Ryan, Covarrubias Clean Up at M2X Racing Fall Finale

| 23 December 2012 12:22 am

M2X Racing Fall Finale Race Series
Round 5 of 5: A.V. Motoplex Ride Park

Story by Greg Robertson
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LANCASTER, CA. DEC. 16, 2012

Denny Ryan and Justin Covarrubias finished off the year in fine fashion by going 1-1 in the Super Senior Amateur and Lites Beginner classes, respectively, at the A.V. Motoplex Ride Park during the fifth and final round of M2X Racing’s Fall Finale Race Series.

Denny Ryan (4) swept both Super Senior Amateur motos at the fifth and final round of the M2X Racing Fall Finale Race Series.

Suzuki-mounted Tony Chavez led the opening Super Senior Amateur moto for a little more than a lap before Ryan pushed him back to second place. Chavez stuck with Ryan for another lap, but Ryan slowly inched away for the win. Tim McBride gated midpack but methodically worked his way up into a close third-place finish, just behind Chavez. Mike Prather crossed the line in fourth, ahead of Steve Hess and Art Dart.

Ryan put his YZ450F out front at the drop of the gate in moto two, with Chavez shadowing his every move. Chavez couldn’t find a way around Ryan, but Ryan couldn’t pull away either, and in the end it was Ryan holding off Chavez for a 1-1 sweep of the field. Hess finished a few second back in third for third overall, going 5-3 to edge out the 4-4 score of Prather.

Justin Covarrubias (110) ran away with both Lites Beginner motos.

Lites Beginner opening-moto racing saw the Kawasaki-mounted Covarrubias absconding with the holeshot, ahead of Zach Forsyth, Samuel Saldibar and Dakota Valentine. The moto was all Covarrubias’, as he went wire to wire for the win. It was a battle of the two-strokes for second place for the entire moto, with KX125-mounted Saldibar holding off the YZ125 of Forsyth at the checkers to get the job done. Valentine finished a lonely fourth, with Taylor Giorgio keeping Austin Aguirre at bay for fifth.

Moto two was a repeat of the first one, as Covarrubias exited turn one with the advantage and steadily built on his lead with each passing lap for a convincing 1-1 sweep of the class. Saldibar gated in second place and put a little breathing room between himself and Forsyth en route to another runner-up performance. Giorgio crossed the line in fourth place on her Honda for fourth overall, over the 4-7 score of Valentine and the 7-5 finishes of Weylon Burleson.

Ryan Popp (140) was perfect in the Lites Novice class, going 1-1 for the win.

The Lites Novice class belonged to Ryan Popp on this day. Popp jumped out to an immediate lead in both motos and was never contested. John Hedges flew his Honda to a pair of second-place finishes. Conley Kautz went 3-3 to round out the top three in the final standings, over Kyle Avery (5-4), Mark Saldibar Jr. (4-5) and Dylan Waters (6-6).

Mark Flinders paid a rare visit to the A.V. Motoplex Ride Park and ended up pulling off a pair of convincing wins in the Senior Amateur ranks. Blake Steelgrave chased Flinders around but had to settle for a pair of second-place finishes. Angel Rodriguez earned a pair of thirds, over Pasha Afshar and John Marshall.

Eventual Senior Amateur winner Mark Flinders (107) shares the holeshot with eventual Super Senior Master winner Jack Miller (17).

Marcelino Garcia led every lap of the first Moto X Beginner contest until a bobble on the penultimate circuit dropped him back to a fourth-place finish. Jordan Erickson was running in second place and inherited the win. Vincent Carvajal came from last off the start to claim second when the checkers waved, over Rocky Maida.

Carvajal gated much better in moto two and got around a fast-starting Garcia on lap one to end up going 2-1 on the day for the overall honors. A 1-3 tally gave Erickson second place in the final standings, over Garcia (4-2), Maida (3-4) and Kevin Anjou (5-5).

Vincent Carvajal (96) went 2-1 for the Moto X Beginner victory.

Justin Maliska went three for four in moto wins to capture the overall honors in the 50cc (7-8) A and 65cc Beginner classes. Maliska was perfect in the 50cc class, turning a pair of good starts into solid 1-1 finishes, over Ricky Negrete and Peyton Marks.

Justin Maliska (800) topped both the 50cc (7-8) A and 65cc Beginner classes.

Maliska jumped aboard his KX65 and finished second to Jarod Harris in the opening 65cc Beginner moto, and then returned to win moto two to earn his second first-place trophy for the day. Harris went 1-2 for second, over the 3-3 tally of Michael Carger.

A.V. Motoplex Ride Park
Lancaster, California
Results: December 16, 2012 (Round 5 of 5)

50 BEG: 1. Isabella Herrera; 2. Robert Hoskins; 3. Ryder Garcia; 4. Logan Ferguson; 5. Brazen Dever.

50 (0-6) A: 1. Nathan Abbott; 2. Dave Morales; 3. Jesse Lepore.

50 (7-8) A: 1. Justin Maliska; 2. Ricky Negrete; 3. Peyton Marks.

50 (7-8) B: 1. Blake Yakel; 2. Bailey Brown.

50 (9-11): 1. Cassidy Mitchell.

50 OPEN: 1. Ricky Negrete; 2. Nathan Abbott; 3. Peyton Marks; 4. Dave Morales; 5. Jesse Lepore.

65 BEG: 1. Justin Maliska; 2. Jarod Harris; 3. Michael Carger.

65 (0-8): 1. Aiden Ferguson; 2. Conner Styers; 3. Lonzel Francisco; 4. Matthew Hammer.

65 (9-11): 1. Tristan Mitchell; 2. Cole Kautz; 3. Michael Lundin.

65 OPEN: 1. Lonzel Francisco; 2. Michael Lundin; 3. Conner Styers; 4. Jarod Harris; 5. Michael Carger.

85 BEG: 1. Michael Krause; 2. Dylan Delgado; 3. Austin Hess; 4. Scott Dodge; 5. Marti Abbema.

85 (7-11): 1. Nolan Colborn; 2. Hunter Day; 3. Tyler Colvin.

85 (12-13): 1. Jared Reid; 2. Randy Englehardt.

85 (14-16): 1. Shannon Edwards.

85 OPEN: 1. Conner Holyak; 2. Nolan Colborn; 3. Tyler Colvin; 4. Austin Hess; 5. Randy Englehardt.

LITES BEG: 1. Justin Covarrubias; 2. Samuel Saldibar; 3. Zach Forsyth; 4. Taylor Giorgio; 5. Dakota Valentine.

LITES NOV: 1. Ryan Popp; 2. John Hedges; 3. Conley Kautz; 4. Kyle Avery; 5. Mark Saldibar Jr.

LITES INT: 1. Matt Popp; 2. Trevor Harvey.

LITES PRO: 1. Shawn Rhinehart.

MOTO X BEG: 1. Vincent Carvajal; 2. Jordan Erickson; 3. Marcelino Garcia; 4. Rocky Maida; 5. Kevin Danjou.

MOTO X NOV: 1. Adam Moore.

MOTO X INT: 1. Tristan Stephenson; 2. Andrew Delgado; 3. Chaz Smith; 4. Chad Norris.

MOTO X PRO: 1. Shawn Rhinehart.

WOMEN AM: 1. Sydney Johnson.

WOMEN MASTERS: 1. Taylor Giorgio.

30+ AM: 1. Mark Saldibar; 2. Chris Ferguson; 3. Dustin Smead.

30+ MASTERS: 1. Chad Norris.

30+ PRO: 1. Chaz Smith; 2. Cameron Doll.

40+ AM: 1. Mark Flinders; 2. Blake Steelgrave; 3. Angel Rodriguez; 4. Pasha Afshar; 5. John Marshall.

50+ AM: 1. Denny Ryan; 2. Tony Chavez; 3. Steve Hess; 4. Mike Prather; 5. Art Dart.

50+ MASTERS: 1. Jack Miller; Garry Conner.

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