Race Report from the Wendover Enduro

| 1 October 2014 2:49 pm

Round 9: Desert Foxes Wendover Enduro

By Braydon Bland
Courtesy of Blais Racing Services

Race Report by Braydon Bland, Supermini and Big Bikes
Wendover was my first ride and race back. It was a bit nerve-wracking for me, due to my recent crash [which left me] with a bad concussion and broken arm. Friday, I went out and rode for 15 minutes to get everything dialed in for the race and to get back on the bike and see what it felt like.

Braydon Bland walks the bomb run in his sick new TLD gear.

Braydon Bland walks the bomb run in his sick new TLD gear.

Saturday morning, I went and picked my line, then went back and got ready. I headed to the line to wait for the race to start. I was, surprisingly, not that nervous. After the riders’ meeting was announced, I got really nervous.

Jagger [Wanlass] and I were right next to each other. We both warmed up our bikes, until the banner went up.

The USRA banner dropped, and my bike kicked and I thought it started, but it didn’t. I grabbed my kick starter and did that two more times. Finally it fired up, and off I went!

By the end of the start into the wash, I’d passed two riders, due to a crash. I was then settled in the dust and unable to see. I crashed in the dust and got passed. At the very end of the loop, I passed him back and was in fourth going onto the second loop.

I did not fall back in the dust this time behind [the third-place rider] because I stayed right on him until he made a big mistake by blowing a corner. [The] second place [rider] had hit a rock, lost his shifter, and would be stuck in fifth or sixth gear.

[The] first place [rider] had about 30 seconds on me going out onto the third loop. I would push it by passing lappers, because they had a lot of dust. Due to [there] being lots of lappers when I caught up to [the leader], I picked good lines and got around him. After that, there were only about one or two more lappers to go, and I put 30 seconds on [the previous leader] at the end of that loop. I then rode solid the rest of the race and won!

Braydon Bland on his Blais Racing/ TLD/ ESR/ Fastway KTM 150 XC. Photo by

Braydon Bland on his Blais Racing/ TLD/ ESR/ Fastway KTM 150 XC. Photo by

After the race, I prepared myself for the big bikes and went to the start line and waited. My line started, and I was already sick of the dust, so I pinned it to be the first one off my line. Then I cooled down.

The first test section came up, and it was very rocky. I was still adjusting from my mini to the big bike and my new suspension changes. It didn’t take long to adjust, and I started to get my groove.

I cruised to the next test section and started that one. This one was a little more technical and then it got a little faster.

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The rest of the test sections, I felt like I rode solid. The last test sections, I had three stupid little tip-overs, but other than that, I was excited to see my results.

The whole weekend was great! I ended up with first place overall in the USRA Minis and fifth overall USRA Amateur and second place in my 125cc Big Bikes class. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without all of my sponsors: my mom, dad and sister, Blais Racing Services, Fasst Co., Rekluse Motorsports, X Brand Goggles, TLD, and everybody else who helps me and supports me. See you at Round 9 NHHA in Yerington, NV on Sept 21st!

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