Snapshots from the Hell On Wheels 2012 Moto Scramble

| 23 June 2012 1:24 pm

Hell On Wheels 2012 Moto Scramble
Milestone Park

Photos and Captions by Tom Corley/TCE Studios

“It was all underground, but now it’s poking its head out,” said Jeff Tulinius (also known as “Meatball”).

No, he wasn’t talking about Punxsutawney Phil, the titular star of Groundhog Day (the movie and the holiday) who lets us know how much longer winter is going to stick around by checking out his own shadow. Tulinius was instead referring to the Hell On Wheels movement: lots of British bikes, some chopped and made into bobbers; old flat-trackers, etc… It’s all about a bunch of guys goofing around and having fun.

“They’re more like entertainers; the idea is to put on a good show,” added Tulinius.

Making it a full day was a moto scramble, minibike racing, a beauty contest and a beer-guzzling contest, along with live music by Dano Forte’s Freak Show. All of this took place at Milestone Park in Riverside, California. This is a must-experience event for those who enjoy this Vintage culture.

A cool guy and his bike – that’s what it’s all about.

“What’s up, Meatball?” Just how did Hell On Wheels promoter Jeff Tulinius get that name? “My buddies all rode Harleys, and I was kind of the misfit,” explained the Triumph ace. Motorcycle blood was handed down to him by his father, who raced Triumphs and Bultacos, plus a grandfather who was an avid Ariel Square Four rider in Denmark.

With a cap and Hell On Wheels jersey, Hayden Roberts has definitely got the right look.

These guys have “the right stuff” – from their helmets to the leopard-print seat.

A Harley Sportster that was turned into a bobber by an owner who wasn’t able to leave well enough alone.

Steve McQueen was a good example of a guy who made lots of money, yet spent his fun time racing motorcycles. Today, a bunch of average guys are doing the same thing on their vintage Harley, BSA and Triumph motorcycles. That’s the Hell On Wheels guys.

Dick Barnes is trying to get his Triumph started, with a little help from his friends.

Hey, Barnes finally gets it started! Now he’s ready to race.

This club joined in to bring some good old minibike racing to the program.

These minibikes were race-ready, and each one was different from the rest.

Get your old minibike out of the shed and get it ready to race!

A proud owner with his CAT minibike.

Meatball helps drag that minibike off the track after it experienced those pesky technical difficulties.

Keep pulling that cord – it s just gotta start!

Kelly Chambers has one serious exhaust: It is an air horn taken off a Mack Truck.

The starting line for the minibikes with Briggs & Stratton motors and Honda-clone motors.

A mini-trail 50 (737) takes the inside line at the first turn. Must be the cool red-white-and-blue helmet.

Tyler Hoffman (53) held the lead on his minibike until there was a problem: “The oil-breather came off and oil was spraying all over the place,” said Hoffman.

Chris Corum (3) brought out his trick XRs to race in the Vintage Minibike (kick-start) event. Corum had the coolest car, too.

Chris Corum (3X) takes his bike to the outside, while eventual winner Zeke Landers (27G, far right) screams his Yamaha to the inside.

Zeke Landers (27G) was definitely the hotshot of the day. He knew how to show off over the jumps.

It was father vs. son in the Vintage Moto-X 1974-and-Earlier race. Zeke Landers (27G) takes the lead at the start, while his father, Jack (277, in the red jersey), is right behind him. Jack was riding a 1974 Rickman-Triumph with a ’59 motor. Nathan Verdugo, on a BSA, was right on the tail of overall eventual winner Zeke until he collided with a lapped rider.

Jack Landers (277) raced again in the Vintage Hooligan class, but this time Zeke was waving him on from trackside. In this shot, Jack takes the clear-cut holeshot.

The fourth race was the Modern Moto-X 1980-and-Later contest. Fitz (86), on an orange dual-sport Suzuki, presented quite a challenge to Kim Boyle (114), on a newer Suzuki. The guy with the stars-and-stripes helmet just looked cool. The beautiful Alessandra waves the starting flag.

Though this looks like a very old picture, it is actually a shot of the Modern Moto-X class. Jake (75), with the big smile, is out front, ahead of Blake (0).

More action from the Vintage Hooligan class. It was unbelievable to see Harley Sportsters and other big bikes take to the motocross track. Bill Bryant (22), on his blue-flaked Biltwell Sporty, takes this turn and rode the cases as his right footpeg broke loose.

Flat-tracker Joe Pape was happy as can be on his Harley with ape hangers. Just make sure those clamps are tight, Joe.

Patrick Veritch is a winner, as he beat some health problems and was able to get back to racing motorcycles. In front of his Yamaha flat-track bike, Patrick poses with his second-place trophy from the Vintage Hooligan class.

That’s Dano Legere, accepting his award for topping the Modern Hooligan class. Perhaps you recognize him from the reality-TV series “Temptation Island”…?

This is another Dano: Dano Forte, who played some great music throughout the day, even though he calls his performance a “Freak Show.”

The lovely Alessandra not only waved the start and finish flags, she also won the beauty contest.

Then it was time for the final event of the day: the beer drinking contest. There were, like, eight girls and one guy... so guess who won? Yes, it was Josh Frias who downed that beer so fast!

This is yours truly, motojournalist Tom Corley, on yours truly’s old-school bike, a 2007 Sportster Nightster, with some of my metal work. Hell On Wheels will be having an upcoming Hillclimb at Glen Helen Raceway. See you there!

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