MX at MillCreek Gets Under Way with Spring Classic Warm-Up

| 2 March 2013 5:51 pm

Spring Classic Warm-Up
MillCreek Motocross Park

Story and Photos by John Bellwin
PELL CITY, AL, FEB. 9-10, 2013

Thirty-seven classes of racers took to the track at MillCreek Motocross Park in Pell City, Alabama, for the RPM Sports Spring Classic Warm-Up.

In moto one of the Over 30 Amateur class, Michael Mitchell was punished right off the starting line. He was third off of the gate, as water covered his goggles and the riders in front of him appeared to have picked the best lines, but that only motivated Mitchell.

Moto two saw no such repeat; off the line, Mitchell pulled the holeshot. The ruts got deep, the breaking bumps got big, and Mitchell shined. As the leader, he picked his own lines, and even the rollers (a hard section for Mitchell) didn’t slow him down much. He simply picked a smart line through the rollers. For three laps, Mitchell charged hard in the lead spot. By the fourth lap, the second-place racer was no longer a threat, and Mitchell came in for the win in the Over 30 Amateur class.

In the Over 25 Amateur class, Mitchell finished second.

Estonia’s Ardo Kaurit (74) had fun in three classes at the Spring Classic Warm-Up at Alabama’s Mill Creek Motocross Park.

Estonia’s Ardo Kaurit (74) had fun in three classes at the Spring Classic Warm-Up at Alabama’s MillCreek Motocross Park.

Ardo Kaurit arrived from Estonia to compete at MillCreek. The European racer was unaccustomed to the soft dirt created by a tractor rake, the gate procedure was new to him, and this would be his first race after a knee injury; given those challenges, Kaurit’s goals were simply to stay on two wheels, make no mistakes, and enjoy every minute.

On the first gate drop for the Open A class, which Kaurit nearly missed, those goals were in jeopardy. For the first lap, things didn’t get much better: Kaurit was pushed off the track by another racer. However, after that inauspicious start, things did get better. Kaurit rallied, his confidence improved, and his love of competition kicked in. Kaurit delivered a second-place finish.

Ardo also brought home a second-place finish in the 250cc A class and a third-place finish in the Four-Stroke Open class.

Ardo Kaurit (74) battled his way to runner-up finishes in the Open A and 250cc A classes and a third-place effort in the Four-Stroke Open class.

Ardo Kaurit (74) battled his way to runner-up finishes in the Open A and 250cc A classes and a third-place effort in the Four-Stroke Open class.

For Keenan Mokma, the people and the competition are the best parts of motocross. As a full-time racer at Millsaps Training Facility for the past two years, those things are part of his everyday life. Off the line in Saturday’s 450cc C class, Mokma was third. He passed the bike in front of him and focused on staying with the lead bike. The ruts just before some of the jumps were awkward, but the advice gleaned from his training kicked in: Stay smooth and squeeze the bike. The off-camber turns on the back of the track were a challenge, but Mokma continued to stay with the leader. As the final lap started, Mokma and the leader had gapped the rest of the pack. Mokma finished in second place, behind Kawasaki jockey Dent West.

On Sunday, Mokma scored wins in both the 250cc C class and the 450cc C class.

Keenan Mokma (634) was victorious in Sunday’s 250cc C and 450cc C classes.

Keenan Mokma (634) was victorious in Sunday’s 250cc C and 450cc C classes.

Greye Tate has important support that got him to where he is today: His parents have supported him, KillCliff, Durhamtown, and the clothing company “We All Ride” have supported him. However, when things went bad on Saturday, it was up to Tate, and Tate alone, to turn things around.

His first race on Saturday was a challenge before the gate even dropped. Tate got a bad gate pick, with a muddy section right in front of the gate. Four turns into the race, he hit a braking bump hard enough that it dropped him to the ground. Before Tate could get up, another racer ran over him. Tate recovered, got up, and went haulin’ into the next turn – and that is when he found out that the crash had left him without a front brake. After he recovered from that turn, Tate spent the rest of the race without a front brake and finished late in the pack.

Greye Tate (14) had a rough day on Saturday…

Greye Tate (14) had a rough day on Saturday…

…but Greye Tate (14) came back with a vengeance on Sunday to finish runner-up in the Supermini ranks.

…but Greye Tate (14) came back with a vengeance on Sunday to finish runner-up in the Supermini ranks.

Undaunted, Tate lined up on Sunday in the Supermini class. He was third off the gate and was battling to take away the number-two spot from Suzuki jockey Hunter Tyson. Tate and Tyson battled for three laps.

On the final lap, Tate and Tyson approached a triple jump. Tate drove to the inside and took the number-two spot in mid-air. That’s where he finished, ahead of Tyson and behind winner Christopher Fortier.

About RPM
The promoter for the event, RPM, has been in the event-promotions market since 1986. RPM got its feet wet – literally – in the world of competitive water skiing. RPM hosted some of the most prestigious AWSA events in the country, including the U.S. Amateur Nationals. In the 1990s, RPM changed its focus to motocross. RPM recognized a need for a promotions group with RPM’s abilities. That was more than 20 years ago. Today, RPM has hosted national events, been nominated AMA Promoter of the Year, and owns and/or operates facilities in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Ponca City, Oklahoma.

RPM’s founder, Allen McWilliams, currently acts as a dedicated AMA congressman and is an avid racer. Allen’s wife, Jamie, is also very active in the organization. Their son Alex is an avid pro racer and heads up the marketing for RPM.

About the Author
John Bellwin is an executive at Accenture, specializing in large program management. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology-services and outsourcing company, with approximately 259,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. For free photos from this event, contact him at

MillCreek Motocross Park
Pell City, Alabama
Results: February 9-10, 2013

Saturday, February 9

51 (4-6) SHAFT/SHIFTER: 1. Jon J. Carver (Cob); 2. Casey Cochran (Yam); 3. Landon Harvin (Yam); 4. Reed Harrison.

51 (4-6): 1. Jon J. Carver (Cob); 2. Casey Cochran (Cob); 3. Landon Harvin (KTM); 4. Eston Ward (Cob); 5. Hammy Gatlin (KTM); 6. Ethan Hansford (Cob); 7. Mason Tucker (Cob).

51 OPEN (4-8): 1. Thomas Welch (Cob); 2. Jeffrey Shealy (Cob); 3. Maddox Owens (Cob); 4. Gregory Stewart III (Cob); 5. Grayson C. Smith (KTM); 6. Casey Cochran (Cob); 7. Kade P. Thomas (Cob); 8. Jon J. Carver (Cob); 9. Travice Gibbens (Cob); 10. Kannen Jones (KTM); 11. Landon Harvin (Cob); 12. Mason Tucker (Cob); 13. Mitchell Sparpana (Cob); 14. Colson Crouch (Cob); 15. Eston Ward (Cob); 16. Ethan Hansford (Cob); 17. Case Burton (Cob).

51 (7-8): 1. Jeffrey Shealy (Cob); 2. Thomas Welch (Cob); 3. Maddox Owens (Cob); 4. Colson Crouch (Cob); 5. Kade P. Thomas (Cob); 6. Case Burton (Cob); 7. Grayson C. Smith (KTM); 8. Kannen Jones (KTM); 9. Travice Gibbens (Cob); 10. Gregory Stewart III (Cob); 11. Mitchell Sparpana (Cob).

65 D (6-11): 1. Jeffrey Shealy (Cob); 2. Grayson C. Smith (KTM); 3. Amaurie Carter (KTM); 4. Will Ward (KTM); 5. Mac McLing (Kaw); 6. Mason Hardaway (KTM); 7. Josh Hicks (Kaw); 8. Case Burton (Cob).

65 (7-9): 1. Gage Linville (KTM); 2. Colby R. Gatlin (KTM); 3. Jaiden L. Taylor (Cob); 4. Crockett Myers (KTM); 5. Jeffrey Shealy (Cob); 6. Chase E. Prince (KTM); 7. Kaden R. Parmley (KTM); 8. Thomas Welch (Kaw); 9. Tucker Mantooth (KTM); 10. Maddox Owens (Cob); 11. Colson Crouch (KTM); 12. Jonathan Collett (KTM); 13. Amaurie Carter (KTM); 14. Gregory Stewart III (Cob); 15. Mac McLing (Kaw).

65 (10-11): 1. Jackson Gray (KTM); 2. Nicholas J. Igo (KTM); 3. Ty Glass (KTM); 4. Dominic Andrew (KTM); 5. Dakota C. Craig (Kaw); 6. Ezra Parker (KTM); 7. Christopher C. Mitchell (KTM); 8. Cole B. Harkins (KTM); 9. Rylan Smith (KTM); 10. Jack Rogers (KTM); 11. Colin Brady (KTM); 12. Alex Bell (KTM).

65 OPEN (7-11): 1. Christopher C. Mitchell (KTM); 2. Ezra Parker (KTM); 3. Dakota C. Craig (Kaw); 4. Rylan Smith (KTM); 5. Dominic Andrew (KTM); 6. Gage Linville (KTM); 7. Jack Rogers (KTM); 8. Colby R. Gatlin (KTM); 9. Nicholas J. Igo (KTM); 10. Thomas Welch (Kaw); 11. Jackson Gray (KTM); 12. Cole B. Harkins (KTM); 13. Ty Glass (KTM); 14. Crockett Myers (KTM); 15. Chase E. Prince (KTM); 16. Kaden R. Parmley (KTM); 17. Jaiden L. Taylor (Cob); 18. Tucker Mantooth (KTM); 19. Maddox Owens (Cob); 20. Colson Crouch (KTM); 21. Colin Brady (KTM).

85 (9-11): 1. Jalek Swoll (KTM); 2. Kyle R. Lucas (Kaw); 3. Jackson Gray (KTM); 4. Jordan Jarvis (Yam); 5. Douglas Woodall (Yam); 6. Jaiden L. Taylor (Yam); 7. Dominic Andrew(Yam); 8. Dakota C. Craig (Kaw); 9. Brogan Muncy; 10. Alex Bell (Hon); 11. Kruz M. Sampson (KTM); 12. Cole B. Harkins(KTM).

85 D (9-15): 1. Connor Underwood (KTM); 2. Dylan Schardor (Hon); 3. Alex T. Abbott (Hon); 4. Holden Hurst (Suz); 5. Hogan Nash (KTM); 6. Brogan Muncy.

85 (12-14): 1. Joey Crown (Suz); 2. Tanner Stack (Kaw); 3. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 4. Camron Mitchell (KTM); 5. Ezra L. Hastings (KTM); 6. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 7. Tommy Rios (Suz); 8. Blake A. Ashley (Yam); 9. Christopher Fortier (Suz); 10. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 11. Max Clark (Suz); 12. Josh Bugg (Kaw); 13. Noah Adams (Yam); 14. Chase Gilley (KTM); 15. Mason M. Gonzales (Kaw); 16. Connor Underwood (KTM); 17. Hogan Nash (KTM); 18. Jordan McClellan (Suz).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Ezra L. Hastings (KTM); 2. Blake A. Ashley (Yam); 3. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 4. Kyle R. Lucas (Kaw); 5. Jordan Jarvis (Yam); 6. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 7. Noah Adams (Yam); 8. Josh Bugg (Kaw); 9. Douglas Woodall (Yam); 10. Jalek Swoll (KTM); 11. Camron Mitchell (KTM); 12. Tommy Rios (Suz); 13. Jordan McClellan (Suz); 14. Chase Gilley (KTM); 15. Kruz M. Sampson (KTM).

SUPERMINI 1 (12-15): 1. Mitchell Harrison (Kaw); 2. Joey Crown (Suz); 3. Challen Tennant (KTM); 4. Ashton C. Hayes (Suz); 5. Logan Stokes (Yam); 6. Hannah Hodges (Suz); 7. Trevor Dunn (Kaw); 8. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 9. Tyler Vann (Kaw); 10. Matthew Hale (KTM); 11. Tanner Stack (Kaw); 12. Christopher Fortier (Suz); 13. Sean M. Forrest (Hon); 14. Zack Rogers (Hon); 15. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 16. Mathew A. Weakley (Hon); 17. Brandon Landis (Kaw); 18. Andrew Maroney (Suz); 19. Brandon O. Criswell (Kaw); 20. Greye Tate (Kaw); 21. Jacob Crum (Hon); 22. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 23. Alex T. Abbott (Hon); 24. Holden Hurst (Hon); 25. Camron Mitchell (KTM).

SUPERMINI 2 (13-16): 1. Mitchell Harrison (Kaw); 2. Joey Crown (Hon); 3. Tanner Stack (Kaw); 4. Challen Tennant (KTM); 5. Ashton C. Hayes (Suz); 6. Mathew A. Weakley (Hon); 7. Tyler Vann (Kaw); 8. Trevor Dunn (Kaw); 9. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 10. Sean M. Forrest (Hon); 11. Greye Tate (Kaw); 12. Logan Stokes (Yam); 13. Brandon O. Criswell (Kaw); 14. Hannah Hodges (Suz); 15. Matthew Hale (KTM); 16. Zack Rogers (Hon).

SCHOOLBOY 1 (12-16) B/C: 1. Mitchell Harrison (Kaw); 2. Tommy Maxey (Yam); 3. Samuel C. Redman (Suz); 4. Joshua Guffey (KTM); 5. Peter Davis IV (KTM); 6. Matthew A. Weakley (Yam); 7. Felix Lopez (KTM); 8. Jordan Camarata (Kaw); 9. Jose Maldonado (KTM); 10. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 11. Jason M. Thomason (Yam); 12. Dylan Greer (KTM); 13. Justin Palmer (KTM); 14. Cody Newman (Yam); 15. Andy Dinicol (Hon); 16. Matthew Hale (KTM); 17. Blake Bishop (Suz); 18. Dawson Dobson (KTM); 19. Chase Hahn (KTM).

SCHOOLBOY 2 (14-16) B/C: 1. Jordan B. Smith (Hon); 2. Aaron S. Plessinger (Yam); 3. Matthew Burkeen (Suz); 4. Donny Brown (KTM); 5. Tommy Maxey (Kaw); 6. Joshua Bartosy (Hon); 7. Derek Johnson (KTM); 8. Benny Bloss (Suz); 9. Peter Davis IV (KTM); 10. Joshua Guffey (KTM); 11. Andy Dinicol (Hon); 12. Dylan Greer (KTM); 13. Bradley Taft (Suz); 14. Brock Oakley (KTM); 15. Felix Lopez (KTM); 16. Christina Older (Kaw); 17. Samuel C. Redman (Yam); 18. Jason M. Thomason (Yam); 19. Matthew Oberley (Kaw); 20. Zack H. Amell (Yam); 21. Jose Maldonado (KTM).

GIRLS (9-16): 1. Jordan Jarvis (Yam); 2. Reese Camarata (Kaw).

WOMEN (14+): 1. Christina Older (Kaw); 2. Hannah Hodges (Suz); 3. Sarah L. Taylor (Hon); 4. Abigail M. Jacks (Yam); 5. Chelsea Wright (Hon); 6. Taylor Stevey (Hon); 7. Carly Wisterkamm (Kaw); 8. Haley N. Knable (Hon); 9. Chloe Jacks (Hon).

250 A: 1. Hayden Mellross (Hon); 2. Cade Clason (Hon); 3. Franklin Nogueras (Suz); 4. Luke Davie (Hon); 5. Jesse Pierce (Suz); 6. Andrew Bristol (Kaw); 7. Tyler Jugel (Hon); 8. Tyler Conner (Hon); 9. Nicholas Barr (Yam); 10. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 11. Wil Allen (Suz); 12. Phillip Christmas (Kaw); 13. Kramer Johnson (KTM); 14. Hunter Mims (Suz).

250 B: 1. Jordan B. Smith (Hon); 2. Aaron S. Plessinger (Yam); 3. Donny Brown (KTM); 4. Matthew Burkeen (Suz); 5. Taylor Holt (Kaw); 6. Trevor Tate (Hon); 7. Joshua Bartosy (Hon); 8. Brock Oakley (KTM); 9. Jesse Litzenberger (Kaw); 10. Andy Dinicol (Hon); 11. Bryson R. Taylor (KTM); 12. Zachary R. Bishop Burnett (Kaw); 13. Derrick Boyd (Yam); 14. Trey Northrop (Hon); 15. Samuel C. Redman (Yam); 16. Derek Johnson (KTM); 17. Mark Marincin (Hon); 18. Marvin Staser (Hon); 19. Krystan Torres (Yam); 20. Enrico Narbonese (Suz); 21. Zach McFarland (Hon); 22. Jordan Orr (Yam); 23. Bradley Taft (Suz); 24. Michael Mamey (Kaw); 25. Taylor Eckel (Hon); 26. Mason Beasley (Yam); 27. Alex Six (Suz).

250 C: 1. Carson Ledford (Kaw); 2. Nathan Piper (Yam); 3. Jose Maldonado (KTM); 4. Brandon Landis (Kaw); 5. Brock Miller (Hon); 6. Jamie Algier (Kaw); 7. Jordan Talley (Kaw); 8. Ryan Barber; 9. Mike Detwiler (KTM); 10. Justin Palmer (KTM); 11. Dylan Coggins (Kaw); 12. Noah Thompson (Hon); 13. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 14. Zack H. Amell (Yam); 15. D.J. Allen (Kaw); 16. Angelo Kamuda (Suz); 17. Dylan T. Gaddy (Suz); 18. Dawson Dobson (KTM); 19. Noah Winfield (Yam); 20. Keenan Mokma (Kaw); 21. Tyler Johnson (Kaw); 22. Brandon Brown (Hon); 23. Blake Noble (Kaw); 24. Cody Newman (Yam); 25. Colton Harrison (Kaw); 26. Chase Hahn (KTM); 27. Spencer Defoor (Kaw); 28. Dylan Brock (Kaw); 29. Carly Wisterkamm (Kaw); 30. Branson Simmons (Kaw); 31. Haley N. Knable (Hon); 32. Blake Bishop (Suz); 33. Tyler Robinson (Hon); 34. Diego Sanramon (Yam); 35. Matthew Oberley (Kaw).

250 D: 1. Robbie Lutker (Kaw); 2. Billy Long (Kaw); 3. Wes R. Pate (Kaw); 4. Neil Dogra (KTM); 5. Tommy Davies (Hon).

OPEN A: 1. Hayden Mellross (Hon); 2. Cade Clason (Hon); 3. Jase A. Lewis (KTM); 4. Aaron Lampi (Suz); 5. Franklin Nogueras (Suz); 6. Andrew J. Matusek (Suz); 7. Tyler Jugel (Hon); 8. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 9. Hunter Mims (Suz); 10. Justin Winegar (Kaw); 11. Alex McWilliams (KTM); 12. Wiley S. Kinggard (Hon); 13. Tyler Conner (Hon); 14. Jesse Pierce (Suz); 15. Nicholas Barr (Yam); 16. Tommy C. Boyd (Kaw); 17. Jake Butler (Yam); 18. Luke Davie (Hon); 19. Chris Palmer (Suz); 20. Wil Allen (Suz); 21. Kramer Johnson (KTM).

450 B: 1. Aaron S. Plessinger (Yam); 2. Matthew Burkeen (Suz); 3. Zachary R. Bishop Burnett (Kaw); 4. Jordan B. Smith (Hon); 5. Nick Ferrell (Yam); 6. Bryson R. Taylor (KTM); 7. Donny Brown (KTM); 8. Brandon J. Marsalis (Yam); 9. Taylor Holt (Kaw); 10. Zachary Mallin (Suz); 11. Matthew Beers (Hon); 12. Michael Mamey (Kaw); 13. Derrick Boyd (Yam); 14. Sean Adams (Hon); 15. Jesse C. Burns (Hon); 16. Robert Dixon (Kaw); 17. Zach McFarland (Hon); 18. Carlan Mitchell (Suz); 19. Desmond Ruffin (Suz).

450 C: 1. Dent West (Kaw); 2. Keenan Mokma (Kaw); 3. Nathan Piper (Yam); 4. Mike Detwiler (KTM); 5. Brock Miller (Hon); 6. Chase Hahn (KTM); 7. Blake Noble (Kaw); 8. James Hinkle (Hon); 9. Noah Winfield (Yam); 10. Carson Ledford (Kaw); 11. Colton Harrison (Kaw); 12. Weston Payne (Hon); 13. Dylan T. Gaddy (Suz); 14. Blake Helms (KTM); 15. Justin Philips (Kaw); 16. Ryan Barber; 17. Seth Witt (Kaw).

450 D: 1. Robbie Lutker (Kaw); 2. Tommy Davies (Hon); 3. Penny L. Taylor (Hon).

UNLIMITED C/D: 1. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 2. Dent West (Kaw); 3. Tyler Johnson (Kaw); 4. Samuel A. Melton (Yam); 5. Dylan Brock (Kaw); 6. Brandon Landis (Kaw); 7. James Hinkle (Hon); 8. Chelsea Wright (Hon); 9. Wes R. Pate (Kaw); 10. Noah Thompson (Hon); 11. Diego Sanramon (Yam).

COLLEGE (14-24) B/C: 1. Zachary R. Bishop Burnett (Kaw); 2. Nick Ferrell (Yam); 3. Benny Bloss (Suz); 4. Marvin Staser (Hon); 5. Matthew Beers (Hon); 6. Enrico Narbonese (Suz); 7. Brandon J. Marsalis (Yam); 8. Sean Adams (Hon); 9. Jesse Litzenberger (Kaw); 10. Jordan Orr (Yam); 11. Alex Six (Suz); 12. Jesse C. Burns (Hon); 13. Trey Northrop (Hon); 14. Taylor Eckel (Hon); 15. Krystan Torres (Yam); 16. Emerson Atkins (Yam); 17. Jamie Algier (Kaw); 18. Jordan Talley (Kaw); 19. Jerald B. Davies III (Hon); 20. Mason Sapp (Yam); 21. Blake Helms (KTM); 22. Desmond Ruffin (Suz).

OPEN AM 2-STROKE (14+): 1. Mason Beasley (Yam); 2. Mason Sapp (Yam); 3. Ross Di Giorgio (KTM); 4. Jordan Camarata (Kaw); 5. Damon Prince (Suz).

4-STROKE OPEN: 1. Jase A. Lewis (KTM); 2. Benny Bloss (Suz); 3. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 4. Trevor Tate (Hon); 5. Enrico Narbonese (Suz); 6. Jordan Orr (Yam); 7. Gary S. Harvin Jr. (Suz); 8. Aaron Lampi (Suz); 9. Jake Butler (Yam); 10. Jerald B. Davies III (Hon); 11. Chris Palmer (Suz); 12. Alex McWilliams (KTM).

VET EX: 1. Andrew J. Matusek (Suz); 2. Marcus J. Thompson (Hon); 3. Justin Winegar (Kaw).

25+ AM: 1. Justin Brusseau (Suz); 2. Michael Mitchell (Kaw); 3. Nicholas Winegar (Kaw); 4. Damon Prince (Yam); 5. Gary S. Harvin Jr. (Suz); 6. Mason L. Cole (Yam); 7. Ross Di Giorgio (KTM); 8. Troy T. Travis (Kaw).

30+ AM: 1. Michael Mitchell (Kaw); 2. Justin Brusseau (Suz); 3. Nicholas Winegar (Kaw); 4. Mikel Barnett (KTM); 5. Gary S. Harvin Jr. (Suz); 6. Troy T. Travis (Kaw); 7. Jeff Shields (Hon); 8. Chris Stewart (Hon); 9. Mark A. Jacobsen (Hon); 10. Michael T. Hooks (Hon).

35+: 1. Tommy C. Boyd (Kaw); 2. Jeff Shields (Hon); 3. Chris Stewart (Hon).

40+: 1. Scott B. Elkins (Suz); 2. Ken Knable (Hon); 3. Michael T. Hooks (Hon); 4. Jeff Dietz (Suz).

45+: 1. Peter Cowart (KTM); 2. Greg D. Tysor (Yam); 3. Ben R. Harris (Kaw); 4. Jeff Lutker (Hon); 5. Bill Di Giorgio (KTM); 6. Mike Ward (Hon); 7. Jeff Dietz (Suz); 8. Ken Knable (Hon).

50+: 1. Peter Cowart (KTM); 2. Greg D. Tysor (Yam); 3. Ben R. Harris (Kaw); 4. Mike Ward (Hon); 5. Robby T. Travis (Kaw); 6. Anthony Adams (Hon); 7. Bill Di Giorgio (KTM).

Sunday, February 10

51 (4-6) SHAFT/SHIFTER: 1. Landon Harvin (KTM); 2. Casey Cochran (Yam).

51 (4-6): 1. Casey Cochran (Cob); 2. Jon J. Carver (Cob); 3. Landon Harvin (Cob).

51 OPEN (4-8): 1. Thomas Welch (Cob); 2. Jon J. Carver (Cob); 3. Casey Cochran (Cob); 4. Kannen Jones (KTM); 5. Kade P. Thomas (Cob).

51 (7-8): 1. Thomas Welch (Cob); 2. Kade P. Thomas (Cob); 3. Kannen Jones (KTM); 4. Trent Williams (KTM).

65 D (6-11): 1. Will Ward (KTM); 2. Amaurie Carter (KTM); 3. Mason Hardaway (KTM); 4. Josh Hicks (Kaw); 5. Autumn Williams (Kaw).

65 (7-9): 1. Gage Linville (KTM); 2. Crockett Myers (KTM); 3. Bryson Tweed (KTM); 4. Kaden R. Parmley (KTM); 5. Tucker Mantooth (KTM); 6. Thomas Welch (Cob); 7. Gregory Stewart III (Cob); 8. Amaurie Carter (KTM).

65 (10-11): 1. Ezra Parker (KTM).

65 OPEN (7-11): 1. Gage Linville (KTM); 2. Ezra Parker (KTM); 3. Kaden R. Parmley (KTM); 4. Tucker Mantooth (KTM).

85 D (9-15): 1. Alex T. Abbott (Hon); 2. Brogan Muncy; 3. Connor Underwood (KTM); 4. Madison Harrell (Hon).

85 (12-14): 1. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 2. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 3. Christopher Fortier (Suz); 4. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 5. Jordan McClellan (Suz); 6. Chase Gilley (KTM); 7. Noah Adams (Yam); 8. Connor Underwood (KTM); 9. Noah Philips (Kaw).

JR MINI (9-13): 1. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 2. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 3. Jordan McClellan (Suz); 4. Chase Gilley (KTM); 5. Noah Adams (Yam); 6. Noah Philips (Kaw).

SUPERMINI 1 (12-15): 1. Challen Tennant (KTM); 2. Greye Tate (Kaw); 3. Tyler Vann (Kaw); 4. Kobe M. Heffner (KTM); 5. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 6. Jordan Fancher (Kaw); 7. Chandler Fritzius (Suz); 8. Alex T. Abbott (Hon); 9. Casey Smith (Hon).

SUPERMINI 2 (13-16): 1. Christopher Fortier (Suz); 2. Greye Tate (Kaw); 3. Hunter Tyson (Suz); 4. Tyler Vann (Kaw); 5. Sean M. Forrest (Hon); 6. Jordan Fancher (Kaw).

SCHOOLBOY 1 (12-16) B/C: 1. Tommy Maxey (Kaw); 2. Samuel C. Redman (Yam); 3. Peter Davis IV (KTM); 4. Jason M. Thomason (Yam); 5. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 6. Dawson Dobson (KTM); 7. Jose Maldonado (KTM).

SCHOOLBOY 2 (14-16) B/C: 1. Jordan B. Smith (Hon); 2. Joshua Bartosy (Hon); 3. Derek Johnson (KTM); 4. Samuel C. Redman (Yam); 5. Andy Dinicol (Hon); 6. Tommy Maxey (Kaw); 7. Brock Oakley (KTM); 8. Peter Davis IV (KTM); 9. Jose Maldonado (Hon); 10. Christina Older (Kaw).

GIRLS (9-16): 1. Leah Peek (Hon).

WOMEN (14+): 1. Christina Older (Kaw); 2. Toni L. Kirby (Kaw); 3. Sarah L. Taylor (Hon); 4. Chelsea Wright (Hon).

COLLEGE (14-24) B/C: 1. Judson Wisdom (Kaw); 2. Sean Adams (Hon); 3. Alex Six (Suz); 4. Zachary Mallin (Suz); 5. Brandon J. Marsalis (Yam); 6. Aaron Clarke (Suz); 7. Jamie Algier (Kaw); 8. Justin Woodfin (Yam); 9. Johnathon Woodfin (Yam).

250 A: 1. Luke Davie (Hon); 2. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 3. Nicholas Barr (Yam).

250 B: 1. Jordan B. Smith (Hon); 2. Bryson R. Taylor (KTM); 3. Derek Johnson (KTM); 4. Andy Dinicol (Hon); 5. Derrick Boyd (Yam); 6. Samuel C. Redman (Yam); 7. Mason Beasley (Yam); 8. Alex Six (Suz); 9. Brock Oakley (KTM); 10. Joshua Bartosy (Hon).

250 C: 1. Keenan Mokma (Kaw); 2. Jose Maldonado (Hon); 3. Matthew Oberley (Kaw); 4. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 5. Austin Knox (Yam); 6. Dylan Coggins (Kaw); 7. Dawson Dobson (KTM); 8. Jason M. Thomason (Yam); 9. Jamie Algier (Kaw); 10. Brandon Brown (Hon); 11. Chase Hahn (KTM); 12. Robbie Lutker (Kaw); 13. Blake Bishop (Suz).

450 B: 1. Nick Ferrell (Yam); 2. Trevor Tate (Hon); 3. Judson Wisdom (Kaw); 4. Derrick Boyd (Yam); 5. Sean Adams (Hon); 6. Derek Johnson (KTM); 7. Zachary Mallin (Suz); 8. Aaron Clarke (Suz); 9. Brandon J. Marsalis (Yam).

450 C: 1. Keenan Mokma (Kaw); 2. Matthew Oberley (Kaw); 3. Chase Hahn (KTM); 4. Justin Philips (Kaw).

OPEN A: 1. Luke Davie (Hon); 2. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 3. Alex McWilliams (KTM).

UNLIMITED C/D: 1. Jesse Kirchmeyer (KTM); 2. Chase Hahn (KTM); 3. Shawn Price (Yam).

4-STROKE OPEN: 1. Trevor Tate (Hon); 2. Alex McWilliams (KTM); 3. Ardo Kaurit (Yam); 4. Sean Adams (Hon); 5. Jake Butler (Yam); 6. Johnathon Woodfin (Yam); 7. Justin Woodfin (Yam).

VET EX: 1. Steven Odom (Suz).

25+ AM: 1. Justin Brusseau (Suz); 2. Mikel Barnett (KTM).

30+ AM: 1. Justin Brusseau (Suz); 2. Mikel Barnett (KTM); 3. Gary S. Harvin Jr. (Suz); 4. Mark A. Jacobsen (Hon).

35+: 1. Paul McClellan (Kaw).

40+: 1. Scott Stone (Hon); 2. Jeff Lutker (Hon); 3. Scott B. Elkins (Suz); 4. Paul McClellan (Kaw).

45+: 1. Scott Stone (Hon); 2. Jeff Lutker (Hon).

50+: 1. Joe Day (Kaw); 2. Anthony Adams (Hon).

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Category: Motocross, Regional

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