Wilson Wins Rush Lake Ice Race

| 25 January 2013 4:56 pm

North Central Ice Racing Series
Round 1: Rush Lake

Story and Photos by Tim McBride
RUSH CITY, MN, JAN. 20, 2013

Sixteen-year-old Shayanna Wilson showed the guys the fast way around the track by winning two divisions during round one of the North Central Ice Racing Series held on the frozen shores of Rush Lake. The personable Cambridge High School student from Harris, Minnesota, not only displayed her riding prowess by topping the Open B and 250cc A classes, but her fortitude as well.

Shayanna Wilson (213) runs out front in the Open B class during the North Central Ice Racing Series’ opening event, held on Rush Lake. Justin Leritz (817) finished second and Justin Ogg (666) finished third.

Shayanna Wilson suffered a broken right femur while competing in a motocross event less than three months ago, but she appeared unscathed and won two classes at the North Central Ice Racing season opener.

Wilson crashed out of contention during the preliminary Open B heat race, in which Justin Ogg raced to victory and therefore secured the pole position. In the main event, however, Wilson grabbed the lead at the start and held off a hungry pack – which included Justin Leritz, Ogg, Shawn Fowler and Tyler Seiberlich – all the way to the checkered flag.

The 250cc A class saw a repeat performance from Wilson, who was followed to the checkers this time by Ryan Dean Einerwold and Dave Darsow.

Only three months ago, Wilson suffered a serious leg injury (a broken femur) while competing in her customary summertime discipline – motocross. When asked about her injury as well as her race-day success, the humble teenager was more concerned about the frigid race-day temperatures (which remained in single digits throughout the day, with a wind-chill factor that was borderline insane).

“Racing motocross is a little bit easier, because it’s warm and you’re toasty,” Wilson explained. “Out here, when you get cold, you can’t feel your fingers. The brakes and the clutch are so hard to find. When you pull off the track, you go get warm. You can’t go in there [pointing to her cargo trailer], you have to go somewhere warm because your hands are burning and feel like they are falling off.”

Jake Bostrom (407) leads the way in the Open Pro class on Rush Lake. Dain Olson (213) eventually worked his way into second place by race’s end. C.J. Wise (99) finished third, ahead of Jake’s brother Erick Bostrom (77).

In other racing action, Jake Bostrom continues to be the racer to beat, as he posted victories in the Open Pro class and the Dash For Cash aboard his Larson’s Cycle-sponsored 450cc Yamaha. Second place in both divisions was awarded to Superior, Wisconsin’s Dain Olson, also aboard a 450cc Yamaha.

Mason Grecula (302) won the 85cc main event.

The early laps of the 50cc Mini contest saw Brady Karolevitz (325) leading eventual winner Ty Valland (162) and third-place finisher Lucas Logue (201).

The Open Pro Quad class saw a clash of titans, as quad guru Daryl Rath and Taylor Peterson went head to head. Peterson defeated Rath during one of the preliminary heat races. Rath, however, turned the tables and raced to victory during the main event.

Daryl Rath (67) and Taylor Peterson (28) were this close throughout the Open Pro Quad main event. Rath garnered the win.

The Beginner C Quad class saw a runaway victory by Jesse Jackman. Finishing second was heat-race winner Greg Arnold.

Jesse Jackman (18) from Mounds View, Minnesota, slid to victory in the Beginner C class.

The Open B Quad class saw Kyle Hogie come out on top of a race-long battle with heat-race winner Anthony Markel. Jake Cornelius, Shannon Logue and Tony Pettis rounded out the top five positions in the 11-rider field.

Rush Lake
Rush City, Minnesota
Results: January 20, 2013 (Round 1)

Motorcycle Division

50 MINI: 1. Ty Valland (KTM); 2. Brady Karolevitz (KTM); 3. Lucas Logue (KTM); 4. Jake Thompson (Yam).

85 MINI: 1. Mason Grecula (Suz); 2. Nate Minster (Kaw); 3. Reece Valland (KTM).

BEG C: 1. Sean Schwefel (Yam); 2. Jack Parenteau (Hon); 3. Kaleb Dekevrel (Yam); 4. Mason Grecula (Suz); 5. Chad Valland (Hon); 6. Nate Minster (Kaw); 7. Mason Dekevrel (Yam).

250 A: 1. Shayanna Wilson (Yam); 2. Ryan Dean Einerwold (Hon); 3. Dave Darsow (Suz).

450 A: 1. Tyler Seiberlich (Yam).

OPEN A: 1. Ryan Dean Einerwold (Hon).

OPEN B: 1. Shayanna Wilson (Yam); 2. Justin Leritz (Yam); 3. Justin Ogg (Yam); 4. Shawn Fowler (Yam); 5. Tyler Seiberlich (Yam).

OPEN PRO: 1. Jake Bostrom (Yam); 2. Dain Olson (Yam); 3. C.J. Wise (Yam); 4. Erick Bostrom (Yam); 5. Ryan Dean Einerwold (Hon).

DASH FOR CASH: 1. Jake Bostrom (Yam); 2. Dain Olson (Yam); 3. Erick Bostrom (Yam); 4. C.J. Wise (Yam).

VET 30+: 1. Justin Ogg (Yam); 2. Shawn Fowler (Yam); 3. Ryan Dean Einerwold (Hon); 4. Kody Schmidt (Yam).

SR 40+: 1. Jack Parenteau (Hon); 2. Ryan Dean Einerwold (Hon); 3. Dave Darsow (Suz).

Quad Division

MICRO: 1. Dylan Stucynski; 2. Desi Spicer (Kaw); 3. Jon Johnson Jr.

BEG C: 1. Jesse Jackman (Yam); 2. Greg Arnold (Hon); 3. Devon Stucynski (Hon); 4. Kevin Martin (Yam); 5. Josh Nyman (Yam); 6. Dominic Bartell (Hon).

UNSTUDDED OPEN A: 1. Bryan Skaudis (Hon); 2. Daryl Rath (Hon); 3. Dean Trahan (Suz); 4. Cole Weesman; 5. Taylor Peterson; 6. Adam Pollack (Kaw); 7. Brian Smith (Pls).

UNSTUDDED OPEN B: 1. Bryan Skaudis (Hon); 2. Dean Trahan (Suz); 3. Cole Weesman; 4. Brian Smith (Pls); 5. Adam Pollack (Kaw).

UNSTUDDED LIMITED: 1. Cole Weesman; 2. Harry Pittman; 3. Adam Pollack (Kaw); 4. Cory Rowland (Hon); 5. Daren Rahn (Pls).

OPEN A: 1. Brock Zychowski (Hon); 2. Andy Wendorff (Yam).

OPEN B: 1. Kyle Hogie (Hon); 2. Anthony Markel (Hon); 3. Jake Cornelius (Kaw); 4. Shannon Logue (Suz); 5. Tony Pettis (Yam); 6. Ben Jenkins (Kaw); 7. Ryan Bruggerman (Hon); 8. Jesse Kloetzke (Suz); 9. James Doherty (Yam); 10. Jason Bruggerman (Hon); 11. Nathan Tyo (Hon).

OPEN PRO: 1. Daryl Rath (Hon); 2. Taylor Peterson; 3. Jon Kramer (Yam); 4. Brock Zychowski (Hon); 5. Nick Allen (Yam); 6. Matt Ernhart (Hon).

DASH FOR CASH: 1. Ryan Bruggerman (Hon); 2. Jon Kramer (Yam); 3. Andy Wendorff (Yam); 4. Daryl Rath (Hon); 5. Taylor Peterson; 6. Brock Zychowski (Hon).

WOMEN: 1. Molly Cornelius (Kaw); 2. Abi Skaudis (Yam).

YOUTH SPORT: 1. Dominic Bartell (Hon); 2. Gavin Rowland (Hon).

JR: 1. Sloan Pittman.

VET 30+: 1. Matt Ernhart (Hon); 2. Nick Allen (Yam); 3. Scott Clifford Jr. (Yam).

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