Race Report from NHHA Round 10, Take Five: Sam Bangert

| 14 November 2014 3:37 pm

NHHA National Hare & Hound Association Championship Series
Round 10: 100s MC H&H at Johnson Valley OHV Area

By Sam Bangert
Photo by Mark Kariya
Courtesy of Blais Racing Services
LUCERNE, CA, OCT. 26, 2014

Race Report by Sam Bangert, 200cc A
Going into round 10, I was not only excited to be back at the Nationals but nervous as well. My dad headed out there Friday, while me and my mom trailed behind and left Saturday morning. I got to the race site around 9-ish. It was a mission to get there! The road into the rock pile was pure sand, in which the bottom of my mom’s car was dragging.

I tested my bike all day, and Chris Blais got my bike running like a steed and I was ready to battle on Sunday. Blais Racing had a meet-and-greet at 3 p.m. [on Saturday] but the wind decided to pick up and blow everyone away, but a few die-hards did show up and we got to have some fun. Saturday night, we had a team meeting and talked about our goals for the next year.

Sam Bangert at speed at the 100s MC Hare and Hound in Lucerne, California.

Sam Bangert at speed at the 100s MC Hare and Hound in Lucerne, California.

Sunday morning, I got up around 7 a.m. and had some breakfast with Harry [Lyles] and Colt [Brinkerhoff] and went and watched the start of Cole Timboe’s race, which was sick! He got the holeshot and ended up winning the race. Same with teammate Braydon [Bland]. Since the Kids race was on Sunday also, our race time was pushed back to 11 a.m. I went and found a bomb line that I could hit wide open the whole way down.

And I did.

On the start, the flag went up, and I waited the longest minute any racer has to endure. The flag dropped, and I got a terrible jump but just held it wide through the dust, passing people like crazy, and I ended up getting a 15th-overall start.

The first loop was just about wide open the whole time, with fun, fast washes and rhythmlike sections! I came in and got a fast pit from my parents and was out on the second loop.

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The second loop was a bit more technical, but there were long straightaway washes where I wish I had a 500cc. I made a few passes and got passed some on the loop, but it was a very fun loop.

Going out onto the third loop, I was kind of nervous, because it was only 13 miles long, so I assumed it would be very difficult. It ended up being super fun! I stayed in the same position the whole loop and was kind of alone until I went up a hill and saw my buddy Nic Garvin, who was filming me as I went down this super-gnarly hill. He told me to not go right, so automatically I started to go right. I over-corrected and I went tumbling down the hill. I picked my bike up, laughing it off, and did the final stretch to the finish!

I had a ton of fun battling with my friend Joey Black the whole first loop and a lot of fun on the rest of the loops. I ended up first place 200cc A and 20th overall.

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I want to thank Chris Blais for helping me get my bike all dialed in and Patty [Blais] for putting on the meet-and-greet. Also Joey, Bryan and Colt for getting me pumped up on Saturday night. And I want to thank all my sponsors who supported me this whole year: Blais Racing Services, Fasst Co., AMSOIL, VonZipper, IMS, Troy Lee Designs, Dirt Tricks, Fastway, Race Tech, ESR, Rad Manufacturing, Kenda, Samco, Cytomax, Muscle Milk, my parents, and also my girlfriend and her family for coming out!

’Til next time! Yee yee!

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