Race Report from NHHA Round 10, Take Four: Brendan Crow

| 14 November 2014 1:04 pm

NHHA National Hare & Hound Association Championship Series
Round 10: 100s MC H&H at Johnson Valley OHV Area

By Brendan Crow
Photos by Mark Kariya
Courtesy of Blais Racing Services
LUCERNE, CA, OCT. 26, 2014

Race Report by Brendan Crow, 2014 NHHA Open A Champion!
I was excited to finish off the NHHA Series and was looking forward to having a good finish to end the year. I headed out Saturday morning with the intention of doing plenty of testing to get the bike ready, and to take part in a little party at the Blais camp that we had organized.

Brendan Crow injured his shoulder just before the final NHHA round.

Brendan Crow injured his shoulder just before the final NHHA round.

Shortly after beginning testing the bike, I hit something on a downhill – I assume a sneaky rock – that sent me tumbling down to earth. It hurt! I sat on the ground a minute to catch myself, and got up to get my bike out of the dirt and checked it over to make sure there was no major damage. I hobbled around for a minute, because my ankle was one of the major things that was hurting, along with my shoulder. I got back on the bike and rode back to camp.

After spending some time lying in the back of my van and icing my shoulder, I decided that I didn’t seem seriously injured. I continued getting the bike ready while shaking off my crash, and then geared down to get ready for the party in the Blais pit.

Unfortunately the wind picked up right before we had planned to host the event, which caused problems. Our EZ-Ups were flying all over, sand was blasting around, hot dogs were getting cold, and cookies were getting blown away! Even though the wind sucked out some of the pizzazz of the gathering, it was still entertaining and a good way to end the day.

The night went by quickly, and I headed to bed early to get plenty of sleep.

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Sunday morning came quickly, and with the start time adjusted to 11 a.m. because of BLM [Bureau of Land management] issues, there was plenty of time to run the bomb and make final preparations. I found my spot on the line, and had breakfast. I was very uneasy about how I would ride, questioning whether or not I could do well with how my shoulder was feeling. All of these feelings made me extra nervous, which was not a good thing.

I had a decent start and was able to ride mostly out of the dust all the way to the end of the bomb. The next few miles were wild, with lots of passes happening in both directions. I tried to settle into a good pace, and with the help of my Flexx bars I felt fine for the first 15 to 20 miles.

After roughly mile 20, my shoulder started to become more and more uncomfortable. It became the only thing I could think about. I started to go backwards. Rider after rider passed me, which didn’t help my frustration any. I came into the finish of loop one thinking I was done, but I made the decision to pit and then soldier on.

I rode the first few miles of the second loop at an okay pace and then hit a couple of big, square edges that made me lose any of the mojo I had left. I rode the rest of the race at a slow pace, wondering what was happening with the pain in my shoulder. My mind had completely lost focus. I finished the second loop, but I called it a day after that. My shoulder was extremely swollen, and I took a few Advil, followed by ice.

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Although I didn’t end the season how I wanted, I can still learn and grow from the experience. I know that having flawless races every time is a hard task, and being able to walk away knowing what I need to accomplish to be better is almost as worthwhile as a successful weekend. It doesn’t matter how you fall, but how you get back up. I am not seriously injured, but am awaiting doctor visits to sort out the extent of what is going on. I am able to walk away from the series with the number-N1 plate and can look forward to more racing adventures in the future.

Brendan Crow and Chris Blais.

Brendan Crow and Chris Blais.

I want to give the highest thanks to everyone who has supported me this year and do so much more than what everyone sees on race day – my family, my friends, my girlfriend, the whole Blais team, and of course all of my sponsors: Fasst Co., Race Tech, ESR, No Toil, Alpinestars, Fastway, A’ME, BRP, FMF, IMS, Samco, Dirt Tricks, Rekluse, TLD, Bulletproof Designs, Kenda, Freegun, and X Brand.

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