Hayes Adds to AX Points Lead with Third Win of 2015

| 7 March 2015 4:00 pm

AMSOIL Arenacross Series
Round 8, Night 1: Mid-America Center

Courtesy of Feld Motor Sports
Photos by Josh Rud/ ShiftOne Photography

The eighth round of the 2015 AMSOIL Arenacross, featuring Ricky Carmichael’s Road to Supercross, kicked off the first of two nights inside the Mid-America Center. After a pair of Arenacross-class main events, Team Babbitt’s Monster Energy/ AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Jacob Hayes added to his championship lead by earning his third overall win of the season. And in the third round of the Western Regional Arenacross Lites-class Championship, Slaka Wear KTM’s Steven Mages grabbed his second straight victory.

Jacob Hayes (2) earned his third overall win of 2015 to extend his points lead.

Jacob Hayes (2) earned his third overall win of 2015 to extend his points lead.

Team Babbitt’s Monster Energy/ AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Chris Blose grabbed the holeshot in the first Arenacross-class main event, ahead of Hayes and Husqvarna/ TiLube/ TUF Racing’s Kyle Regal. Hayes kept the pressure on his teammate throughout the opening laps and was able to pass Blose on the straightaway on Lap three.

Once out front, Hayes opened up a small gap over the rest of the field, and in an effort to keep him within striking distance, Regal made a pass on Blose on the ensuing lap right after the finish line. However, Blose responded and took the position back – only to have Regal reclaim second in the whoop section.

The top three remained in that order for several laps before Regal closed in on Hayes for the lead with two laps to go. As he tried to track down Hayes for the top spot, Regal went down and lost several positions, re-entering the race in fifth. That allowed Hayes to take the checkered flag for the win, ahead of Blose, Husqvarna/ TiLube/ TUF Racing’s Gavin Faith, TZR Woodstock KTM’s Travis Sewell, and Team Babbitt’s Monster Energy/ AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Matt Goerke, who rounded out the top five. Regal followed in sixth.

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Hayes had the opportunity to select the inversion for the second main event, and with the help of the crowd, he chose the case with the number eight, which meant that half of the 16-rider field would be inverted.

Hometown rider Gavin Faith narrowly missed out on the overall win, finishing second.

Hometown rider Gavin Faith narrowly missed out on the overall win, finishing second.

As the second main event got under way, Hayes overcame the inversion to grab the holeshot, ahead of Faith and Goerke.

The leaders remained the same until lap four, when Faith, an Iowa native, made an aggressive move after the whoops. Hayes nearly went down but saved it, though that incident ultimately cost him another position, to Goerke.

While the top three asserted themselves out front, Regal and Haeseker Racing KTM’s Gared Steinke engaged in a heated battle for fourth in the closing laps. After several attempts, Regal finally made the pass stick for fourth.

A few moments later, on lap 13, Goerke challenged Faith for the lead in the whoops and took over the top spot, only to crash before the finish and lose valuable positions. That allowed Faith to reclaim the lead, which he carried through to the finish in front of the hometown crowd. Hayes followed in second, with Regal third. Steinke was fourth, and Babbitt’s Online Suzuki’s Cory Green was fifth. Goerke failed to finish the main event after his crash, finishing 12th.

Kyle Regal (4) moved into second in the championship points standings.

Kyle Regal (4) moved into second in the championship points standings.

Earlier in the evening, Regal had taken the win, over Steinke, in the RMATV/ MC Head 2 Head Challenge, earning an additional championship bonus point.

Hayes’ 1-2 finishes were enough to give him the overall victory, over Faith (3-1) in second and Blose (2-5) in third. Regal (6-3) finished fourth overall, while Sewell (4-7) rounded out the top five.

Check out this video interview with Council Bluffs night-one winner Jacob Hayes…

In the Arenacross-class championship standings, Hayes, who entered the night with a one-point lead over Goerke, moved to 14 points over Regal, who took control of second. Goerke, who finished eighth overall, now sits third, 15 points out of the lead.

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The start of the Western Regional Arenacross Lites-class main event saw ThermoTec/ FMC Racing Yamaha’s Josh Cartwright grab the holeshot in his first race with the team, ahead of Mages and College Hunks Moving Junk/ Spinechillers Racing KTM’s Dave Ginolfi. Mages immediately challenged Cartwright for the lead, and the pair were side by side on lap two, with Mages eventually taking control of the main event.

Once out front, Mages opened up a comfortable lead, while Cartwright and Ginolfi waged war for the remainder of the race. Mages took the win in dominant fashion, with Cartwright second and Ginolfi third. TZR Woodstock KTM’s Cody Van Buskirk was fourth, with championship leader Daniel Blair rounding out the top five aboard his Haeseker Racing KTM.

Steven Mages took back-to-back Arenacross Lites main-event wins.

Steven Mages took back-to-back Arenacross Lites main-event wins.

Blair, who entered the night with a five-point lead, now holds a 14-point lead over Van Buskirk, who took over second. DirtBikeMike KTM’s Brandon Glenn is third, 17 points back.

Broadcast Alert: The Tampa round of 2015 season premieres on Fox Sports 1 this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. PT/ 12:30 p.m. ET.

The Council Bluffs stop of AMSOIL Arenacross will continue Saturday, March 7, with the second night of action inside the Mid-America Center. Racing will begin at 5 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. CT/ 8 p.m. ET.

For more information on the 2015 AMSOIL Arenacross season, and to purchase tickets, log on to

Mid-America Center
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Results: March 6, 2015 (Round 8, Night 1)

ARENACROSS MAIN 1: 1. Jacob Hayes (Kaw); 2. Chris Blose (Kaw); 3. Gavin Faith (Hsq); 4. Travis Sewell (KTM); 5. Matt Goerke (Kaw); 6. Kyle Regal (Hsq); 7. Cory Green (Suz); 8. Gared Steinke (KTM); 9. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 10. Bobby Kiniry (Yam).

ARENACROSS MAIN 2: 1. Gavin Faith (Hsq); 2. Jacob Hayes (Kaw); 3. Kyle Regal (Hsq); 4. Gared Steinke (KTM); 5. Chris Blose (Kaw); 6. Cory Green (Suz); 7. Travis Sewell (KTM); 8. Steven Mages (KTM); 9. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 10. Josh Cartwright (Yam).

ARENACROSS OVERALL: 1. Jacob Hayes (1-2); 2. Gavin Faith (3-1); 3. Chris Blose (2-5); 4. Kyle Regal (6-3); 5. Travis Sewell (4-7); 6. Gared Steinke (8-4); 7. Cory Green (7-6); 8. Matt Goerke (5-12); 9. Steven Mages (11-8); 10. Dave Ginolfi (9-9).

RMATV/MC HEAD 2 HEAD CHALLENGE: 1. Kyle Regal (2 points); 2. Gared Steinke (1 point); 3. Travis Sewell (1 point); 4. Gavin Faith (1 point); 5. Chris Blose (1 point); 6. Jacob Hayes (1 point); 7. Matt Goerke (1 point); 8. Steven Mages (1 point).

ARENACROSS LITES: 1. Steven Mages (KTM); 2. Josh Cartwright (Yam); 3. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 4. Cody Van Buskirk (KTM); 5. Daniel Blair (KTM); 6. Dylan Rouse (KTM); 7. Scott Zont (KTM); 8. Jason McConnell (KTM); 9. Benjamin Nelko (KTM); 10. Keaton Ward (KTM).

AMSOIL Arenacross Series Points Standings

ARENACROSS CLASS (After Race 11 of 20): 1. Jacob Hayes (291/ 6 main-event wins); 2. Kyle Regal (277/ 3 main-event wins); 3. Matt Goerke (276/ 3 main-event wins); 4. Travis Sewell (222); 5. Bobby Kiniry (221/ 1 main-event win); 6. Chris Blose (218/ 4 main-event wins); 7. Steven Mages (215/ 1 main-event win); 8. Gavin Faith (194/ 4 main-event wins); 9. Gared Steinke (181); 10. Willy Browning (156).

WESTERN REGIONAL ARENACROSS LITES CLASS (After Race 4 of 9): 1. Daniel Blair (53); 2. Cody Van Buskirk (39); 3. Brandon Glenn (36); 4. Jake Locks (18); 5. (TIE) Mason Wharton (17)/ Clay Elliott (17); 7. Josh Struebig (16); 8. Jason McConnell (15); 9. Chase Marquier (13); 10. (TIE) Dalton Oxborrow (12)/ Travis Bannister (12).

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