The Snake and the Wild Child Perfect in Trenton!

| 28 February 2013 12:00 pm

World Championship ICE Racing Series
Round 7: Sun National Bank Center

Courtesy of ICE
Photo by Cathy Poston/
TRENTON, NJ, FEB. 15, 2013

Round even of the 37th annual World Championship ICE Racing Series took place in Trenton, New Jersey’s Sun National Bank Center on an unusually warm 50-degree winter night. A great crowd of nearly 4,000 enthusiastic fans showed up to witness some seriously intense ice racing. The big story of the night was the stellar performances put in by Jake “The Snake” Mataya of Blaine, Minnesota, and Mandy “Wild Child” Brodil from Poplar Branch, North Carolina.

Jake Mataya (29) dominated the bike division at the penultimate round of the World Championship ICE Racing Series.

Jake Mataya (29) dominated the bike division at the penultimate round of the World Championship ICE Racing Series.

Mataya was dominant in the ICE Manufacturers World Cup Motorcycle Division, winning every race he started – a clean sweep! This night’s performance put The Snake soundly in first place with a 32-point lead over second-placed “Captain Kirk” Cheney from Hastings, Michigan.

It certainly wasn’t a cake walk for Mataya, as Cheney gave him a real run for the money in the main event. Cheney took the early lead and held on to it until the halfway point, when Jake found a way around to take the lead away. Cheney stayed with Jake to the checkered flag, followed closely by Tom “Freight Train” McGrane from Honeybrook, Pennsylvania; Jay “The Jack Hammer” Maloney from Oakland, New Jersey; Pennsylvanians Austin Greenland from Spring Mills, Kyle McGrane from Gapp, and “Sideways Sammy” Wiggins from Coatesville; and first-lap crash victim “Flyin’ Brian” McKenna from Boston, Massachusetts.

Mandy Brodil was even more dominant no this night in the ICE Unlimited Outlaw Quads Division. The only scare she had was after she shot out to four- to –five quadlength lead on the first lap of the main event and then the race was stopped by the red flag when her father, Jeff Brodil from Grandy, North Carolina, flipped hard in a wreck behind her. When Mandy came around the track to see the red flag, she also saw her father still lying out on the ice. Thankfully, after a few minutes, Papa Brodil regained his senses, got up and shook off the cobwebs. To the delight of the appreciative race fans, he got back on his bent quad to make the restart of the main.

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Mandy was on a mission on this night, and nothing was going to stop her. She launched off the starting line and out to another big lead and never looked back. All the racing – along with some serious bumping and banging – was going on behind her… and I do mean serious! The hard-charger award of the night went to Eric Jennings of Otisville, New York; he came from the Outback to finish second with a daring last-corner pass. Jennings was followed across the finish line by Jeff Brodil; points leader Dusty “Time Bomb” Crouch from Topeka, Kansas; Chuck “The Ice Man” Calvert from Madison, Wisconsin; Trenton’s own Andrew Evanyke and John Grutza; and second in the points, Kevin “Cool Hand” Smith from Overbrook, Kansas.

In both Pro divisions, three racers are mathematically still in the 2013 World Championship title chase: Mataya has a nice – but not comfortable – lead in the Cup Bikes, followed by Cheney and Tom McGrane, while Crouch is in the driver’s seat in the Outlaw Quads, followed by “Kansas Tornado” teammate Smith and five-time and defending World Champion Mandy Brodil, who is still in the chase because of her great performance in Trenton.

If there is one thing fans of World Championship ICE Racing know for certain, it’s that nothing is for certain! Anything can happen in this wild and crazy, unpredictable, anything-goes, no-holds-barred sport. It all boils down to the final round in Evansville, Indiana’s beautiful Ford Center.

Sun National Bank Center
Trenton, New Jersey
Results: February 15, 2013 (Round 7)

Manufacturers World Cup Bikes

HEAT 1: 1. Jay Maloney; 2. Sammy Wiggins; 3. Kyle McGrane; 4. Bryan McKenna.

HEAT 2: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Perry Phillips; 3. Austin Greenland; 4. Kirk Cheney; 5. Tom McGrane.

HEAT 3: 1. Tom McGrane; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Sammy Wiggins; 4. Austin Greenland.

HEAT 4: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Perry Phillips; 3. Jay Maloney; 4. Bryan McKenna; 5. Kyle McGrane.

LCQ: 1. Tom McGrane; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Sammy Wiggins; 4. Bryan McKenna; 5. Kyle McGrane; 6. Austin Greenland.

MAIN: 1. Jake Mataya; 2. Kirk Cheney; 3. Tom McGrane; 4. Jay Maloney; 5. Austin Greenland; 6. Perry Phillips; 7. Kyle McGrane; 8. Sammy Wiggins; 9. Bryan McKenna.

Unlimited Outlaw Quads

HEAT 1: 1. John Grutza; 2. Ken Remer; 3. Chuck Calvert; 4. Sammy Wiggins.

HEAT 2: 1. Mandy Brodil; 2. Kevin Smith; 3. Dusty Crouch; 4. Andrew Evanyke.

HEAT 3: 1. Jeff Brodil; 2. Eric Jennings; 3. Jordan Miller; 4. Anthony Demeo.

HEAT 4: 1. Dusty Crouch; 2. Ken Remer; 3. Jeff Brodil; 4. John Grutza.

HEAT 5: 1. Mandy Brodil; 2. Eric Jennings; 3. Andrew Evanyke; 4. Anthony Demeo.

HEAT 6: 1. Chuck Calvert; 2. Sammy Wiggins; 3. Kevin Smith; 4. Jordan Miller.

LCQ: 1. Eric Jennings; 2. Kevin Smith; 3. Andrew Evanyke; 4. John Grutza; 5. Sammy Wiggins; 6. Anthony Demeo; 7. Ken Remer; 8. Jordan Miller.

MAIN: 1. Mandy Brodil; 2. Eric Jennings; 3. Jeff Brodil; 4. Dusty Crouch; 5. Chuck Calvert; 6. Andrew Evanyke; 7. John Grutza; 8. Kevin Smith.

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