The Snake Strikes Again, Cool Hand Grabs the Cash

| 23 January 2013 4:55 pm

World Championship ICE Racing Series
Round 4: Maverik Center

Story by Woody Doogan
Photos by ICE

Whoa, Nellie! SRO, baby! A standing-room-only crowd greeted the World Championship ICE racers on this cold, 15-degree winter night. More than 7,000 excited fans packed into West Valley City, Utah’s Maverik Center to see some serious ice racing!

First up were the volatile Manufacturers World Cup Motorcycles. After a series of heat races and the last-chance qualifier, the riders had earned their starting positions in the main event. On the pole was none other than “Flyin’ Brian” McKenna from Boston, Massachusetts. McKenna had nearly won his first major ICE event the night before, losing by mere inches. He has won every heat race he has ridden this season. Would this be his night?

Outlaw Quad rider Kevin Smith (left) and Manufacturers World Cup Motorcycle rider Kirk Cheney (right) – both first-time winners of the Big Stud Trophy.

After being wrecked the night before at round three, the ICE Fair Starting Gate had been rebuilt, and when the ref released it, off went the field, rocketing into turn one! The rocket ship coming out of the first turn in the lead was McKenna, followed by Jake “The Snake” Mataya from Blaine, Minnesota, and “Freight Train” Tom McGrane from Gap, Pennsylvania. McKenna was stretching out his lead when suddenly, in turns three and four, his front wheel violently pushed out, throwing Flyin’ Brian to the ice, hard.

Will this racer’s bad luck ever change?

McKenna’s first race with ICE was in Everett, Washington, six years ago, when he crashed hard in his first heat race. The high-speed crash broke his ankle and bent the existing steel pin required from a previous racing crash. He was out for the rest of that season, but he has returned every year since, looking for that elusive first win and an ICE World Championship title. With four rounds remaining after this night, Brian can still achieve both of his goals.

Meanwhile, the race continued on with Mataya now flying out front. There was lots of action and passing in the pack, as “Captain Kirk” Cheney from Hastings, Michigan, got by McGrane at the halfway point, followed closely by Kenny “Hot Sauce” Malaguarnero from Show Low, Arizona. Jay Maloney from Oakland, New Jersey, was also on the move, working his way up to the fourth spot at the checkered flag, followed by McGrane; Dan White from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada; and McKenna.

On the Manufacturers World Cup podium on Saturday night were winner Jake Mataya (29), runner-up Kirk Cheney (15) and third-place finisher Kenny Malaguarnero (56).

In Outlaw Quad competition, the round-one heat-race winners were Ken “Stunt Man” Remer from Burlington, Wisconsin; Shane “Quad Cities” Quam; and Devin Madonia from Granite Falls, Washington. The round-two heat victories went to Kevin “Cool Hand” Smith from Overbrook, Kansas; Dusty “Time Bomb” Crouch from Topeka, Kansas; and Chuck “The Ice Man” Calvert from Madison, Wisconsin.

Ken “Stunt Man” Remer hot-dogged it to the win in the first Outlaw Quad heat race.

The four-lap Quad LCQ was all Madonia’s, from wire to wire. He was followed closely by Calvert; five-time and defending World Champion Mandy “Wild Child” Brodil from Elizabethtown, North Carolina, who fought her way up from sixth; and the fourth and last transfer spot went to Anthony Demeo from Woodland Park, New Jersey. Running closely behind were Nick Porter from Snohomish, Washington; Mataya, on the Harley “Thunder Quad”; and Ian Wilson from Arlington, Washington.

The main was set to go and stacked full of talented, aggressive Pros. The gate was released, and the eight Outlaw Quads flew into turn one like a swarm of giant ticked-off bumblebees! The only problem is that quads don’t fly (well – usually they don’t) and eight of them can’t use the same piece of the racetrack at the same time. There was a big wreck! The rules state that if half or more of the field crashes on lap one, the race is red-flagged and completely restarted. And so it was.

This time they all got through turns one and two, but at the other end of the track, in turns three and four, three riders and their machines got tangled up down on the bottom, near the pole. It wasn’t half the field and the track wasn’t blocked, so the race continued. Three riders were stung as the rest of the field lapped them.

Smith had worked his way to a solid lead while all the distractions were taking place. Smith went on to win, sweeping the Quad program for the weekend. (He even won the Dash For Cash earlier in the night, sticking a nice stack of paper money in his pocket.) Crouch finished second after starting from the fourth position, and rounding out the podium was Quam, followed by Brodil, Demeo, and the three who’d been stung: Remer, Madonia and Calvert.

The Outlaw Quads podium was comprised of winner Kevin Smith (center), runner-up Dusty Crouch (left) and third-place finisher Shane Quam (right).

A special thanks to all the fans who came out to see World Championship ICE Racing. Also, thanks goes out to title sponsor Maverik C Stores (“Where Adventure Begins”) and the staff of the Maverik Center. Last but certainly not least, thanks to the special racers who participate in this series. Our grateful thanks to Tim, Troy, Kenny and all the folks at Wright’s MC Parts for generously donating their time and equipment to repair the ICE Fair Starting Gate and for helping meet our racers’ needs so far from home.

Maverik Center
West Valley Center, Utah
Results: January 5, 2013 (Round 4)

Manufacturers World Cup Bikes

HEAT 1: 1. Bryan McKenna; 2. Jake Mataya; 3. Jay Maloney; 4. Dan White.

HEAT 2: 1. Kirk Cheney; 2. Tom McGrane; 3. Kenny Malaguarnero; 4. Dan White.

HEAT 3: 1. Bryan McKenna; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Tom McGrane; 4. Kenny Malaguarnero.

HEAT 4: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Jay Maloney; 3. Dan White; 4. Tom McGrane.

LCQ: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Tom McGrane ; 4. Kenny Malaguarnero; 5. Jay Maloney; 6. Dan White.

MAIN: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Kenny Malaguarnero; 4. Jay Maloney; 5. Tom McGrane; 6. Dan White; 7. Bryan McKenna

Unlimited Outlaw Quads

HEAT 1: 1. Ken Remer; 2. Ian Wilson; 3. Anthony Demeo; 4. Chuck Calvert.

HEAT 2: 1. Shane Quam; 2. Kevin Smith; 3. Dusty Crouch; 4. Mandy Brodil.

HEAT 3: 1. Nick Porter; 2. Devin Madonia; 3. Jake Mataya.

HEAT 4: 1. Kevin Smith; 2. Anthony Demeo; 3. Ken Remer; 4. Ian Wilson.

HEAT 5: 1. Dusty Crouch; 2. Mandy Brodil; 3. Shane Quam; 4. Devin Madonia.

HEAT 6: 1. Chuck Calvert; 2. Nick Porter; 3. Jake Mataya.

LCQ: 1. Devin Madonia; 2. Shane Quam; 3. Mandy Brodil; 4. Anthony Demeo; 5. Nick Porter; 6. Jake Mataya; 7. Ian Wilson.

MAIN: 1. Kevin Smith; 2. Dusty Crouch; 3. Shane Quam; 4. Mandy Brodil; 5. Anthony Demeo; 6. Ken Remer; 7. Devin Madonia; 8. Chuck Calvert.

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