Klamfoth Shows the Way at Lost In Lodi Enduro

| 21 August 2012 2:12 pm

ACES Appalachian Championship Enduro Series
Round 6: Local Residents & Athens Motorcycle Club Lost In Lodi Enduro

Story and Photos by Heather Wilson
SHADE, OH, JULY 29, 2012

Welcome to the Lost In Lodi Enduro, presented by the Athens Motorcycle Club and the local residents of Shade, Ohio.

The local residents of Shade, Ohio, worked in conjunction with the Athens Motorcycle Club to host the Lost In Lodi Enduro. The enduro was a community event in the town of Shade.

Zach Klamfoth (123) dropped just seven points to become the overall winner of the Lost In Lodi, a.k.a. round six of the Appalachian Championship Enduro Series.

Klamfoth apparently had it made in Shade, taking home the top trophy.

“I liked that the local community was involved and came out to help and spectate!”said KTM’s Mark McGrath.

The enduro consisted of 90 miles of trail, with 17 checks.

In his second season of contesting ACES races, Wheelsports-backed Zach Klamfoth captured the overall win on his KTM, dropping only seven points. This was his first time riding the Lost In Lodi Enduro, but he really enjoyed the trail.

“It was awesome!” enthused Klamfoth, who added that one of the toughest sections of the day was probably the first one, because it usually takes him a while to loosen up. After thanking Wheelsports, Jay Downhour FCR, Fly, WPS, Enduro Engineering, Rekluse, Kenda, Fast AM, and his mom and dad, he added, “Thanks to the club members for putting on a great enduro; I had a lot of fun – one of the best so far!”

Trailing Klamfoth was Husaberg jockey Johnny Barber, who dropped eight points. Tying for third were KTM riders Josh Gaitten and Trevor Kline; Gaitten beat Kline by two seconds through emergency checks.

The battle for Overall A and Overall B have been close this year. At this event, the Overall A win went to McGrath, a seven-year ACES rider, who dropped 10 points, with KTM-mounted Marty Kehlmeier just one point behind McGrath.

McGrath thought that the trail flowed really well and had a lot of fast sections. “The sections were short, which made it hard to gain time on other riders,” commented McGrath. “The trail was not all that technical, although I did fall three times near the end.”

Mark McGrath proudly displays his hard-won hardware for taking the Overall A honors.

There seems to be quite the points battle going between Kehlmeier and McGrath this season.

“My goals are to win the Vet A class this year and try to keep ahead of Marty Kehlmeier,” said McGrath. “I also want to win more Overall A’s, because they are getting harder to win!”

McGrath said his key to preparing for a race is getting plenty of rest.

“I got a good night’s sleep Saturday night and woke up feeling good Sunday morning,” he said. “The weekend before, I spent time working on cornering and suspension. My bike felt great right off the start!”

McGrath added that he still needs to work a little on his rear suspension, but after the first section, he knew it was going to be a great day. He thanked AES at Crow Canyon and his family.

Ryan Slopko took the Overall B victory for the second time this season.

The Overall B win went to Ryan Slopko, who dropped 13 points, with his fellow KTM rider Jake Walters just 20 seconds behind him.

Slopko may be a new face to enduros this year, but he is not a new face to winning the Overall B: This is the second time that he has won it this year. Slopko said he really liked the trail because it flowed well. He felt that he rode a smart, smooth race and that it paid off for him. His goal for the season is to continue to win Overall B at the rest of this year’s ACES enduros. He thanked his dad, his mom, Sport Cycles, and Hardcore Racing for their support.

A two-and-a-half-year ACES competitor, KTM rider Trent Thompson said that his favorite aspect of the Lost In Lodi Enduro was the amount of good-quality trail.

“Of course, the community support is pretty cool as well,” Thompson commented. “The trail layout was really nice – not too tight, not too fast – [and there was] ample time at the resets.”

Thompson seemed to really enjoy the race: “I would have to say I had the most fun at Lodi of any event thus far in the 2012 season.”

Johnny Barber makes a splash en route to finishing second in the AA class.

The season will continue with round seven on August 26, with the Enduro Riders Association hosting the Little Burr Enduro.

The Appalachian Championship Enduro Series (ACES) is a traditional timekeeping enduro series. A special thank-you goes to Steve and Jim Wheeler for all of their scoring assistance. Aces would also like to thank the following sponsors for contributing to this series and supporting its riders: Fly, Kenda, KTM, MSR, Husqvarna, Enduro Engineering, T&E News, Osburn Signs, Point View Cycles, Smith’s Power Sports, Sport Cycles, Clinton County Motorsports, Western Power Sports, Caton’s Cycle Center, Wheelsports, JM Cycles and Ohio Motorcycle.

Lost In Lodi Enduro
Shade, Ohio
Results: July 29, 2012 (Round 6)

OVERALL: Zach Klamfoth (KTM).

OVERALL A: Mark McGrath (KTM).

AA: 1. Zach Klamfoth (KTM); 2. Johnny Barber (Hbg); 3. Josh Gaitten (KTM); 4. Trevor Kline (KTM).

200 A: 1. Shane Sims (KTM); 2. Doug Kisor (KTM).

250 A: 1. Tyler Chadwell (KTM); 2. Nathan Bidwell (KTM); 3. Matt Hatten (Yam); 4. Russell Cherry (Yam).

OPEN A: 1. Michael Jolly (Hbg); 2. Brian Rickard (KTM); 3. John Grimm (Hon); 4. Joe Uhrig (KTM).

VET A: 1. Mark McGrath (KTM); 2. Marty Kehlmeier (KTM); 3. John Yerkey (KTM); 4. Michael Wist (GG).

SR A: 1. Jeff Johnson (Hsq); 2. Wayne Perdue (KTM); 3. Todd Ghearing (KTM); 4. David Olive (KTM).

SUPER SR A: 1. Scott Klamfoth (KTM); 2. Mark Lederle (KTM); 3. Roger Nichols (KTM); 4. Robert McNeel (Yam).

OVERALL B: Ryan Slopko (KTM).

200 B: 1. Ryan Slopko (KTM); 2. Brad Graves (KTM); 3. Dylan Price (Kaw); 4. Nick Fisher (KTM).

250 B: 1. Jake Walters (KTM); 2. Vinnie Petrella (KTM); 3. Zac Thomas (GG); 4. Austin Spencer (KTM).

OPEN B: 1. Todd Decker (KTM); 2. Adam Clark (KTM); 3. Jordan Collins (Yam); 4. Aaron Cooney (KTM).

VET B: 1. Christopher Knight (GG); 2. Jason Estep (KTM); 3. Trent Thompson (KTM); 4. Trent Gardner (KTM).

SR B: 1. Edward Snyder (KTM); 2. Chris Ray (Yam); 3. Dino Colaianni (KTM); 4. Chuck Freeze (KTM).

SUPER SR B: 1. Mark Thomas (KTM); 2. Mark Best (KTM); 3. Charles Niederriter (Hbg); 4. Gerald Hensley (Yam).

MASTERS B: 1. Robert Latter (KTM); 2. Larry Watkins (KTM); 3. Chip Smith (KTM); 4. Marvin Popp (KTM).

OPEN C: 1. Chad Fordings (KTM); 2. Michael Nutter (KTM); 3. Shad Wondus (KTM); 4. Ben Dempster (Yam).

SR C: 1. Kelby Kisor (KTM); 2. Corey Burton (Yam).

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