Fahringer Takes the Jake-Tom Win

| 26 July 2012 2:36 pm

ACES Appalachian Championship Enduro Series
Round 5: Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club’s Jake-Tom Enduro

Story and Photos by Heather Wilson
LOGAN, OH, JULY 15, 2012

This event was in part a salute to Tom Scholl, who’s been a member of the Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club for four decades.

The Jake-Tom Enduro was held in remembrance of Jake Douglas and also to celebrate a current and 40-year Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club member, Tom Scholl.

HVMC is known for hosting hare scrambles; the Jake-Tom Enduro was the first time since 1997 that HVMC had hosted an enduro. In preparation for the event, several HVMC members spent six weeks laying out the enduro course. With practically no rain for more than a month in the area, dusty conditions made for a challenge on the trails during the race. The layout consisted of nine checks and 94 miles of trail, with minimal miles of transfer.

Husaberg rider Nick Fahringer captured the overall win by four minutes over KTM-mounted Zach Klamfoth. Fahringer dropped six points.

“Being a new enduro, it was impressive the amount of fresh trail that was used,” said Fahringer. “Hopefully next year’s event utilizes even more trail. I was happy to see most sections having check-in and -outs.”

Nick Fahringer (131) showed up at the fifth round of ACES action and ran away with the overall victory.

Fahringer proudly displays his hard-won hardware.

Fahringer said he has made it to select ACES enduros as his schedule allows over the years.

“The last time I was able to contend the whole series was before the inception of the ACES, when it was the District 11 Enduro Series, which I won in 2005,” said Fahringer. “I then moved on to race the National Enduro Championship Series.

“My favorite part of the enduro was just getting back to my roots – racing a southern Ohio enduro,” he continued. “Most of the trail was fresh single-track that was fun and at times a bit of a challenge.”

Even though the conditions were dusty due to the recent drought, he managed to stay out of the dust, for the most part.

“Leading my minute allowed me to avoid most of the dust,” he said. “However, the dry soil blew out in many corners, making the trail more slippery in spots.”

Fahringer thanked his sponsors Husaberg, Moose Racing,, Enduro Engineering, EBC Brakes, FMF, Motorex, Ride PG, Dunlop, Smith Optics, Bell Helmets, Motorex, Tire Balls, Muscle Milk, RK Chain, TM Designworks, and Twin Air.

KTM jockey Josh Gaitten tied with Klamfoth, but Klamfoth beat Gaitten by 69 seconds through the emergency checks.

Gas Gas rider Robbie Jenks took fourth, and KTM pilot Trevor Kline took fifth overall; both had scores of 11, but Jenks beat Kline with emergency-check points.

KTM rider Marty Kehlmeier was the Overall A winner in Logan, Ohio.

Overall A went to KTM-mounted Marty Kehlmeier, who dropped 15 points en route to his third Overall A win of the season. He said it was a good race.

“It was a little nostalgic for me,” Kehlmeier said, “growing up with that as my home club, so to say. Even though the trail was not what we rode as kids, we did ride down Route 595.”

He said that his friend Eric Sauer was also competing, though he hasn’t raced in 15 years.

“It was as close to the old days as it gets,” said Kehlmeier.

“My day ended up good but started out rocky,” he continued. “I had some rear-brake problems in the first section. I knew that the first point-dropping section, being the longest one, was going to really count. All day long, I felt like I was a click off. After talking to other guys, I wasn’t the only one, it seemed.”

But he commented that the trail was, in his words, “Awesome!”

“I know that this is my third Overall A this year, but I have no room to spare,” Kehlmeier admitted. “Mark McGrath is right behind me by only four points in the Vet A class. I have to keep on working hard if I want to win this year.”

He also mentioned that he thought that the HVMC crew did a great job.

“I realize how much work goes into an enduro,” he noted, “and I, as a rider, really appreciate it!”

Kehlmeier thanked his friend Eric and his family – Teri, Emily and Evan – for coming up and making it a great weekend.

Vinnie Petrella bought a new KTM before this event. Good thing, because it took him to the Overall B win.

The Overall B victory went to KTM pilot Vinnie Petrella, who dropped 18 points.

“I was so excited going into this round after winning Overall B before,” said Petrella, who had raced a motocross prior to the enduro and blew the crank out of his bike, so he ended up buying another KTM 250 XC for this race.

The Overall B win was not the only thing that Petrella would be telling his family and friends about this race. He had quite the story to tell regarding the first section.

“There was a decent-size log laying across the trail,” he recounted. “I was in second gear, and I brought the front end up to wheelie over it. My back wheel hit the tree before my front wheel was back on earth. My legs were shot completely straight up in the air. I was totally extended out, doing a perfect handstand on the bars. The bike stopped and I kept going. I landed so hard on my back that I popped my camelback, just like a water balloon. All of the water leaked out all over my lower section. I hit my head so hard that when I stood up, I fell over backwards. I had to take a second to regain my thoughts. I actually suffered a severely sprained wrist from this. Thankfully, the first section wasn’t timed! As far as the race goes, the course was great!”

Petrella thanked Point View Cycles for providing him with all the machines he needs to perform and all the help keeping them running; Mark Best; and his stepdad, Chuck Freeze. He also thanked his mom, friends and family for their prayers and support, and the Lord for keeping him safe.

The season will continue with round six on July 29 at the Lost In Lodi Enduro. The Lodi Motorcycle Club will host the race.

Todd Ghearing ( 315) finished third in the Senior A class.

The Appalachian Championship Enduro Series is a traditional timekeeping enduro series. The ACES would like to thank the following sponsors for contributing to this series and supporting its riders: Fly, Kenda, KTM, MSR, Husqvarna, Enduro Engineering, T&E News, Osburn Signs, Point View Cycles, Smith’s Power Sports, Sport Cycles, Clinton County Motorsports, Western Power Sports, Caton’s Cycle Center, Wheelsports, JM Cycles and Ohio Motorcycle.

Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club’s Jake-Tom Enduro
Logan, Ohio
Results: July 15, 2012 (Round 5)

AA: 1. Nick Fahringer (Hbg); 2. Zach Klamfoth (KTM); 3. Josh Gaitten (KTM); 4. Robbie Jenks (GG).

200 A: 1. Shane Sims (KTM); 2. Cody Meeks (KTM); 3. Doug Kisor (KTM); 4. Chris Coffman (KTM).

250 A: 1. Mike Molnar (KTM); 2. Nathan Bidwell (KTM); 3. Colin Klier (KTM); 4. Tyler Chadwell (KTM).

OPEN A: 1. Michael Jolly (Hbg); 2. Joe Uhrig (KTM); 3. John Grimm (Hon); 4. Pat Patterson (KTM).

VET A: 1. Marty Kehlmeier (KTM); 2. Mark McGrath (KTM); 3. John Yerkey (KTM); 4. Travis Daniels (Yam).

SR A: 1. Jeff Johnson (Hsq); 2.Wayne Perdue (KTM); 3. Todd Ghearing (KTM);

4. Doug Rinehart (KTM).

SUPER SR A: 1. Scott Klamfoth (KTM); 2. Mark Lederle (KTM); 3. Robert McNeel (Yam); 4. Norm Into (Hon).

200 B: 1. Ryan Slopko (Yam); 2. Brad Graves (KTM); 3. Nick Fisher (KTM); 4. Dylan Price (Kaw).

250 B: 1. Vinnie Petrella (KTM); 2. Jake Walters (KTM); 3. Austin Spencer (KTM); 4. Garrett Wilson (KTM).

OPEN B: 1. Todd Decker (KTM); 2. Aaron Cooney (KTM); 3. Jordan Collins (Yam); 4. Adam Clark (KTM).

VET B: 1. Jason Estep (KTM); 2. John Bittner (Hbg); 3. Christopher Knight (GG); 4. Trent Thompson (KTM).

SR B: 1. Chris Ray (Yam); 2. Edward Snyder (KTM); 3. Keith Matheny (KTM); 4. Kenny Hoyle (KTM).

SUPER SR B: 1. Mark Thomas (KTM); 2. Charles Niederriter (Hbg); 3. Mark Best (KTM); 4. Gerald Hensley (Yam).

OPEN C: 1. Chad Fording (KTM); 2. Jade Smith (KTM); 3. Carl Bernhart (KTM); 4. Ben Dempster (Yam).

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