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| 2 July 2014 1:46 pm

Southern California Flat Track Association
Perris Raceway

By Elliott Iverson
PERRIS, CA, JUNE 30, 2014

There will be a practice this Saturday, July 5, from 4 to 9 p.m. If you get tired of barbecue, cold beverages, and sitting still to watch the fireworks, maybe you should come out to Perris Raceway for a little dirt-track pyrotechnics!

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The next round of racing will be on July 26. Plan on warm weather, so bring lots of liquids! Don’t forget the Snack Shack, which offers hot and cold goodies! Or, bring your own cooler (but no glass bottles, please)!

Want a great destination for a Saturday evening ride? Spectators get in free for practice sessions. Race day will cost you, but it’s still one of the best entertainment deals in the area. Show up at the track at about 5 p.m. and check out the bikes and riders. Find directions here. Maybe find yourself a bike and give it a try! It’s just going in circles; how hard can it be?

Round-six results and updated points standings are now posted. Check ’em out and make sure you’re where you are supposed to be! [Race coverage will be posted soon on Today’s Cycle Coverage, so stay tuned… Editor] Many thanks to all the racers, family, friends and fans who came out! If you didn’t make it, just know that the place was packed! (But there’s always room for more…)

Dirt karts will be running on August 9. The gates will open at 3 p.m. Guess they figured out that the track is much better when the sun goes down!

Hell On Wheels will be back on August 16. Think minibike race but with uninhibited adults!

There have been lots of requests for results from the Mini TT and Short Track event, so here you go…


PULL START: 1. Patrick Hogan; 2. Gar Wood.

YOUTH (6-10) BEG: 1. Connor Hickerson; 2. Cody Morin; 3. Ava Bush; 4. Andrew Varela; 5. Adrian Campos; 6. Ana Bush; 7. David Reyes; 8. Talon Sotelo; 9. Sierra Hickerson.

YOUTH (6-10) SPORTSMAN: 1. Tucker Mount; 2. Colin Petton.

YOUTH (11-17) BEG: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Matt Ott; 3. Noah Bush.

YOUTH (11-17) SPORTSMAN: 1. Tucker Mount; 2. James Ott; 3. Clayton Williams.

ADULT (18-29) SPORTSMAN: 1. Clayton Williams; 2. Number 1; 3. Michael Stacey; 4. Number 9; 5. Nicholas Nelson. (Nick Gil and Ian Foulds were also entered.)

ADULT (30-49) BEG: 1. Dee Kilroy.

ADULT (30-49) SPORTSMAN: 1. Chris Cannon; 2. Harly Legowski; 3. Matt Stoutenburg; 4. Dave Miller; 5. Chris Campos; 6. Jeremy Templeman.

SR (50+) BEG: 1. Greg Powell; 2. Number 1; 3. Jay Spurgin.

SE (50+) SPORTSMAN: 1. Joe Cude; 2. Pat Nielson; 3. Kevin Neilson; 4. Mike Perez; 5. Archie Perez; 6. Dennis Stacey; 7. Carl Whitt; 8. Allison Stacey (yeah, I know); 9. Chris Cannon; 10. Matt Garrett.

TT Tourist Trophy

PULL START: 1. Patrick Hogan; 2. Gar Wood.

YOUTH (0-5): 1. Colin Petton; 2. Cody Morin.

YOUTH (6-10 BEG: 1. Connor Hickerson; 2. Jace Malone; 3. Paige Britt; 4. Ava Bush; 5. Adrian Campos; 6. Andrew Varela; 7. Talon Sotelo; 8. David Reyes; 9. Ana Bush; 10. Sierra Hickerson.

YOUTH (6-10) SPORTSMAN: 1. Tucker Mount; 2. Travis Petton IV.

YOUTH (11-17) BEG: 1. Matt Ott; 2. Noah Bush.

YOUTH (11-17) SPORTSMAN: 1. Tucker Mount; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. James Ott; 4. Clayton Williams.

GIRLS/LADIES/WOMEN: 1. Allison Stacey; 2. Harly Legowski; 3. Reece Watowo; 4. Jaycee Jones; 5. Monica Gil; 6. Number 14X; 7. Dee Kilroy; 8. Lisa Gil; 9. Number 9; 10. Tess Sotelo. (Jeanette Griggs, Sara Corpis and Katie Griggs were also entered. Heal fast, Katie!)

ADULT (18-29) SPORTSMAN: 1. Ian Foulds; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Michael Stacey; 4. Travis Petton IV; 5. Nick Nelson; 6. Nick Gil; 7. Jeanette Griggs (Jonathan Penunuri was also entered.)

ADULT (30-49) SPORTSMAN: 1. Robert Bush; 2. Chris Campos; 3. Tom Cords; 4. Monty Watowa; 5. Harly Legowski; 6. Jeremy Templeman. (Matt Stoutenburg and Dave Miller were also entered.)

SR (50+) BEG: 1. John Girdler; 2. Greg Powell; 3. Al Quieros.

SR 50+ SPORTSMAN A MAIN: 1. Joe Cude; 2. Bob Tocco; 3. Dennis Stacey; 4. Archie Perez; 5. Keith Bradford; 6. Kevin Nielson; 7. Mike Perez.

SR (50+) SPORTSMAN B MAIN: 1. Dennis Stacey; 2. Dwayne Franks; 3. Allison Stacey; 4. Mike Brooks; 5. Tom Clark; 6. Matt Garrett; 7. Jeff Swank. (Also entered were Bill Britt, Carl Whitt, Hugh Blacka, Pat Nielson and Chris Cannon.)

Southern California Flat Track Association
For more information and direction to the track, please see or or call 951/443-7622.

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