Vintage Fun Down at Diamond Don’s

| 18 May 2012 12:40 pm

Diamond Don’s 10th Annual Riverport National
AHRMA Legends of Motocross Vintage MX Series, Round 3
Race Tech Post-Vintage Motocross National

Story and Photos by Roy Jenkins
JEFFERSON, TX, APR. 20-22, 2012

More than 1,500 people attended the 10th annual Diamond Don’s Riverport National, a 10-percent increase over last year. Saturday was the third round of the Legends of Motocross National Vintage MX Series, and the Race Tech Post-Vintage MX Series was held on Sunday. Interest in Vintage Motocross racing continues to grow, despite the increase in fuel costs and the slow economy. Let’s look at the race-entry numbers: Trials had 23 entrants, Cross Country had 162, Vintage had 329, and Post-Vintage had 337, for a total of 851 race entries for the weekend, compared to 847 last year. Vintage entries were down as a result of the torrential downpour on Friday afternoon. AHRMA signed up 70 members at this race: 38 new full memberships, 24 renewals, and eight weekend memberships.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. It’s all about one main thing: fun! Diamond Don’s motto is, “Never too much barbecue!”

Ah, a man after my own heart.

This event has moved up to the “magical” level. Why? When you factor in the racing, the old bikes, the track, the food, the music, the vendors, the media coverage, and the most important ingredient – the people – this event is off the hook! Men and women from across the decades of off-road motorcycle competition trekked from around the country to enter the time machine and travel back to a simpler and more innocent time of two-wheel nirvana, one that sparks memories of childhood, when we escaped from the stresses of school, family and work to the countrysides and backwoods on our motorcycles!

Take a tour with me for the “Reader’s Digest” version.

Saturday was reserved for the Vintage portion of the 10th annual Diamond Don’s Riverport National.

Those arriving on Thursday night found that the pre-pre-party was already beginning, as racers and their families wandered from pit to pit, checking out the bikes and discussing the science of off-road racing.

On Friday morning, the Trials competitors displayed their balance and skill, while the afternoon was filled with the Cross-Country racers blasting through the woods. It rained most of the afternoon on Friday, making for treacherous conditions and muddy riders.

Saturday was the Vintage MX race day, and with the rain done, event coordinator Gary Bailey and track man Potts Thomas got on the heavy equipment and spruced it up. After a few motos, it got really rough, as the holes and braking bumps appeared, which more than challenged the old suspension. Many an exhaust pipe fell off on the track.

After the last moto, when the dust had cleared and the beautiful metal plaques had been awarded, everyone’s attention turned to relaxation and enjoyment. The festivities started with a marriage of longtime racers and former Louisiana State champions (from 1973) Connie Elam and Muff Leblanc at the popular Leblanc pits. After Roy Jenkins and Steve Wise provided the nuptials, the dance floor opened up. One of the fastest-rising stars in the south, the Chris Leblanc Band, cranked up. Chris, Louie and the boys played some strong and rhythmic Louisiana blues and rock that mesmerized the partiers.

A couple of hundred yards into the woods, at the new barn, Diamond Don treated the crowds to barbecue and boiled crawfish. When was the last time you got to party with legendary riders such as Donnie Hansen, Brad Lackey, Marty Tripes, Guy Cooper, Trampas Parker, Gary Bailey, Trey Jorski, Jim Gibson or Chip Kawolski? All excuses were removed so everyone could have a great time! (And yeah, I just made up that last name to strain your database…)

Sunday morning began with long post-entry sign-up lines and tech inspection. Those waiting in line were also privy to the powerful preaching of Steve Wise at the morning worship service. Then it was time for some all-out, no-holds-barred racing action on the newer post-vintage bikes.

And now for the actual racing! Saturday opened with a battle among of couple of AHRMA’s fastest younger riders – Brad Cannon, Mark Stahlman and Elbert Simon – in the Sportsman 250cc Expert class. Cannon took his Bultaco to a double-moto victory, with Stahlman second and Phil Reed third, while Simon had bike problems. Jeff Nagel rode his Honda to second in the second moto, followed by Rick Custard, Phil Reed and Mark Stahlman, who went over the bars, hard, when he got cross-rutted while banging bars with Cannon for the lead. Stahlman got up slowly, dusted himself off, and finished fifth in the second moto, never riding up to his full speed for the rest of the weekend due to some nagging pain in his back.

Jason Landing and Gary Alsop swapped moto wins in the Intermediate race.

Doug Grant put on a show on his AJS in the Over 60 Expert class, winning both motos handily. Steve Machado, Loyd Morgan and Jeff Kring fought for the leftovers.

Charlene Campbell was the only woman Expert rider, but she really caused a buzz later in the day when she picked up an injured man off the track, by herself! Sure, go back and read that again. Thanks, Charlene, you get the “Hero” award!

In that same race, Connie Elam scored second, behind Rachel Romero. That was Elam’s last race under that name; a few hours later, Connie took Muff Leblanc’s last name (the aforementioned wedding, remember?). Elam won the overall after Romero crashed out in the second moto of the Intermediate class. MX Photography queen Dawn Winczewski took second on her Penton, and Terry Gerber was third on her Kawasaki.

Trampas Parker had bike problems in the Sportsman 500cc Expert class and had to settle for fourth, behind Guy Cooper, Elbert Simon and Tony Fox. Cooper earned the distinction of being the most impressive rider of the weekend, having swept this class’ motos on his Penton and then putting on a clinic in the Marty Tripes Works Revenge race on his YZ100. Cooper was the first racer that this reporter saw who cleared the infield levee, on the little 100! Then he kept it pinned all the way through the next turn! Jim Gibson followed on his Yamaha in second, while youngster Cody Thomas had his 100cc Honda right with them in the second moto.

“I was amazed at the lines Cooper was taking!” said Thomas. “I had to rethink my lines.”

Rick Jordan captured the Over 50 Expert-class victory with a 2-2 tally on his CZ, over Clark Jones’ 4-1 score, Wade Woodall’s 7-3 finishes and Trey Jorski’s 1-9 effort.

Jorski fared better in the Over 40 Expert contest, with a second overall, behind the unbeatable Guy Cooper. Tony Fox, Rick Jordan and Mac Edmonston rounded out the top five.

The Post-Vintage racing was held on Sunday.

When Sunday’s Post-Vintage racing kicked off, Trey Jorski went right after Guy Cooper in the Over 50 Expert class. But when they reappeared from the woods. Cooper had earned a little breathing room. For the second day in a row, Jorski had a banner wrapped up in his rear wheel, prompting J.P. Parsons to announce, “It’s another banner day for Trey Jorski!”

Cooper took his Suzuki to a double-moto victory, in front of Joe Burke (3-2) and Jorski (2-3). Andrew Short’s father-in-law, Tom Hudson, scored fourth.

Trampas Parker took his Honda to a 2-1 victory over Jorski’s 1-2 finishes in the Over 40 Expert class. Tony Fox and Kevin Hutchinson followed.

Richard Davis beat 20 other riders in his class to sweep the Over 50 Intermediates. Steve Fox, Don Galloway and Mike Alf rounded out the top four. Michael Elshout posted a 1-1 in the Open Age Intermediate class, in front of Eric Bourgeois and Randy Fairburn (in his first AHRMA race), to fill the podium with Louisiana natives.

Trey Jorski dominated the Open Age Expert class, with John Vazquez, Jordy Burnett and Gary Doza in tow.

Well, they finally talked Sean Hackley (Sr.) into racing Vintage. He won the first moto of the Ultima 125cc Intermediate class, but Eric Bourgeois won the second stanza and, with it, the overall. Next time Hackley needs to bring his Pro son out to pit for him! Turnabout is fair play, right?

Kevin Cleveland edged out Albert Newmann and Larry Edwards in the Historic 125cc Intermediate class, while Elbert Simon held off the charge of Brad Cannon in the Historic 125cc Expert class. Tim Borgfield swept the GP 125cc Expert class, in front of Greg Boone and Mark Ray. All these close races were in race 12, the final race of the day.

MX Photography was the official photographer, J-N Fence and Route 49 Motorclothes supplied the metal trophies, Bad Brush designed the trophies, and Big Daddy Racing supplied electronics. Race sponsors included Kawasaki and Longview Cycle, Yamaha and H&W Honda, Pro-Vue and VMX Magazine. The AHRMA event sponsors were AHRMA Legends Group, Speed & Sport, Race Tech, and Penton Owners Group. Brad Lackey and Badco Screen Printing did the event T-shirts. The Friday barbecue and Crawfish sponsors were Team Cramp, Wild West Honda, Kissimmee Motor Sports, and Legends and Heroes. Chili Pepper and family handled the flaggers. The Wine Down Party was sponsored by Balls to the Wall Racing, Gary Davis, and Gowdy-McIntyre. Mike Haynes and Chicago Jerry set up the Cross-Country track.

As soon as the 2013 Supercross schedule is announced, Don and Francene will post the date for next year. Then you’d better circle it on your calendars, ’cause it’s too much fun to miss!

For more info on this and other events, go to,, or

Diamond Don’s Riverport National
Jefferson, Texas
Results: April 20-22, 2012




PREMIER 350 NOV: 1. Tammy Ritzheimer-Mount (BSA).

PREMIER 350 INT: 1. Wayne Mount (BSA).

PREMIER 500 INT: 1. Jimmy Allison (BSA); 2. Rik Smits; 3. John Bergener (BSA).

PREMIER 500 EX: 1. Dallas Nyblod; 2. Jim Crain (BSA); 3. Corky Root (BSA); 4. William Click (BSA).


PREMIER OPEN TWINS EX: 1. Dirk Murphy; 2. Bob McNamara.

SPORTSMAN 125 NOV: 1. Mark Kowalczyk (Hon); 2. Terry Dailey (CZ); 3. Christopher Wycislak; 4. Rusty Reed (CZ).

SPORTSMAN 125 INT: 1. Troy Anderson (Hon); 2. Roy Jenkins (Hon); 3. Cody Howard (Yam); 4. David Cummings (Hon); 5. Tad Breaux (Hon).

SPORTSMAN 125 EX: 1. Cody Thomas (Hon); 2. Mark Stahlman (Bul); 3. Jared Lange (Yam); 4. Matthew Leblanc (Hon); 5. James Smith (Can).

SPORTSMAN 250 NOV: 1. Lindsay Harper (Bul); 2. Jimmie Vaughan (CZ); 3. Rick Amos (Hus); 4. Marc Warburton (Hus); 5. David Kelley (Yam).

SPORTSMAN 250 INT: 1. Jason Landing (Bul); 2. Gary Alsop (Hon); 3. Robbie Proffitt (Hon); 4. Robbie Kahn; 5. Kevin Cleveland (Kaw).

SPORTSMAN 250 EX: 1. Brad Cannon (Bul); 2. Jeff Nagel (Hon); 3. Phil Reed; 4. Mark Stahlman (Bul); 5. Rick Custard (Hon).

SPORTSMAN 500 NOV: 1. John Putkey (CZ); 2. Krista Nylander; 3. Todd Gillum (Hus); 4. Randy Woodall (Mai).

SPORTSMAN 500 INT: 1. Bubba Dennis (Mai); 2. Alan Hamilton (CZ); 3. Robbie Kahn; 4. Rick Owens (Mai); 5. Tab Estep (Kaw).

SPORTSMAN 500 EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Pen); 2. Elbert Simon (Yam); 3. Tony Fox (Mai); 4. Chris Graber (Suz); 5. Rhett Smith (CZ).



CLASSIC 125 NOV: 1. Stan Miser; 2. Dale Fisher (Pen).

CLASSIC 125 INT: 1. Sean Valentine; 2. Jimmy Oxley (Hod); 3. John Griffin (Hon); 4. Paul Schaffner; 5. Scott Sappington.

CLASSIC 125 EX: 1. Jared Lange (Yam); 2. Wade Woodall (CZ); 3. Chris Brewington (Hon).

CLASSIC 250 NOV: 1. Larry Reiter (Mon); 2. Charles Goman.

CLASSIC 250 INT: 1. Bill Orth; 2. Brian Belcher (BSA).

CLASSIC 250 EX: 1. Dirk Murphy.

CLASSIC 500 INT: 1. Rik Smits; 2. Dwayne Thomas; 3. Bill Orth.

CLASSIC 500 EX: 1. James Smith (BSA); 2. Doug Grant (AJS).

100 MX NOV: 1. Stan Miser; 2. Michael James; 3. Denis Jeffries (Hus).

100 MX INT: 1. Mark Eichhorn; 2. David Ecker (Suz); 3. Frankie Lapina (Yam); 4. Eddie Valverde (Yam).

100 MX EX: 1. Bruce MacFarlane; 2. Mike Parker (Pen); 3. Corky Root (Hod).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Krista Nylander; 2. Patty Brewington (Hon); 3. Tammy Ritzheimer-Mount (BSA).

WOMEN INT: 1. Connie Elam (Hon); 2. Dawn Winczewski (Pen); 3. Terry Gerber (Kaw); 4. Rachel Romero (Hon).

WOMEN EX: 1. Charlene Campbell (Mai).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. Adam Elam (Hon); 2. Mark Waller (Hon).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Brant Wedding (CZ); 2. Andrew Leblanc (Hon); 3. Brady Blankenship (Pen); 4. Kevin Cleveland (Kaw); 5. Cody Howard (Yam).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. Chris Kasavage (Kaw); 2. Cody Thomas (Hon); 3. Jeff Nagel (Hon); 4. Jeffrey Clark (Hon); 5. James Smith (Can).

40+ INT: 1. Randy Richardson (Hus); 2. Tad Breaux (Hon); 3. Robbie Proffitt (Yam); 4. Gary Davis (CZ); 5. Robbie Kahn (Hus).

40+ EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Pen); 2. Trey Jorski (Kaw) 3. Tony Fox (Yam); 4. Rick Jordan (CZ); 5. Mac Edmonston (Hon).

50+ NOV: 1. Jim Brown (CZ); 2. Lindsay Harper (Bul); 3. Marc Warburton (Hus); 4. Denis Jeffries (Hus); 5. George Pawley (Yam).

50+ INT: 1. Bubba Dennis (Mai); 2. Lavon Lucas (Suz); 3. John Putkey (CZ); 4. Don Galloway (Pen); 5. Gayland Bennett (Hon).

50+ EX: 1. Rick Jordan (CZ); 2. Clark Jones (CZ); 3. Wade Woodall (CZ); 4. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 5. Bobby McClalland (Kaw).

60+ NOV: 1. David Eskew (Mai); 2. Mike Harlan (CZ); 3. Terry Dailey (CZ); 4. John Bezinque (CZ).

60+ INT: 1. Bobby Richardson (Hus); 2. Keith Boyd (CZ); 3. Dennis Fisher; 4. J.R. Canaguier (CZ); 5. Robert Wilson (Yam).

60+ EX: 1. Doug Grant (AJS); 2. Steve Machado (CZ); 3. Loyd Morgan (CZ); 4. Jeff Kring (Bul); 5. Mark Moore.

70+ NOV: 1. Whitey Parker (Hon); 2. Richard Light (Yam); 3. Edwin James (Bul); 4. Garland Rhodes; 5. Jerry Elson.

70+ INT: 1. Bill Fleming (Yam); 2. Wayne Mount (BSA); 3. James Ealer Sr. (Bul); 4. Robert McMillen (CZ); 5. Alan Reed (CZ).

70+ EX: 1. Teddy Landers (Pen); 2. Gary Anderson (CZ); 3. Zahn Lewis (Hus).


HISTORIC 4-STROKE INT: 1. Frank Reaves (Yam); 2. Bill Orth (Hon).

HISTORIC 4-STROKE EX: 1. Mike Parker (Hon); 2. Lynn Williams (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 NOV: 1. Christopher Wyceslak (Hon); 2. Tyler Mancuso (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 INT: 1. Kevin Cleveland (Suz); 2. Albert Newmann (Yam); 3. Larry Edwards (CZ); 4. Mike McCloud (Suz); 5. Carl Richey (Yam).

HISTORIC 125 EX: 1. Elbert Simon (Bul); 2. Brad Cannon (Suz); 3. Jeff Simon (Suz).

HISTORIC 250 NOV: 1. Doug Ealer (Bul); 2. David Kelley (Kaw).

HISTORIC 250 INT: 1. Jason Landing (Bul); 2. Don Galloway (Pen); 3. Larry Cooper (Bul); 4. Roger Harris (Mai); 5. Gary Davis (CZ).

HISTORIC 250 EX: 1. Mac Edmonston (Hon); 2. Rhett Smith (Mai); 3. Mike Harlan (Hon).

HISTORIC 500 NOV: 1. Todd Gillum (Suz); 2. Ethan Stahlman (Bul).

HISTORIC 500 INT: 1. Bubba Dennis (Mai); 2. Tim Wise (Hon); 3. Danny Zuniga (Suz); 4. Alan Hamilton (CZ); 5. Kerry McCaughey (Hus).

HISTORIC 500 EX: 1. Ryan Marrocco (Bul); 2. Brad Cannon (Suz); 3. Craig Knight (Mai); 4. Alex Moroz (CZ); 5. Phil Reed.

GP 4-STROKE INT: 1. Greg Ross (Hon); 2. Frank Reaves (Yam).

GP 4-STROKE EX: 1. Jeff Patterson (Hus); 2. Mike Parker (Hon).

GP 125 NOV: 1. Mark Kowalczyk (Hon); 2. Becky Hayes; 3. Christopher Wycislak (Hon); 4. Todd Rapp.

GP 125 INT: 1. Alvin Cannon (Hus); 2. Eric Bourgeois (Hon); 3. Tad Breaux (Hon); 4. Mike McCloud (Suz); 5. Troy Anderson (Hon).

GP 125 EX: 1. Tim Borgfield (Suz); 2. Greg Boone (Suz); 3. Mark Ray (Kaw); 4. Mike Partain (Hon); 5. Chris Brewington (Suz).

GP 250 NOV: 1. Brock Hunter (Suz); 2. John McGuirt (Yam); 3. John Jackson (Suz); 4. Brandon Frakes (Yam).

GP 250 INT: 1. Hoot Parker (Hon); 2. Roger Harris (Hon); 3. Tim Wise (Hon); 4. Robert Boyer (Hus); 5. Robbie Proffitt (Hon).

GP 250 EX: 1. Chris Kasavage (Yam); 2. Tom Hudson (Hon); 3. Chris Graber (Yam); 4. Tony Fox (Yam); 5. Phil Reed.

GP 500 NOV: 1. Casey Cole (Suz).

GP 500 INT: 1. Bubba Dennis (Mai); 2. Mark Hosbach (Hus); 3. Stephen Smith (Yam); 4. Rik Smits; 5. Robert Shough (Yam).

GP 500 EX: 1. Dennis Burnett (Mai); 2. Craig Hayes; 3. Joe Busby (Mai); 4. Rhett Smith (Mai); 5. Jeff Robertson (Mai).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Sheila Monk (Hon); 2. Patty Brewington (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE INT: 1. Todd Duesterhaus (Yam); 2. Bobby Pascal (Hon); 3. Bill Orth (Hon); 4. Andrew Leblanc (Hon); 5. Jeremy Thomas (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE EX: 1. Mike Parker (Hon); 2. Lynn Williams (Hon).

ULTIMA 125 NOV: 1. David Terrell (Hon).

ULTIMA 125 INT: 1. Eric Bourgeois (Hon); 2. Sean Hackley (Hon); 3. Tyler Mandino (Hon); 4. Roy Jenkins (Hon); 5. Jeff Marks (Suz).

ULTIMA 125 EX: 1. Jordy Burnett (Suz); 2. Jeff Simon (Yam); 3. Jared Lange (Yam); 4. Matthew Leblanc (Hon).

ULTIMA 250 NOV: 1. Lindsay Harper (Yam); 2. Travis Shackelford (Suz).

ULTIMA 250 INT: 1. Robbie Proffitt (Yam); 2. Robert Boyer (Mai); 3. Joey Mariom (Yam); 4. Todd Duesterhaus (Suz); 5. Gerald Bello (Hon).

ULTIMA 250 EX: 1. Chris Kasavage (Hon); 2. Joe Burke (Suz); 3. Trampas Parker; 4. Gary Bentol (Hon); 5. Elbert Simon (Yam).

ULTIMA 500 NOV: 1. Greg Conn (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 INT: 1. Clinton Hearn (Hon); 2. Michael Elshout (Hon); 3. Tim Wilson (Yam); 4. Edward Hayes (Hon); 5. John Owen (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 EX: 1. Bob Lee (Mai); 2. John Vazquez (Mai); 3. Mark Ray (Kaw); 4. Jeff Mullins (Mai).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Becky Hayes; 2. Ashley Doyle (Kaw); 3. Sherri Parker (Hon); 4. Patty Brewington (Hon).

WOMEN INT: 1. Sheila Monk (Hon); 2. Krista Nylander (Bul); 3. Connie Elam (Hon); 4. Terry Gerber (Hus).

WOMEN EX: 1. Charlene Campbell (Suz).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. John McGuirt (Yam); 2. Michael Murphy; 3. Mark Waller (Hon).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Michael Elshout (Hon); 2. Eric Bourgeois (Hon); 3. Randy Fairburn (Kaw); 4. Cody Howard (Yam); 5. Tyler Mandino (Hon).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 2. John Vazquez (Mai); 3. Jordy Burnett (Hon); 4. Gary Doza (Mai); 5. Jeffrey Clark (Hon).

40+ NOV: 1. Billy Murphy; 2. Mike Tackett (Hon); 3. Richard Brashear (Hon); 4. B.J. Nettles (Suz); 5. William Lewis (Yam).

40+ INT: 1. Clinton Hearn (Hon); 2. Hoot Parker (Hon); 3. Gerald Bello (Hon); 4. Bernard Murphy (Suz); 5. Robert Boyer (Mai).

40+ EX: 1. Trampas Parker (Hon); 2. Trey Jorski (Hon); 3. Tony Fox (Hon); 4. Kevin Hutchinson (Kaw); 5. Russ Murphy (Yam).

50+ NOV: 1. George Pawley (Yam); 2. Lindsay Harper (Yam); 3. Jim Sarage (Mai); 4. Larry Terry; 5. Mike Haynes (Yam).

50+ INT: 1. Richard Davis (Hon); 2. Steve Fox; 3. Don Galloway (Pen); 4. Mike Alf (Hon); 5. Jim Marchbank (Mai).

50+ EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Suz); 2. Joe Burke (Suz); 3. Trey Jorski (Hon); 4. Tom Hudson (Hon); 5. Bob Lee (Mai).

60+ NOV: 1. Daniel Kidd (Kaw); 2. Frank Spangler (Yam); 3. Whitey Parker (Hon); 4. Garland Rhodes (Kaw). 5. Jerry Elson.

60+ INT: 1. Troy Rapp; 2. Robert Wilson (Yam); 3. Keith Boyd (Suz); 4. Glenn Morris (Hon); 5. John Morrison (Suz).

60+ EX: 1. Loyd Morgan (Suz); 2. Wes Willis (Hon); 3. Jeff Kring (Yam); 4. William Click (Yam); 5. Troy Rapp.

PRE-MOD NOV: 1. Randell Howell (Yam); 2. Joe Castaldo.

PRE-MOD INT: 1. Joey McCoy (Yam).

PRE-MOD EX: 1. Matthew Leblanc (Hon); 2. Derek Wedding (Hon).

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