Klamfoth Cleans Up at Action Sports Grand Prix

| 23 August 2012 3:22 am

Action Sports Grand Prix Series
Round 5: Action Sports Moto Park

Story and Photos by David L. Patton Jr.
ATHENS, OH, AUG. 11, 2012

Zach Klamfoth (524), flying in the muddy conditions at round five of the Action Sports Grand Prix Series.

KTM riders Zach Klamfoth and Josh Gaitten battled for nearly an hour on a muddy course for the Lightweight A-class win at round five of the 2012 Action Sports Grand Prix Series, presented by Hatfield-McCoy Trails and Ohio Motorcycle. A late charge by Klamfoth carried him to the victory for his fourth win of the series. In the afternoon, the duo renewed their fight in the Open A class, and although Gaitten pushed hard, he could not hold Klamfoth back, and Zach swept both A classes. Sam Evans’ first race at the Action Sports Moto Park this season resulted in a pair of podium finishes, behind Gaitten. Then Evans claimed the win in the Schoolboy (12-16) 250cc class. Jordan Burkholder and Triston Landrum had two great races, in the 125/200cc B class and the Schoolboy (12-16) BW class. Burkholder won both contests by just a few bikelengths, but their lap times would have earned both riders top-six finishes in the Lightweight A class. And in the Over 50 class, Jeff Miller put the Pro-Tune Suspension/ JM Cycles Yamaha YZ250 out front on the start and then chewed up the tricky course on the way to an amazing 11th straight Action Sports Grand Prix win!

Jeff Miller (677), on his way to yet another Over 50 win at Action Sports Moto Park.

Heavy rains on Thursday night and Friday night soaked the course before Saturday’s race, and Drew Wolfe and his sons Kyle and Ryan elected to run the course backward, adding to the challenge for the Lightweight A class. New Straitsville, Ohio’s Josh Gaitten shot off the line, ahead of Zach Klamfoth and Chris McGomery, and pulled away. For Sam Evans, though, the dead-engine start was a problem.

“My dad just rebuilt the motor, and we had been running pump gas,” Evans explained later. “There must have been some left in the lines or the carb, and when we went to race gas, the fuel didn’t mix and we couldn’t get it going for 30 or 40 seconds.”

Gaitten and Klamfoth are two of the most accomplished enduro riders in the state, and they pushed as hard as they could on the first lap as they got the course figured out.

“It was pretty gnarly early on; it was so muddy,” said Gaitten.

Klamfoth also had problems.

“It was so slippery in the beginning,” Klamfoth reported, “I couldn’t get any traction at all in the back section.”

Josh Gaitten leads Zach Klamfoth in Lightweight A action in Athens, Ohio.

Evans was struggling to make up time as he tried to catch up, but he’d settled into a groove by the third lap and began to reel in the field.

“That first lap was super slick; it was like ice out there,” Evans said. “After a few laps, it started tacking up, though, and I was seven or eight seconds a lap faster than the others.”

McGomery fell early in the race and spent the rest of the race trying to get a handle on his new Athens Sports Cycles/ Cycra-backed KTM two-stroke.

“I have never owned a two-stroke before, but all of the fast guys are riding two-strokes,” he noted. “This is my first race on the bike. I just got it this week.”

To switch from the more tractable and forgiving four-stroke to an explosive, immediate two-stroke is very hard, and to do it in the mud is almost impossible, so McGomery battled the conditions and the bike for most of the day.

Out front, Gaitten kept the KTM Sportmotorcycles Mark Hyde-supported KTM in the lead, but Klamfoth was picking up speed.

“The mud helped me in the beginning, but it tacked up with three or four laps to go, and those boys started pouring it on,” said Gaitten.

At the halfway point, Evans was tearing up the course, really hammering the turns.

“I knew Sammy was a long ways back in the beginning, but after a while I saw him closing in,” Gaitten said after the race.

Josh Gaitten (440) leads the Lightweight A class through the mud.

With two laps to go, Klamfoth pushed the Jay Downhour-FCR Suspension/ Wheelsports KTM/ Rekluse-backed KTM past Gaitten.

“After the course got grooved in, it was better,” Klamfoth said, “but it took me a long time to get Josh. I couldn’t set up a pass because it was so one-line.”

Klamfoth then clicked off a pair of six-minute-and-five-second laps at the end to claim the win.

“Once Klamfoth got his groove on, I knew I didn’t have anything for him,” Gaitten admitted after the race.

With Klamfoth motoring away, Gaitten took the white flag with Evans right behind him.

“I caught the leaders and got around Josh,” Evans said, “but I was pretty winded by this time.”

“Sam caught me there at the end and made a good pass; then, about half a mile from the finish, he tucked the front end and handed it back to me,” said Gaitten after he claimed second.

Evans bounced back to hang onto third.

After that hard-earned win, Klamfoth was already thinking of the afternoon’s Open A race.

“I hope I get the holeshot in the Open A and run away with it instead of getting roosted on for half the race,” he said as he wiped the all the mud off.

Kenton Brown (22), son of ISDT-ISDE Gold Medal winner and former AHRMA National Champion Kevin Brown, finished second in the 50cc (4-6) class and currently sits second in the 50cc (4-6) points chase, behind the day’s winner, Cole McKibben.

After hours of racing, sun and wind, the course had dried out to the point that watering was necessary before the Open A class hit the first turn. As they blasted into the turn, Zach Klamfoth had his hoped-for holeshot. Josh Gaitten and Chris McGomery were next. Sam Evans was at the back of the field but already charging. Klamfoth and Gaitten were pounding around the course, running more than 10 seconds faster per lap than they could have managed in the morning.

“It was a little slippery, but not muddy – kind of hard-packed,” said Klamfoth.

Evans was also on the gas, and by the end of the first lap he had passed his way to fourth place, behind McGomery.

Sam Evans (31) chases Chris McGomery (584) in the Open A contest.

Zach Klamfoth (524) in the lead of the Open A race.

“Another last-place start,” Evans bemoaned afterward. “I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I just can’t get it to fire.”

On lap two, Gaitten was two seconds faster than Klamfoth, and the pair traded fast laps until the halfway point. Klamfoth had Gaitten right on his rear wheel, but on lap five, Gaitten fell back.

“Me and Zach were going at it pretty good, and I thought I might have something for him,” Gaitten said. “Then I tucked the front end.”

Klamfoth never looked back. He kept the Enduro Engineering/ Fly Racing/ Western Powersports-backed KTM on the gas on his way to the Open A win.

“Josh was riding really good; I couldn’t get away from him,” Klamfoth said. “The course was a lot better this race.”

In a repeat of the Lightweight A race, Evans caught Gaitten at the end.

“After I fell, I got back up and gained a little on Zach,” Gaitten said. “Then Sammy caught me and I quit worrying about Zach. He was bumping me pretty good on that last lap; he definitely wanted it, but I tried to make my KTM as wide as I could to hold him off.”

Sam Evans (31) goes all out to try to pass Josh Gaitten (440) on the last lap of the Open A race.

Evans gave it everything he had, but he couldn’t push the Team Hardcore Racing KTM Fly Racing-sponsored KTM past Gaitten.

“Josh was riding great,” Evans recounted. “I was pressuring him hard, and he never bobbled once. He was doing a good job guarding the inside. It was a really fun race.”

Open A winner Zach Klamfoth (524).

Third-place Open A rider Sam Evans (31).

Open A runner-up Josh Gaitten (440).

After a short rest, Chris McGomery and Sam Evans were back on the starting line for their third race of the day. McGomery shot off the line in the 14-24 class and quickly left the field behind. Forty-five seconds later, the Schoolboy classes took off, and Sam Evans finally got a holeshot. Jordan Burkholder and Triston Landrum chased Evans, but having just come off the track, Evans had the course dialed, and he ripped away from the battle for second.

“I finally got a holeshot and wanted to catch the guys in the class in front of me,” Evans said.

While McGomery and Evans were running their own race, Burkholder and Landrum were battling bar to bar. Burkholder had the early lead, but Landrum had the throttle pinned on the Team Hardcore Racing/ Athens Sport Cycles KTM. On lap three, Landrum took over second place, but Burkholder came back a few laps later.

Triston Landrum (704) leads Jordan Burkholder (13) in Schoolboy action.

“There was an inside line in the back that I didn’t know about, and Triston got inside me there,” said Burkholder. “Then he must have forgotten about it, because I used the same line to pass him back.”

A last-lap fall by Landrum and a flawless race by Burkholder, on the Treadway Honda-Suzuki-Polaris-backed RM125, gave Burkholder second, with Landrum taking third.

“Jordan was faster than I was in the fields and the motocross sections today,” Landrum said.

The table turns, and now Jordan Burkholder (13) leads Triston Landrum (704) in the Schoolboy class.

McGomery had a good ride going, but on the last lap he had company.

“I made less mistakes this race,” McGomery said, “but I knew Sammy would be coming.”

“I didn’t think I could catch Chris,” Evans admitted after he took the checkered flag. “He is a great rider. But I caught him at the end. I passed him down the ski jump; I jumped a little further than he did and got the inside line first.”

Though they were contesting separate classes, the fans got a great show from the two young KTM riders.

Adam McGomery (315) leads Mitch Miller (857) off the start of the ATV race.

After the excitement of the bike races, Mitch Miller turned the ATV race into a runaway on the Fox/ Maxxis-backed Yamaha.

“I like running the course backwards; I am smoother on it,” Miller said. “The day went pretty good. I got out front and didn’t make any mistakes.”

Mitch Miller (857) was the ATV A-class winner.

The next event at Actions Sports will be a Grand Prix on September 15. Call 740/594-MOTO (6686) or go to for more information.

Action Sports Moto Park
Athens, Ohio
Results: August 11, 2012 (Round 5)

50 (4-6): 1. Cole McKibben (KTM); 2. Kenton Brown (KTM); 3. Coy Judd Maddix (KTM).

50 (7-8): 1. Wyatt Morris (KTM); 2. Blaceton Moore (KTM).

65 (7-11): 1. Timmy Harris (KTM); 2. Christopher Tedrow (KTM); 3. Chase Ingalls (Kaw).

MINI JR 85 (7-11): 1. Samuel Parsons (Yam).

MINI SR 85 (12-15): 1. Christian Walter (KTM).

SUPERMINI (12-16): 1. Nick Story (KTM); 2. Clayton Nelson (Kaw).

125/200 B: 1. Jordan Burkholder (Suz); 2. Triston Landrum (KTM); 3. Seth James (Yam); 4. Justin Sipos (KTM); 5. Anthony Bentley (KTM).

250 B: 1. Mike Crane (KTM); 2. Jeremiah Downhour (Suz); 3. Tyler Chadwell (KTM); 4. Josh Eagle (Hon); 5. Peyton Randolph (Hsq).

LIGHTWEIGHT NOV C: 1. Devan Byer (KTM); 2. Tyler Rose (KTM); 3. Cody Hudnall (KTM); 4. Isaiah Andrews (Yam); 5. Joseph Young (Yam).

LIGHTWEIGHT A: 1. Zach Klamfoth (KTM); 2. Josh Gaitten (KTM); 3. Sam Evans (KTM); 4. Chris McGomery (KTM); 5. Jason Ross (Yam).

HEAVYWEIGHT B: 1. Stephen Thaxton (KTM).

HEAVYWEIGHT NOV C: 1. Isaac Parsons (Kaw); 2. Seth Hite (Yam); 3. Matt Idleman (KTM); 4. Scott Johnson (KTM); 5. Kevin Rickard (KTM).

4-STROKE LIGHTWEIGHT B/C: 1. Nick Dickens (Yam); 2. Jordan Strickland (Kaw); 3. Taylor Russell (Kaw); 4. Peyton Randolph (Hsq).

4-STROKE HEAVYWEIGHT (B): 1. Justin Sipos (KTM); 2. Stephen Thaxton (KTM); 3. Tom Morrison (KTM); 4. Aaron Heck (Hon).

S-1 OPEN: 1. Kody Kinnison (KTM); 2. Tyler Chadwell (KTM); 3. Zach Walton (Kaw); 4. Chris Bartone (KTM); 5. Chas Patton (Kaw).

OPEN A: 1. Zach Klamfoth (KTM); 2. Josh Gaitten (KTM); 3. Sam Evans (KTM); 4. Chris McGomery (KTM); 5. Jason Ross (Yam).

SCHOOLBOY (12-16) BW: 1. Jordan Burkholder (Suz); 2. Triston Landrum (KTM); 3. Devan Byer (KTM).

SCHOOLBOY 2 (12-16) 250 4-STROKE: 1. Sam Evans (KTM); 2. Tyler Rose (KTM); 3. Ryan McManus (KTM); 4. Jonathan Mullins (Suz).

14-24: 1. Chris McGomery (KTM); 2. Adam Chapman (KTM); 3. Peyton Randolph (Hsq); 4. Justin Sipos (KTM); 5. Anthony Bentley (KTM).

30+: 1. Josh D. Eagle (Hon); 2. Jarred Mills (Hon); 3. Johnny Stewart (Hon); 4. David Frasure (Hon); 5. Judd Maddix (Yam).

40+: 1. Stephen Thaxton (KTM); 2. Tom Morrison (KTM); 3. David England (KTM); 4. Terry James (Kaw); 5. Tom Rankin (Yam).

50+: 1. Jeff Miller (Yam); 2. Andrew Chapman (KTM); 3. Richard Lanning (KTM); 4. Mark Kaho (Yam); 5. William Bowers (KTM).

DECADE: 1. Jason Andrews (Hon).

ATV Division

ATV A: 1. Mitch Miller (Yam); 2. Ryan Mavis (Yam); 3. Eric Cotterill (Yam).

ATV YOUTH (11-15) 0-90: 1. Conner Conkel (Suz); 2. Hunter Justis.

ATV B: 1. Adam McGomery (Yam).

ATV C: 1. Lane Riggs (Hon); 2. Roger Norman (Hon).

ATV VET (30+): 1. Tom Bell (ATK).

VET 40+: 1. Mike Charlton (Yam); 2. Lee Griffith (Yam); 3. Rick Baker (Hon); 4. Craig Page (Hon).

2012 Action Sports Grand Prix Championship Points Standings (After 5 Rounds)

50 OIL-INJECTED: Owen Thompson (10).

50 (4-6): Cole McKibben (30); Kenton Brown (21); Carter Fouts (17); Chase Patton (11); Braxton Brown (10); Coy Maddix (4); Owen Thompson (4).

50 (7-8): Wyatt Morris (40); Blaceton Moore (31); Carter Fouts (11).

65 (7-11): Timmy Harris (53); Chase Ingalls (45); Logan Riley (28); Chris Tedrow (20); Tyler Silvia (20); Hayden Hunt (16); Morgan Abell (10); Bryce Richards (10).

MINI NOV (7-15): Derek Schmach (20); Logan Johnson (10); Stevie Osborne (8); Samuel Welch (7).

MINI JR (7-11): Tyler Martin (40); Samuel Parsons (17); Lucas Dishon (7).

MINI SR (12-15): Christian Walter (27); John Regan (21); Zack Zizzo (10); Nick Story (10); Ben Stephenson (7); Christian Hale (7); Justin Draper (4); Derek Schmach (1).

SUPERMINI (12-16): Clayton Nelson (33); Nick Story (26); Jarrett Stephenson (20); Kyle Hellyer (20); Noah Darnold (14); Gavin Burt (11); Whitney Martin (10); Austin Mayberry (10).

125/200 B: Seth James (63); Jordan Burkholder (53); Justin Sipos (51); Triston Landrum (36); Adam Chapman (29); Anthony Bentley (20); Neil Rankin (18); Tristan Stumbo (16); Reggie Huber (9); Mark Kaho (8); Taylor Russell (4).

250 B: Jay Downhour (80); Mike Crane (60); Josh Eagle (50); Micah Long (37); Shade Huntley (36); Taylor Perry (20); Peyton Randolph (17); Taylor Russell (17); Johnny Stewart (17); Tyler Cgadwell (13); Vince Pezzott (11); Austin Schriner (11); Cory Chaney (10); Chris Monk (10); Ryan McManus (10); Jordan Strickland (9); Brent Thornhill (9); Scott Cunningham (9); Clint Wagner (9); Chris Bartone (8); Chad Heimberger (8); Jared Mills (7); Tom Morrison (7); Jake Walburn (7); Brad Bay (6); Shane Riddle (6); Waylon Unger (5); Dirk Walton (3); Mark Kaho (2).

LIGHTWEIGHT NOV: Devan Byer (92); Cody Hudnall (69); Isaiah Andrews (50); Brandon Skeens (31); Steve Osborne (20); Jake Givens (13); Jacob Powers (13); Joey Young (11); Zack Ellingsworth (11); Andrew Dawley (11); Matt Idleman (10); Andrew Fraley (10); Harry Cyrus (10); Journey Huntley (10); Josh Dingess (9); Glenn Coriell (9); Ryan Amos (8); Josh Piatt (8); Nick Rupert (8); Hayden Delaney (7); Darren Sandlin (6); Drew Blake (6); Jacob Young (5).

LIGHTWEIGHT A: Zach Klamfoth (70); Chris McGomery (50); Josh Gaitten (36); Chris Robertson (25); Mike Ross (24); Isaac Walton (22); Jason Ross (20); Sam Evans (13); Cary Eberts (13); Roland Diamond (11); Tyler Crawford (11); Drew Hill (10); Chris Haffer (9); Larry Silvia (9); Levi Keller (4); Chris Meadows (1).

HEAVYWEIGHT NOV: Seth Hite (57); Matt Idleman (44); Kevin Rickard (44); J.R. Brown (40); A.J. White (36); Isaac Parsons (33); Tyler Gwinn (28); Michael Bail (26); Mike Downs (20); Zach Ellingsworth (18); Bobby Baxter (18); Jake Givens (16); Blaine Smith (16); Andrew Fraley (14); Tyler Smith (13); Scott Johnson (11); Marty Seelig (10); Ralph Withem (10); Lane Gilbrath (9); Sam Legg (9); Jason Andrews (8); Ben Oldham (7); Jim Juliano (7); Tyler Grubb (6); Ryan Amos (5); Josh Cook (5); Mike Grubb (4); Drew Blake (4); Ian Lloyd (4); Mark Price Jr. (3); T.J. Brooks (3); Hayden Delan (1); Anthony Dishman (1).

HEAVYWEIGHT B: Micah Long (40); Shade Huntley (16); Josh Verity (13); Chad Heimberger (11); Steve Thaxton (10); Chris Haffer (10); Cory Obenour (10); Tom Morrison (7); David Smith (7); Aaron Heck (4).

4-STROKE LITE B/C: Nick Dickens (56); Jordan Strickland (27); Taylor Russell (24); Nate Saxton (14); Cole Shifflet (13); Heath Campbell (13); Kyle Cline (11); Wade Ward (10); Taylor Perry (9); Broc Ray (6); Peyton Randolph (4); Isaiah Andrews (4).

4-STROKE HEAVYWEIGHT B: Cory Atwood (28); Justin Sipos (20); Steve Thaxton (14); Chris Haffer (10); Kody Kinnison (10); Austin Schriner (7); Tom Morrison (4); Cory Obenour (4); Zach Walton (4); Keith Vermillion (3); Aaron Heck (1).

OPEN A: Zach Klamfoth (82); Chris McGomery (44); Josh Gaitten (32); Jason Ross (32); Chris Robertson (31); Rory Mead (20); Isaac Walton (20); Sam Evans (13); Cary Eberts (13); Levi Keller (10); Chris Haffer (9); Larry Silvia (9); Tyler Crawford (9); Mark Spillman (8); Garrett Coe (4).

GIRLS: Whitney Martin (30); Kari Halizak (14).

WOMEN: Kelli Sheibley (14); Dawn Silvia (10); Whitney Martin (7).

SCHOOLBOY 1: Devan Byer (35); Jordan Burkholder (27); Triston Landrum (17); Nick Story (16); Tanner Nelson (13); Nick Dinunzio (11); Noah Darnold (10); Jarrett Stephenson (1).

SCHOOLBOY 2: Ryan McManus (38); Wade Ward (36); Spencer Faber (13); Jarrad Reese (11); Sam Evans (10); Taylor Perry (10); Levi Keller (10); Nate Saxton (10); Jake Givens (4); Jonathan Mullins (1).

14-24: Chris McGomery (70); Justin Sipos (50); Adam Chapman (20); Micah Long (20); Taylor Russell (18); Levi Keller (16); Joey Rumble (16); Josh Dingess (15); Joey Young (14); Peyton Randolph (13); Kyle Wolfe (13); Brent Thornhill (13); Nick Flowers (13); Anthony Bentley (10); Kyle Cline (10); Seth James (10); Zack Ellingsworth (10); Brad Bay (9); Josh Cook (9); Mack Miller (9); Derek Hartman (8); Chris Monk (8); Aaron Allen (8); Andrew Fraley (7); Jacob Young (7); Corey Wright (7); Ryan Amos (6); Scott Cunningham (6); Mitch Miller (6); Cody Hudnall (6).

25+: Shade Huntley (36); Nick Dickens (36); Brandon Skeens (34); Chad Heimberger (13); Anthony Kaercher (11); Zach Walton (11); Ryan Cunningham (10); Seth Hite (10); T.J. Brooks (7); Andrew Dawley (7).

30+: Josh Eagle (83); Mike Crane (60); Johnny Stewart (38); Steve Young (22); Cory Atwood (20); Jared Mills (16); Heath Campbell (16); Mike Downs (13); Matt Hatten (13); Gregg Smith (13); David Frasure (11); Scott Green (11); Steve Forester (11); Justin Story (11); Shannon Hatfield (11); Judd Maddix (10); Trent Thompson (10).

40+: Keith Gwinn (50); Tom Morrison (45); Mark Cales (40); Terry James (38); Steve Thaxton (36); Tom Rankin (29); Dave England (21); John Kreps (20); Trevor Welch (19); Robert Sparks (16); Mark Abdella (15); Larry Silvia (13); David Smith (11); Glenn Coriell (9); Mike Freas (7); Bill McClain (6); John Dinunzio (5).

50+: Jeff Miller (80); Mark Kaho (44); Andrew Chapman (32); Denny Swartz (16); Rick Lanning (13); Brad Burt (13); Scott Klamfoth (13); Harry Cyrus (11); Gerry Bennett (11); William Bowers (10); Aaron Flowers (10); Mark Price (9); Mark Randolph (9); Jerry Davis (8); Rick Oxley (7); Buddy Stover (6); Eric Miler (5); Scott Johnson (4); Gary Delph (4); Andy Flowers (3).

58+: Rick Oxley (17); Tom Parfitt (17); Ric Myers (4); Jim Dawley (4).

VINTAGE: Ralph Withem (10).

DECADE: Jason Andrews (28); Anthony Kaercher (27); Cory Atwood (20); Mike Freas (20); Michael Hildreth (17); Tanner Nelson (13); Mark Kaho (11); Ryan Wolfe (9); Ryan Amos (8); Jim Dawley (7).

ATV Division

ATV 0-90 (5-10): Logan Riley (10).

ATV 0-90 (11-15): Conner Conkel (27); Hunter Justis (24).

YOUTH PRODUCTION (13-15): Michael Joseph (10).

ATV PRO: Hunter Dalrymple (37); Mitch Miller (17); Seth Mumford (10); Sean Archer (9); Jesse Brunton (8); Ryan Mavis (7); Eric Cotterill (4).

ATV B: Adam McGomery (50); Josh Osborne (7); Steven Maxwell (4).

ATV C: Lane Riggs (70); Tyler Miller (40); Dalton Coy (25); Josh Osborne (24); Collin Brown (21); Roger Norman (17); Derrek Cremeans (16); Craig Young (15); Doug Carson (13); Wayne Ward (10); Mike Neff (9); Derek Trainer (8); Garrett Butcher (8); Drew Blake (7); Craig Page (7).

ATV WOMEN: Aletha Roach (10).

ATV (30+): Tom Bell (40); Jeff Swisher (15); Michael Melfi (7); Chris O’Neall (4); Brian Bell (4).

ATV (40+): Rick Baker (25); Lee Griffith (24); Mike Charlton (17); Glenn Coriell (10); Craig Page (6); Wayne Ward (3).

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