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| 8 June 2013 3:03 pm

Diamond Don’s 11th Annual Riverport National
AHRMA Legends Vintage and Race Tech Post-Vintage Motocross National

Story and Photos by Roy Jenkins
JEFFERSON, TX, APR. 19-21, 2013

The 11th annual Diamond Don’s Riverport National teamed up with AHRMA to bring the “Legends” and “Race Tech” Vintage and Post-Vintage Motocross National to Jefferson, Texas. Diamond Don’s is becoming the “Bucket List” event for off-road Vintage motorcycle-racing enthusiasts. Why? It can’t really be explained; you just have to see for yourself. Almost everyone who comes gets hooked – if that helps.

Welcome to Diamond Don’s 11th annual Riverport Vintage National.

Welcome to Diamond Don’s 11th annual Riverport Vintage National.

This year more than a thousand people came through the gate. As for competitors and their vintage machines, there were 21 Trials riders, 146 Cross Country racers, 321 Vintage Motocrossers, and 315 Post-Vintage Motocrossers.

Rain on Thursday moved the Barbecue Rib Challenge to Sunday, but it watered the track well. On Friday, the Vintage Observed Trials and Cross Country races were held. The awards for these two events was punctuated by an evening of barbecue and boiled crawfish, while diners were entertained by Lacy Carpenter and her electric violin. This 26-year-old phenom was a former orchestra director, and while touring Ireland she played for the cardinal! Later, the Leblanc pits were alive, with people enjoying the taste of seafood and the sounds of the Chris Leblanc Band.

Alex Moroz brought out the “Legends and Heroes” traveling motocross museum, with memorabilia, bikes, and legendary riders from the golden age of motocross. Some of the legends on hand to tell stories and sign autographs were Brad Lackey, Jim Gibson, Trampas Parker, Marty Tripes, Gary Jones, Steve Wise, Trey Jorski and Guy Cooper.

Trey Jorski (J49) won the Vintage Over 40 Expert class.

Trey Jorski (J49) won the Vintage Over 40 Expert class.

On Saturday night, the 2012 Motocross Series awards were held in the Leblanc pits, crowning the National Champions for the previous race season. Brad Cannon was the first rider to win both the Brad Lackey Award (for the top 500cc rider) and the Jim Pomeroy Award (for the top 250cc rider). His teammate Connie Leblanc, who got married to Muff at this party a year ago, won the Woman Of The Year Award. The prestigious Sportsman Of The Year Award went to longtime pillars of the AHRMA race staff Corky and Patti Root.

This year’s honoree was Jim Gibson, who was a member of America’s gold medal-winning 1982 Motocross and Trophy Des Nations team. He put those 30 years of racing experience to good use when he, Guy Cooper and Trampas Parker tied up in a three-way battle in Marty Tripes’ 100cc Works Revenge race – at least until he had a little bike trouble.

Gary Bailey oversaw the motocross track, which was at the same time a dream and a beast! The track was natural-terrain grass, 40 to 50 feet wide, with a big-air jump, a wide-open start, berms, and more than 2,000 yards of new dirt. But as the races wore it down, it got downright rough! Think old-school, European, challenging. This was no walk in the park for the old machines and bodies!

Plenty of riders head into the first turn at Diamond Don’s in Jefferson, Texas.

Plenty of riders head into the first turn at Diamond Don’s in Jefferson, Texas.

Brad Cannon was the first to win a race as the action started on Saturday morning. He took his Kawasaki to victory in front of Matthew Moseley’s Kawasaki and the Penton-mounted Chuck Cooper (that’s Guy’s brother) in the Sportsman 250cc Expert class. In the second moto, it was Cannon, Cooper, Moseley and former Pro rider Phil Reed.

Dan Johns won the Classic 250cc Expert class with his 3-1 score, over Andrew Blackburn’s 2-2 tally and Bubba Dennis’ 1-3 finishes.

The legendary (there’s that word again!) Gary Jones had bike problems in the first moto of the Over 60 Expert class, opening the door for CZ-mounted Mark Moore to garner the overall with his 2-2 tally. Loyd Morgan grabbed second, and Alex Krisher was third. Jones had the final say, however, by coming back to win the second moto.

Zahn Lewis used his 77 years of experience to score the 1-1 in the Over 70 Expert class.

Troy Rapp won the big Over 60 Intermediate class with a 1-2 punch, over Swayne London (3-1) and Larry Shope (5-3).

Texan Charlene Campbell was the fastest woman on the track again this year. She won the Women’s Expert class in both the Vintage and Post-Vintage divisions. Connie Leblanc split motos with Krista Nylander to win the Women’s Intermediate class.

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More than 20 riders signed up for the Sportsman 500cc Intermediate class. Bart Watts took his Maico to a double-moto victory, followed by Yamaha-mounted Troy Hartley and CZ rider Alan Hamilton. Gated in front of them was the first really loaded moto of the day, with Guy Cooper, Elbert Simon, Trampas Parker, Dave Aldana and Brad Cannon, among other fast guys, in the Sportsman 500cc Expert class. Aldana was a no-show, Parker did not start, but Guy Cooper made his first of many races count by taking the win. Ryan Marrocco finished second, Cannon was third and Karl Alan Poindexter was fourth. They finished that way in the second moto, too, in case there was any doubt.

AHRMA has a Vintage Sportsman 100cc division, too, and Brian Kirby took his Berkshire Penton to victory, in front of Jeff Simon’s Yamaha and Steven Fischer’s Hodaka in the Expert class. Yamaha jockey James Winn beat Hodaka-mounted Mark Eichhorn and Suzuki pilot Swayne London in the Intermediate class.

Guy Cooper (14) won the Vintage Sportsman 500cc Expert, Vintage Over 50 Expert and Post-Vintage Over 50 Expert classes.

Guy Cooper (14) won the Vintage Sportsman 500cc Expert, Vintage Over 50 Expert and Post-Vintage Over 50 Expert classes.

In Sunday’s Post-Vintage action, Gary Jones used his experience and cleverness to win the Over 60 Expert class on a Maico, in front of Loyd Morgan and John Gott.

Trampas Parker was in the announcing tower with this reporter when the Open Age Expert class gated in front of the Over 50 Intermediate class. Parker got excited and almost took the mic out of my hands, exclaiming, “Look at this – two of my friends with holeshots, John McLemore [in the first gate] and Stuart McAvoy [in the second gate]!” These two Louisiana racers went on to sweep those classes. Trampas will be hosting the first AHRMA Motocross National in Louisiana at his track, September 7-8. For more info, please go to

Riding a Honda, Parker quickly distanced himself from the rest of the Ultima 500cc Expert class.

Illinois rider Chris Graber took his Can-Am to victory in the GP 250cc Expert class, over Kevin Hutchinson and Elbert Simon, while Joel White swept the GP 250cc Intermediate class, on the second gate.

In race seven, Jason Landing edged out Wayne Boyd in the Historic 250cc Expert contest. Brad Cannon beat Ryan Marrocco in the 500cc Expert class, and Roger Burman conquered the GP 500cc Expert class, while Ricky Rice bested Rick McClure in the Historic 250cc Intermediate class.

The next race had the exciting Over 50 Expert class gated in front of the Ultima 500cc Intermediates. Guy Cooper took his Bultaco to victory in the first moto, in front of Iowa hotshoe Roger Burman, Texan Tom Hudson (Andrew Short’s father-in-law), Kentuckian Karl Alan Poindexter, and North Carolinian Wayne Boyd.

Tom Hudson (14) was runner-up in the Vintage Over 40 Expert class.

Tom Hudson (14) was runner-up in the Vintage Over 40 Expert class.

In the second moto, it was Oklahoma riders Cooper and Trey Jorski finishing first and second, respectively, with the steady Burman in third and Poindexter fourth.

The Intermediate class had the student beating the mentor, as Louisiana rider Joel White edged out Hoot Parker in both motos, making the teacher proud!

Speaking of pride, this reporter made family history on this day by sharing the track with my son, Kyle, who hadn’t raced since he was 12. After coming back from carrying a machine gun on a Marine assault team in Afghanistan, he lamented that he missed the “camaraderie and adrenaline rush of battle.” I told him the closest thing you can get to it stateside is to start racing again. In race four, he was gated behind me, so I dropped back to ride with him! Not only does motocross help raise kids (especially teenage boys), it helps vets make the transition back to civilian life.

Trampas Parker won the last race in the Over 40 Expert class, in front of Trey Jorski and John McLemore. Behind them, Texan Todd Slavik swept the Over 40 Intermediate class, in front of Hoot Parker, Rob Springer, Clayton Parker (Trampas’ brother), and Mike Wheeler.

Mike Ealer (52G) placed third in the Vintage Over 40 Expert contest.

Mike Ealer (52G) placed third in the Vintage Over 40 Expert contest.

Trampas Parker split moto wins with Guy Cooper in the Factory Works Flyweight Pro class in the Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race on Sunday, with Parker taking the second moto. Cooper went down once while dicing with Parker and Gibson.

“I was trying to think too many turns ahead and lost concentration,” Cooper explained.

Jim Gibson finished 3-3 after his bike heated up. Clark Jones finished fourth. Parker had never even ridden a 100cc bike before – ever! When asked how he liked it, he replied, “That’s a fine motorcycle, and lots of fun.”

Jim Gibson (98, left), Guy Cooper (14, center) and Trampas Parker (111, right) battle in the Factory Works Flyweight Pro class in Sunday’s Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race. Photo by Kyle Jenkins

Jim Gibson (98, left), Guy Cooper (14, center) and Trampas Parker (111, right) battle in the Factory Works Flyweight Pro class in Sunday’s Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge race. Photo by Kyle Jenkins

On Saturday, the finish was the same, but with Jones in third and Gibson having bike trouble.

Room does not allow for mentioning every racer, but believe me, a grand time had by all! After the thousands of handshakes, man-hugs, racing stories, and memories revived, everyone went home tired and happy, and grateful to those who worked so hard to make it all happen: Don and Francene Rainey (nice holeshot, Don!), Kenda Hayes and their staff, Dave Lamberth, Fred Guidi and the entire AHRMA team of volunteers and workers, and the event’s sponsors, especially Legends and Heroes, Race Tech, Speed and Sport, and

You are invited to take a gander at and for more info and to see all the sponsors that made this possible. Go to and for photos. Guy Cooper was the fastest rider of the event, only beaten when he crashed or heated up the 100. He summed it up with this comment: “I don’t want to wait a whole year to race Trampas again!”

Diamond Don’s Riverport National
Jefferson, Texas
Results: April 19-21, 2013




PREMIER 350 NOV: 1. Tammy Ritzheimer-Mount (BSA).

PREMIER 350 EX: 1. Corky Root (BSA).

PREMIER 500 NOV: 1. Richard Myers (Tri).

PREMIER 500 INT: 1. Joe Edwards (Ric); 2. Garey Huff Jr.

PREMIER 500 EX: 1. Larry Henderson.

PREMIER OPEN TWIN INT: 1. Dan Beher (Duc).

PREMIER OPEN TWIN EX: 1. David Wilson (Ric); 2. Beno Rodi (Nor).

SPORTSMAN 100 NOV: 1. Bruce Capps (Hod); 2. Michael Collier (Hon); 3. Denis Jeffries (Aer); 4. Donna Blackburn (Yam); 5. Mike James; 6. Pat Bailey.

SPORTSMAN 100 INT: 1. James Winn (Yam); 2. Mark Eichhorn (Hod); 3. Swayne London (Suz); 4. David Ecker (Hod).

SPORTSMAN 100 EX: 1. Brian Kirby (Pen); 2. Jeff Simon (Yam); 3. Steven Fischer (Hod); 4. Bruce MacFarlane (Hod); 5. Tim Borgfield; 6. Corky Root (Hod).

SPORTSMAN 125 INT: 1. Troy Anderson (Hon); 2. Darren Porter (Hon); 3. Gabe Leblanc (Hon); 4. Louis Leblanc (Hon); 5. Mike Gonzales (Yam); 6. Darel Parsons (Tri).

SPORTSMAN 125 EX: 1. Cody Thomas (Hon); 2. Elbert Simon (Yam); 3. Mark Stahlman (Bul); 4. Mike Tollett (Hon); 5. Paul Burnett (Hon); 6. Andrew Leblanc (Hon).

SPORTSMAN 250 NOV: 1. Michael Elshout (Hon); 2. Matthew London (CZ); 3. Ryan Todd (Yam); 4. David Kelley (Yam); 5. Sean Guthrie (Pen); 6. Les Pickett (Yam).

SPORTSMAN 250 INT: 1. Jason Landing (Bul); 2. Gary Alsop Sr. (Hon); 3. Kevin O’Brien (Yam); 4. Robert Kahn (CZ); 5. Robert Boyer; 6. Leland Rooney (Yam).

SPORTSMAN 250 EX: 1. Brad Cannon (Kaw); 2. Chuck Cooper (Pen); 3. Matthew Moseley; 4. Phil Reed (Kaw); 5. Mike Tollett (CZ). 6. Gary DeForest (CZ).

SPORTSMAN 500 NOV: 1. Krista Nylander (Bul); 2. Greg Conn; 3. Tom Shackleford (CZ); 4. Scott MacDonald (CZ).

SPORTSMAN 500 INT: 1. Bart Watts (Mai); 2. Troy Hartley (Yam); 3. Alan Hamilton (CZ); 4. John Putkey (CZ); 5. Craig Parsons (Bul); 6. Doug Taylor (CZ).

SPORTSMAN 500 EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Bul); 2. Ryan Marrocco (Bul); 3. Brad Cannon (Kaw); 4. Karl Alan Poindexter; 5. Bob Lee (Aer); 6. Rick Custard (Yam).

SPORTSMAN OPEN TWIN NOV: 1. Jarrett Nielson (BSA).

CLASSIC 125 NOV: 1. Mike Gray (CZ); 2. Butch Huff; 3. Colin Shay Edmonston (Hus).

CLASSIC 125 INT: 1. Larry Edwards (CZ); 2. Terry Dailey (Hon); 3. Lance Fausett (Suz); 4. Cory Don Brooks (Yam); 5. Christopher Wycislak (Hon); 6. Laurie Shelton (Hod).

CLASSIC 125 EX: 1. Wade Woodall (Yam); 2. Bart Winters (Yam); 3. Dan Johns; 4. Andrew Blackburn (Mai); 5. Brian Kirby (Pen); 6. Jeff Nagel (Suz).

CLASSIC 250 NOV: 1. Brian Belcher (BSA).

CLASSIC 250 INT: 1. Tom Thomas (Oss); 2. Bill Orth (Oss); 3. Larry Reiter (Ric); 4. Charles Morris (BSA).

CLASSIC 250 EX: 1. Dan Johns; 2. Andrew Blackburn (Mai); 3. Bubba Dennis; 4. Mike Parker (Hon).

CLASSIC 500 INT: 1. Dwayne Thomas (BSA); 2. Kenneth Jeter (BSA); 3. Bill Orth (Ric); 4. Charles Morris (BSA).

CLASSIC 500 EX: 1. Andrew Blackburn (Mai).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Paula Waugh (Pen); 2. Laurie Shelton (CZ); 3. Terry Gerber (Kaw); 4. Alison Watts (Mai); 5. Mary Housewright (Yam).

WOMEN INT: 1. Connie Leblanc (Hon); 2. Krista Nylander (Bul); 3. Danielle Ballard (Hon); 4. Dawn Winczewski (Pen); 5. Donna Blackburn (Yam).

WOMEN EX: 1. Charlene Campbell (Mai).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. Connie Leblanc (Hon); 2. Wesley Bean (Suz).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Louis Leblanc (Hon); 2. Mike Gonzales (Yam); 3. Troy Hartley (Yam); 4. Muff Leblanc (Hon); 5. Andrew Bourgeois (Suz); 6. Jerry Grakauskas (Pen).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. Ryan Marrocco (Bul); 2. Matthew Moseley; 3. Cody Thomas (Hon); 4. Andy Judkins (Pen); 5. Andrew Leblanc (Hon).

40+ NOV: 1. Wesley Bean (Suz); 2. Mike James.

40+ INT: 1. Randy Richardson (Hus); 2. Bart Watts (Mai); 3. Darren Porter (Hon); 4. Robert Boyer; 5. Robert Kahn (CZ); 6. Matt Krisher (CA).

40+ EX: 1. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 2. Tom Hudson (Hon); 3. Mike Ealer (Bul); 4. Rick Custard Jr. (Yam); 5. Andy Judkins (Pen).

50+ NOV: 1. Michael Elshout (Suz); 2. Mike Gray (CZ); 3. Greg Conn; 4. Bob Hartner (CZ); 5. Randy Wilburn (CZ); 6. Anthony Pupillo (Hon).

50+ INT: 1. Kevin O’Brien (Yam); 2. Mike Hance (Mai); 3. Alan Hamilton (CZ); 4. Tim Wilson (Yam); 5. Dempsey Davenport (Hus); 6. Stephen Carey.

50+ EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Bul); 2. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 3. Clark Jones (CZ); 4. Tom Hudson (Hon); 5. Bob Lee (Aer); 6. Chris Todd (CZ).

60+ NOV: 1. Terry Dailey (Hon); 2. Denis Jeffries (Aer); 3. Pat Bailey; 4. Frank Spangler (BSA).

60+ INT: 1. Troy Rapp; 2. Swayne London; 3. Larry Shope (Yam); 4. Robert Wilson (Yam); 5. Keith Boyd (CZ); 6. Tony Moseley (Aer).

60+ EX: 1. Mark Moore (CZ); 2. Loyd Morgan; 3. Alex Krisher (CZ); 4. Gary Jones (Kaw); 5. Bob Lucas (KTM); 6. John Gott (CZ).

70+ NOV: 1. Whitey Parker (Hon); 2. Pete Silva (Suz); 3. Jerry Elson (Hus); 4. John Bezinque (Suz).

70+ INT: 1. 1. Bob Adams (CZ); 2. Charles Matheny (CZ).

70+ EX: 1. Zahn Lewis (CZ); 2. Bill Fleming (Hus); 3. James Ealer Sr. (Bul); 4. Teddy Landers (Pen); 5. Gary Anderson (CZ).


HISTORIC 4-STROKE INT: 1. Tim Wise (Hon); 2. Mike Hance (Yam); 3. Frank Reaves (Yam).

HISTORIC 4-STROKE EX: 1. Andy Judkins (Yam); 2. Mike Parker (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 NOV: 1. Ryan Todd (Yam); 2. Christopher Wycislak (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 INT: 1. Albert Newmann (Yam); 2. Marc Warbarton (Suz); 3. Darel Parsons (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 EX: 1. Brad Cannon (Suz); 2. Mark Stahlman (Bul).

HISTORIC 250 NOV: 1. Doug Ealer (Bul).

HISTORIC 250 INT: 1. Ricky Rice (Suz); 2. Rick McClure (Suz); 3. Kevin Shackelford (Suz).

HISTORIC 250 EX: 1. Jason Landing (Bul); 2. Wayne Boyd (Suz).

HISTORIC 500 NOV: 1. Ethan Stahlman (Bul); 2. Frederick Hamilton (Suz); 3. Terry Gerber (Hon).

HISTORIC 500 INT: 1. Alan Hamilton (Mai); 2. Shawn Brassfield (Bul); 3. Scott Shope (Suz); 4. Danny Zuniga (Suz); 5. Doug Fisher (Mon); 6. Wesley Wallace (Suz).

HISTORIC 500 EX: 1. Brad Cannon (Suz); 2. Ryan Marrocco (Bul).

GP 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Brian Murphy (Hon).

GP 4-STROKE INT: 1. Mike Hance (Yam); 2. Louis Leblanc (Hon); 3. Frank Reaves (Yam).

GP 4-STROKE EX: 1. Andy Judkins (Yam); 2. Jeff Patterson (Hus); 3. Mike Parker (Hon).

GP 125 NOV: 1. Colin Shay Edmonston (Hus); 2. Lance Fausett (Suz); 3. Ryan Todd (Yam); 4. Scott Wennerstrom; 5. Christopher Wycislak (Hon); 6. Becky Hayes (Yam).

GP 125 INT: 1. Alvin Cannon (Hus); 2. Clayton Parker (Yam); 3. Troy Anderson; 4. Randy Owens (H-D); 5. Tad Breaux (Hon); 6. Albert Newmann (Yam).

GP 125 EX: 1. Murray Kaiman (Suz); 2. Mark Ray (Hon); 3. Andrew Leblanc (Hon); 4. Roy Jenkins (Hon); 5. Phil Reed (Hon).

GP 250 NOV: 1. Matthew London (Yam); 2. Cory Don Brooks (Yam); 3. Stephen Nemergut (Bul).

GP 250 INT: 1. Joel White (Hon); 2. Mike Wheeler (Mai); 3. Craig Knight (Kaw); 4. Robert Boyer; 5. Adam Brashear (Yam); 6. Ron Greene (Yam).

GP 250 EX: 1. Chris Graber (C-A); 2. Kevin Hutchinson (Kaw); 3. Elbert Simon (Bul); 4. Matthew Moseley; 5. Rhett Smith (Mai); 6. Stephen Marpes.

GP 500 NOV: 1. Sam Burroughs; 2. Kevin Thornhill (Mai); 3. Chris Spears (Hus).

GP 500 INT: 1. Alvin Cannon (Hus); 2. Todd Tracy (Kaw); 3. Doug Taylor (Mai); 4. John Owen (Suz); 5. Larry Peters (Yam); 6. Robert Shough Jr. (Yam).

GP 500 EX: 1. Roger Burman (Hus); 2. John Vasquez (Mai); 3. Murray Kaiman (Suz); 4. Rhett Smith (Mai); 5. Guy Cooper (Bul); 6. Bubba Dennis.

ULTIMA 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Whitey Parker (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE INT: 1. Rick Owens (Hon); 2. Robert Doiron (Yam); 3. Eddie Parks (Hon); 4. Randy Howell (Yam); 5. Louis Leblanc (Hon); 6. Bill Orth (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE EX: 1. Andy Judkins (Yam); 2. Mike Parker (Hon).

ULTIMA 125 NOV: 1. Bubba Chambers (Hon).

ULTIMA 125 INT: 1. Tyler Mandino (Hon); 2. Darren Rose (Hon); 3. Joey Marcum (Yam); 4. Larry Shope (Suz); 5. Chance Knight (Yam); 6. Jeff Marks (Suz).

ULTIMA 125 EX: 1. Randy Shekell (Yam); 2. Eric Bourgeois (Hon).

ULTIMA 250 NOV: 1. Mitch McGinnis (Mai); 2. Dean Chase (Hon).

ULTIMA 250 INT: 1. Todd Slavik (Suz); 2. Robert Boyer; 3. John Munich; 4. David Baurer (H-D); 5. Lindsay Harper (Yam); 6. Joe Alsop (Suz).

ULTIMA 250 EX: 1. John McLemore (Suz); 2. Zach Rambin (Hon); 3. David Leaf (Hon); 4. Andrew Leblanc (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 NOV: 1. Sam Burroughs; 2. Michael Murphy (Yam); 3. Greg Conn (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 INT: 1. Joel White (Hon); 2. Hoot Parker (Hon); 3. Clinton Hearn (Hon); 4. Michael Elshout (Hon); 5. Gary Alsop Sr. (Yam); 6. Edward Hays.

ULTIMA 500 EX: 1. Trampas Parker (Hon); 2. Bob Lee (Mai); 3. Rick Armstrong (Hon).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Paula Waugh (Hus); 2. Ashley Doyle; 3. Becky Hayes (Yam); 4. Sherri Parker (Bul).

WOMEN INT: 1. Connie Leblanc (Hon); 2. Terry Gerber (Hon).

WOMEN EX: 1. Charlene Campbell (Suz).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. Sam Burroughs; 2. Connie Leblanc (Hon); 3. Mirko Lucchi (CZ).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Michael Elshout (Hon); 2. Jeremy Thomas (Mai); 3. John Owen (Suz); 4. Kenneth Crawford (Yam); 5. Shane Hinze (Hon).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. John McLemore (Suz); 2. David Leaf (Hon); 3. Matthew Moseley; 4. Kevin Hutchinson (Kaw); 5. Eric Bourgeois (Hon); 6. Zach Rambin (Hon).

40+ NOV: 1. Richard Brashear (Hon).

40+ INT: 1. Todd Slavik (Suz); 2. Hoot Parker (Hon); 3. Rob Springer (Yam); 4. Clayton Parker (Yam); 5. Mike Wheeler (Mai); 6. Joey Marcum (Yam).

40+ EX: 1. Trampas Parker (Hon); 2. Trey Jorski (Hon); 3. John McLemore (Suz).

50+ NOV: 1. Mitch McGinnis (Mai); 2. David Nesbit (Hon); 3. Jere Kellough (Yam); 4. Timothy Burke (Suz); 5. Mike Haynes (Yam); 6. Randall Wall (Yam).

50+ INT: 1. Stuart McAvoy (Hon); 2. Richard Davis (Yam); 3. Edward Hays; 4. Tim Wilson (Yam); 5. John Munich; 6. Bill Kasavage (Hon).

50+ EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Bul); 2. Roger Burman (Hon); 3. Karl Alan Poindexter; 4. Wayne Boyd (Suz); 5. Trey Jorski (Hon); 6. Bob Lee (Mai).

60+ NOV: 1. Frank Sprangler (Yam); 2. Clayton Shwely (Hon); 3. Dan Kidd (Kaw).

60+ INT: 1. Troy Rapp; 2. Keith Boyd (Suz); 3. Larry Shope (Suz); 4. Glenn Morris (Hon); 5. Swayne London; 6. Robert Wilson (CZ).

60+ EX: 1. Gary Jones (Hus); 2. Loyd Morgan; 3. John Gott (Yam); 4. Bob Lucas (Pen).

70+ NOV: 1. Whitey Parker (Hon); 2. Jerry Elson (Yam); 3. John Bezinque (CZ).

70+ INT: 1. Charles Matheny (Yam); 2. Monte Forrest (Hus); 3. Blaine Stone (Hon); 4. Bob Adams (Suz); 5. Robert McMillen (Kaw); 6. Steve Elms (Bul).

70+ EX: 1. Zahn Lewis (Hon); 2. Bill Fleming (Yam); 3. James Ealer Sr. (Bul).

PRE-MOD NOV: 1. Joe Castaldo (Hon).

PRE-MOD INT: 1. Gerald Bello (Hon); 2. Jeremy Thomas (Hon); 3. Rhett Howell (Hus); 4. Randy Howell (Yam).

PRE-MOD EX: 1. John Vasquez (Hon); 2. Brant Wedding (Hon); 3. Matthew Leblanc (Hon).

Marty Tripes 100cc Works Challenge


VINTAGE FLYWEIGHT INT: 1. Tim Wise (Suz); 2. Travis Shackleford (Suz); 3. Roy Jenkins (Yam); 4. Larry Navarro (Yam); 5. Robert Sabatini (Yam); 6. Steve Johnson (Kaw).

VINTAGE MIDDLEWEIGHT INT: 1. Paul Johnstone (Hon); 2. James Winh (Yam).

VINTAGE FLYWEIGHT EX: 1. Jeffrey Simon (Hod); 2. Eric Bourgeois (Yam); 3. Carlie Oxford (Yam).

VINTAGE MIDDLEWEIGHT EX: 1. Skipper Seabiscuit (Hod).

FACTORY MIDDLEWEIGHT INT: 1. Gary Kortz (Suz); 2. Wes Sely (Suz).

FACTORY FLYWEIGHT PRO: 1. Trampas Parker (Yam); 2. Guy Cooper (Bul); 3. Clark Jones (Hon); 4. Jim Gibson (Yam).


VINTAGE FLYWEIGHT EX: 1. Eric Bourgeois (Yam).

VINTAGE MIDDLEWEIGHT INT: 1. Paul Johnstone (Hon).

VINTAGE MIDDLEWEIGHT EX: 1. Jeff Patterson (Yam).

FACTORY MIDDLEWEIGHT INT: 1. Steve Johnson (Kaw); 2. Gary Kortz (Suz).

FACTORY FLYWEIGHT INT: 1. Travis Shackelford (Suz); 2. Charlene Cambell (Yam); 3. Tim Borgfield (Yam); 4. Larry Navarro (Yam); 5. Larry Edwards (Suz); 6. Glenn McGovern (Yam).

FACTORY FLYWEIGHT EX: 1. Kevin Hutchinson (Yam); 2. Patrick Johnson (Suz); 3. Stuart McAvoy (Yam); 4. Murray Kaiman (Yam); 5. Mark Ray (Yam).

FACTORY FLYWEIGHT PRO: 1. Trampas Parker (Yam); 2. Guy Cooper (Bul); 3. Jim Gibson (Yam); 4. Clark Jones (Hon).

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