenecks that required a banzai move to get past and keep moving. The weather made it very slick, and you had to keep forward momentum at all costs.”

Gorst thanked the New Straitsville Enduro Riders, who laid out the trail.

“I have done it and understand how much work it is,” he pointed out. He also wanted to thank the guys with whom he rides for helping him to keep time and “learn the art of old-time enduros.”

He added that even though he hates riding in the rain, “some twisted part of me enjoys it. It takes the ride to a different level in southern Ohio. It makes it hard to get out of bed Monday morning.”

The Appalachian Championship Enduro Series (ACES) is a traditional time-keeping enduro series. Follow ACES on Twitter at @ACES_races as the season continues with rounds three and four on back-to-back days, June 9 and 10, at the Little Raccoon Classic Enduro, hosted by the Appalachian Dirt Riders. This event will take place near McArthur, Ohio. This two-day event will be the 2012 AMA ISDE Qualifier.

ACES would like to thank the following sponsors for contributing to this series and supporting our riders: Fly, Kenda, KTM, MSR, Husqvarna, Enduro Engineering, T&E News, Osburn Signs, Point View Cycles, Smith’s Power Sports, Sport Cycles, Clinton County Motorsports, Western Power Sports, Caton’s Cycle Center, Wheelsports, JM Cycles and Ohio Motorcycle.

New Straitsville Enduro Riders Moonshine Enduro
New Straitsville, Ohio
Results: April 15, 2012 (Round 2)

AA: 1. Johnny Barber (Hsb); 2. Zach Klamfoth (KTM); 3. Morgan Green (KTM); 4. William Farmer (KTM).

200 A: 1. Cody Meeks (KTM); 2. David Patterson (KTM); 3. Mike Molnar (KTM); 4. Doug Kisor (KTM).

250 A: 1. Colin Klier (KTM); 2. Russell Cherry (Yam); 3. Tyler Chadwell (KTM); 4. Brad Hensley (Yam).

OPEN A: 1. Brian Rickard (KTM); 2. Joe Uhrig (KTM); 3. John Grimm (Hon); 4. Bob Heinzerling (KTM).

VET A: 1. Mark McGrath (KTM); 2. Marty Kehlmeier (KTM); 3. John Yerkey (KTM); 4. Kraig George (Suz).

SR A: 1. Jeff Johnson (Hsb); 2. David Olive (KTM); 3. Doug Rinehart (KTM); 4. Paul Curry.

SUPER SR A: 1. Robert McNeel (Yam); 2. Mark Lederle (KTM); 3. Norm Into (Hon); 4. Dan Ford (Yam).

200 B: 1. Brad Graves (KTM); 2. Matt Kemp (Kaw); 3. Nick Fisher (KTM); 4. Jake Ray (KTM).

250 B: 1. Zac Thomas (GG); 2. Vinnie Petrela (KTM); 3. Austin Spencer (KTM); 4. James Copsey (KTM).

OPEN B: 1. Aaron Cooney (KTM); 2. Adam Clark (KTM); 3. Travis Jarvis (KTM); 4. Todd Decker (KTM).

VET B: 1. John Bittner (Hsb); 2. Trent Gardner (KTM); 3. Christopher Knight (GG); 4. Jason Mock (Yam).

SR B: 1. Robert Gorst (KTM); 2. Kenny Hoyle (KTM); 3. Edward Snyder (KTM); 4. Dino Colaianni (KTM).

SUPER SR B: 1. Mark Thomas (Hsb); 2. Mark Best (KTM); 3. William Bowers (KTM); 4. Robert Thaw (KTM).

OPEN C: 1. Jade Smith (KTM); 2. Jason Laney (KTM); 3. John Rilley; 4. Brandon Rehmert (Suz).

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