Pennsylvanian Jake Fiola Wins Opening Enduro of ACES

| 27 March 2014 1:25 pm

ACES Appalachian Championship Enduro Series
Round 1: Chillicothe Enduro Riders Association’s Art Mitchell Memorial Enduro

Story by Heather Wilson

Ohio winters don’t usually provide ideal conditions or opportunities for off-road riding. That’s why 124 enduro competitors were itching to hit the trail at the opening round of the ACES Appalachian Championship Enduro Series, even with the temperature being only 30 degrees on race day. Pennsylvania native Jake Fiola captured the overall win at the Art Mitchell Memorial Enduro, hosted by the Chillicothe Enduro Riders Association on March 16 in Chillicothe, Ohio. In only his second year contesting this series, he’s managed to grab three overall wins in two seasons.

Overall winner Jake Fiola (center) is flanked by Overall A winner Mark McGrath (right) and Overall B winner John Bittner at the opening ACES round.

Overall winner Jake Fiola (center) is flanked by Overall A winner Mark McGrath (right) and Overall B winner John Bittner at the opening ACES round.

“My experience has been awesome,” Fiola said. “I really enjoy the laid-back style of enduros. It’s all about the rider and not for show. I like the technical, fresh trails you can’t find anywhere else.”

While the weather didn’t seem to keep riders away, most admitted that keeping warm was a challenge.

“Staying warm was hard to do, but I did my best to keep my hands warm,” Fiola said. “Because of the winter we had, I thought it was going to be a mud mess and a struggle to make the hills, but it really was perfect dirt and turned out to be an awesome day.”

CERA laid out five sections of trail that totaled 90 miles. Scott Clary, a CERA club member, said the trails were in surprisingly good condition, despite all of the snow and ice for the five weeks leading up to the race. The club members spent 10 weeks preparing for the race.

Fiola, who dropped 18 points, beat AA Wheelsports-backed rider Trevor Kline by three points. Josh Gaitten, reigning ACES champion and Wheelsports rider, didn’t have a good start to his season; he lost his scorecard (which resulted in a penalty), hurt his ankle, and dropped 23 points.

“I just rebuilt my YZ250, so it is nice and fresh,” Fiola said. “I had my suspension done by FCR Pittsburgh, so that really made the bike handle a lot better. I just have some fine adjustments to make. I rode my fiancée’s YZ250F at the indoors this winter, and I didn’t get the two-stroke together until the Friday before the race. I just needed more testing time. But I’m thinking Jeff at FCR hit the nail on the head with my setup.

“I really hope to carry this momentum and confidence to round two and continue to move forward with the bike and my conditioning,” said Fiola, who then thanked his fiancée, Kristine Geyer, for supporting him.

“She’s my number-one pit crew at all the races,” Fiola said. “Also, a big thanks to my mom and dad for always being there for me and teaching me to excel at whatever I want to do.”

Additionally, he thanked FCR Pittsburgh, as well as Ed Morra and Ed Morra Jr. at Morra Cycle. He is grateful to everyone in CERA who helped make this a great event. He also thanked God for keeping him safe throughout the years.

Turning to the A classes, it was Vet-class rider Mark McGrath, aboard his Extreme Action Sports KTM, who snatched the Overall A win, dropping 24 points. Vet-class rider Eric Kriberney narrowly missed the Overall A, finishing one point behind McGrath. Billy Weaver and Chris Starman, both 250 A-class riders, each dropped 26 points.

“I started riding enduros in 2005,” McGrath said. “I was looking for races with nice single-track trails, and enduros tend to be tight, technical trail.”

Many of the riders were pleasantly surprised by the trail conditions.

“The race was what I expected, but much drier than I thought it would be,” McGrath said. “I just wish I would have dressed warmer. I was freezing on the road sections and never got warm and rode tight all day.”

McGrath was pleased with his result and said it was a great start to the season.

“I have never really trained for races until this year, but I’ve been doing CrossFit three to four days a week at CrossFit Legacy for the last five months,” McGrath said. “My bike worked great. I just have to ride smart for the rest of the season and not make any big mistakes.”

McGrath then thanked Extreme Action Sports, Pro-Action of Northeast Ohio, Clark Excavating, and his family.

The Overall B position was seized by Vet-class rider John Bittner, who dropped 27 points and beat his class competitor Christopher Knight by five points. Ed Rahn, a Senior B competitor, followed Bittner and Knight, with 33 points dropped.

“I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 13,” Bittner said. “I just started racing enduros in 2012, and I like them because you are always on new trail.”

He said the enduro was easier than he expected, considering the cold temperatures, but that his bike worked great for him.

“I really like the Husaberg,” Bittner said. “I enjoyed all the sections, and, even though I had a great ride, I wish I wouldn’t have punctured the clutch cover and lost all my transmission oil. It was also important to have an enduro jacket and warm gloves for this race. Also, I’d like to thank my wife, Suzi, for always supporting me.”

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About CERA
The Chillicothe Enduro Riders Association dates back to 1968. The club is composed of volunteers who dedicate their time to plan, lay out and execute the Art Mitchell Memorial Enduro every year.

About ACES
A nonprofit organization established in 2008, the Appalachian Championship Enduro Series (a.k.a. ACES) is an AMA-sanctioned, traditional time-keeping enduro series. The season consists of 10 enduros, held mainly in the southeastern Ohio region, hosted by 10 different enduro clubs who are members of ACES. Race fees are $50 per race for points-paying classes and $40 per race for non-points-paying classes. AMA membership is required.

ACES Sponsors
ACES is generously backed by sponsors who contribute to the growth of the series and support the riders. Presenting Sponsor: Osburn Associates Inc. Associate Sponsors: Action Extreme Sports, Athens Sports Cycles, Caton’s Cycle Center, Clinton County Motorsports, Enduro Engineering, JM Cycles, Kenda USA, Klamfoth Inc., KRW Cycles, Led Sled Customs, Pointview Cycle, Rehmert’s Kawasaki/ KTM, Rekluse, Smith’s Powersports, Uhrig Financial and Wheelsports.

The next round of ACES, Lost in Lodi, will be held April 13 in Shade, Ohio. Key time is 10 a.m., with sign-up closing at 9:30 a.m.

For the full schedule of ACES races and the latest news, visit and the ACES social media accounts: Facebook –, and Twitter – @ACES_races.

Chillicothe Enduro Riders Association’s Art Mitchell Memorial Enduro
Pickerington, Ohio
Results: March 16, 2014 (Round 1)

OVERALL: Jake Fiola.

OVERALL A: Mark McGrath.

OVERALL B: John Bittner.

AA: 1. Jake Fiola; 2. Trevor Kline; 3. Josh Gaitten; 4. Travis Green; 5. Michael Jolly; 6. Morgan Green; 7. Shawn Sommers.

200 A: 1. Cody Meeks; 2. Jamie Reed.

250 A: 1. Billy Weaver; 2. Chris Starman; 3. Nathan Bidwell; 4. Jeff Johnson; 5. Tyler Chadwell.

OPEN A: 1. Adam Clark; 2. Aaron Cooney; 3. Grant Smith; 4. Clint Parker; 5. Jordan Collins; 6. Robert Heinzerling; 7. Brian Rickard; 8. Tyler Jarvis.

VET A: 1. Mark McGrath; 2. Eric Kriberney; 3. William Farmer; 4. Matthew Hatten.

SR A: 1. Gary Johnson; 2. Andy Brannon; 3. John Grimm; 4. Pat Patterson; 5. Gary Hietala; 6. David Olive; 7. Derek Scheffel; 8. Chuck Foust; 9. Gene O’Nail; 10. Kevin Kruer.

SUPER SR A: 1. Roger Nichols; 2. Ronald Hartman; 3. Douglass Rinehart; 4. Bradley Smith; 5. Edward Morra Jr.; 6. Mark Lederle; 7. Scott Klamfoth; 8. Dan Knecht; 9. Norm Into; 10. Bartley Addis; 11. Mark Adkins.

200 B: 1. Nick Devito; 2. Alex Exline; 3. Tim Holden; 4. Cody Hudnall; 5. Jeffrey Kitchen; 6. Nick Rupert II.

250 B: 1. Matt Kemp; 2. Chad Campbell; 3. Garet Bennett; 4. Dylan Price; 5. Kevin Carpenter; 6. Logan Mullins; 7. Bryan Flowers; 8. Jake Walters.

OPEN B: 1. Joe Geyer Jr.; 2. Robert Risden; 3. Ben Evans; 4. Ryan Voegle; 5. Jason Francis.

VET B: 1. John Bittner; 2. Christopher Knight; 3. Wayne Farnsworth; 4. Jason Mock; 5. Joshua Joseph ; 6. Jason Adkins; 7. Scott Clayton; 8. Gregory Kalwasinski; 9. Patrick O’Nail; 10. Jesse Short.

SR B: 1. Ed Rahn; 2. Jade Smith; 3. Kenny Hoyle; 4. Aaron Risden; 5. Jason Jenkins; 6. Reggie Huber; 7. Brent Balika; 8. John Hardesty; 9. Joseph Geyer; 10. Anthony Swartz; 11. Marion Price; 12. Robert Wellert; 13. Daniel Pitts.

SUPER SR B: 1. Brian Haney; 2. James Copsey; 3. Stephen Matheny; 4. Bill Green; 5. Tom Gemmell; 6. Samuel Sproat.

MASTERS B: 1. Alan Gale; 2. Ron Bohn; 3. Joe Klingensmith.

OPEN C: 1. Justin Boyer; 2. Kristoffer Reeves; 3. Shad Wonders; 4. Larry Hart Jr.; 5. Gary Thomas; 6. Brent Long; 7. Patrick Lutz; 8. James Peoples; 9. Kenneth Hicks; 10. Ethan Fight.

SCHOOLBOY C: 1. Elliot Edwards.

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