Jake Snakes Opening ICE Victory!

| 20 January 2013 4:10 pm

World Championship ICE Racing Series
Round 1: Showare Center

Story by Woody Doogan
KENT, WA, DEC. 14, 2012

While the mood was very gloomy this week because of the tragic, senseless events that took place in Connecticut, a fine crowd turned out nonetheless at the Showare Center to watch and support the World Championship ICE racers. Kent, Washington, was host to the opening round of the 37th version of the world’s longest-running and premier arena World Championship ICE Racing Series.

The night’s racing started out with a series of four-lap heat races (scored by WC Points), which progressed on to last-chance qualifiers and ultimately the main events.

The first round of heats in the Manufacturers World Cup Motorcycle Division were won by Jake “The Snake” Mataya of Blaine, Minnesota; “Flyin’ Brian” McKenna of Boston, Massachusetts; and Jay Maloney of Oakland, New Jersey. The round-two heat wins went to McKenna; “Freight Train” Tom McGrane of Gap, Pennsylvania; and Jacob Lehmann of Snohomish, Washington. This set the line-up for the LCQ and the front row of the main, which was earned by the top four points scorers from the heats.

The riders were released from the starting gate for the six-lap LCQ. The 2008 ICE World Champion, “Smokin’ Joe” Kopp from Mica, Washington, shot into the lead, and he never looked back. Finishing second through fourth (and also transferring to the second row of the main event) were Maloney; “Captain Kirk” Cheney from Hastings, Michigan; and “Sideways Sammy” Wiggins, also of Gap, Pennsylvania.

Next, ICE official referee Robert Arms lined up the anxious racers for the main event and let ’em rip! This night was all Mataya’s, as he led from wire to wire in this one, making a profound statement to this winter’s series racers. “The Snake” was followed across the line by McKenna, Kopp, McGrane, Lehmann, Cheney, Maloney and Wiggins.

In the wild ICE Unlimited Outlaw Quad portion of the program, the heat racing was fast and furious! (Did I actually say that? Well, it really was!)

The first-round winners battling their way forward were five-time and defending ICE World Champion Mandy “Wild Child” Brodil from Elizabethtown, North Carolina; Kevin “Cool Hand” Smith from Overbrook, Kansas; Shane “Quad Cities” Quam from Moline, Illinois; Wiggins, on the Harley-Davidson Thunder Quad; and Dusty “Time Bomb” Crouch from Topeka, Kansas. The second-round heats were won by Smith; Anthony Demeo from Woodland Park, New Jersey; Chuck “The Ice Man” Calvert from Madison, Wisconsin; Quam; and Brady Osborn from Everett, Washington.

The Outlaw Quad LCQ was set and ready to roll. It’s always exciting to see that many quads out there. This one was a battle to the end. Osborn eventually came out on top, followed by Calvert; Roy Heath from Everett, Washington; and Lynzee Felder. All three would be transferring to the main. Then came hometown rider Ian Wilson from Kent, Washington; Demeo; Mike Carson, also from Everett, Washington; and Wiggins.

In the main event, Quam jumped out to a strong early lead. Smith and Crouch, the “Kansas Tornados,” ran him down but couldn’t get around him, allowing Quam to earn his first major ICE victory, along with a coveted Big Stud Trophy and an early WC points lead. Fourth through eighth were Brodil, Heath, Osborn, Calvert and Felder.

Showare Center
Kent, Washington
Results; December 14, 2012 (Round 1)

Manufacturers World Cup Bikes

HEAT 1: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Jacob Lehmann; 3. Sammy Wiggins; 4. Tom McGrane.

HEAT 2: 1. Bryan McKenna; 2. Eric Rickman; 3. Kirk Cheney; 4. Doni Wanat.

HEAT 3: 1. Jay Maloney; 2. Joe Kopp; 3. Dan White.

HEAT 4: 1. Bryan McKenna; 2. Joe Kopp; 3. Jake Mataya; 4. Sammy Wiggins.

HEAT 5: 1. Tom McGrane; 2. Dan White; 3. Doni Wanat; 4. Eric Rickman.

HEAT 6: 1. Jacob Lehmann; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Jay Maloney.

LCQ: 1. Joe Kopp; 2. Tom McGrane; 3. Kirk Cheney; 4. Sammy Wiggins; 5. Eric Rickman; 6. Dan White; 7. Doni Wanat.

MAIN: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Bryan McKenna; 3. Joe Kopp; 4. Tom McGrane; 5. Jacob Lehmann; 6. Kirk Cheney; 7. Jay Maloney; 8. Sammy Wiggins.

Unlimited Outlaw Quads

HEAT 1: 1. Mandy Brodil; 2. Mike Carson; 3. Jonathan Donaca; 4. BreeAnna Carson.

HEAT 2: 1. Kevin Smith; 2.  Ian Wilson; 3. Reed Petchnick; 4. Ken Remer.

HEAT 3: 1. Shane Quam; 2. Ron Heath; 3. Brady Osborn; 4. David Blair.

HEAT 4: 1. Sammy Wiggins; 2. Lynzee Felder; 3. Anthony Demeo; 4. Martin Koetje.

HEAT 5: 1. Dusty Crouch; 2. Chuck Calvert; 3. Brett McGhie; 4. Nick Porter.

HEAT 6: 1. Kevin Smith; 2. Mandy Brodil; 3. Lynzee Felder; 4. Nick Porter.

HEAT 7: 1. Anthony Demeo; 2. Dusty Crouch; 3. Brett McGhie; 4. Jonathan Donaca.

HEAT 8: 1. Chuck Calvert; 2. Ian Wilson; 3. David Blair; 4. Martin Koetje.

HEAT 9: 1. Shane Quam; 2. Ken Remer; 3. Sammy Wiggins; 4. Reed Petchnick.

HEAT 10: 1. Brady Osborn; 2. Ron Heath; 3. Mike Carson; 4. BreeAnna Carson.

LCQ: 1. Brady Osborn; 2. Chuck Calvert; 3. Ron Heath; 4. Lynzee Felder; 5. Ian Wilson; 6. Anthony Demeo; 7. Mike Carson; 8. Sammy Wiggins.

MAIN: 1. Shane Quam; 2. Kevin Smith; 3. Dusty Crouch; 4. Mandy Brodil; 5. Ron Heath; 6. Brady Osborn; 7. Chuck Calvert; 8. Lynzee Felder.

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