JD Jetting Fuel Injection Tuner 2012-2015 KTM 500 EXC/ XCW

| 17 March 2015 10:57 am

New Products: JD Jetting Fuel Injection Tuner for 2012-15 KTM 500 EXCs and XCWs

Courtesy of Blais Racing Services

Product Information: JD Jetting Fuel Injection Tuner, Power Surge 6X for 2012-15 KTM 500 EXCs and XCWs.
Part Number: JDKTX07.
Prices: $204.95.
Availability: Always in stock!

2015 0317 Blais NP PHOTO A JD Jetting TunerThis programmer is preset to run perfectly with the stock exhaust and screw in endcap removed. With the push of a few buttons, you can adjust your bike for an aftermarket exhaust. Keep your bike running longer and cooler with the added fuel it needs. The factory KTM settings are very lean.

The Power Surge JD Tuner will allow correction for humidity, temperature, and air pressure, along with race fuels and motor modifications. Dyno- and field-tested by J.D. himself.

The tuner will adjust in a matter of seconds in six different zones. Easy on-the-fly adjustment by a few buttons. This includes an accelerator-pump feature for more throttle response. The tuner is able to add or subtract fuel from the injection system. Conditions such as rich or lean running, and stalling from flame-out at low revs can be corrected. The Power Surge stays mounted on the motorcycle or quad and is easy to understand and adjust on the fly.

This FI tuner is a next-generation performance tuning product for modern EFI systems. JD Jetting’s testing and research will provide the performance you need.

JD Jetting KTM Fuel Injection tuner…
Increases power and throttle response.
Adjusts six levels of fuel-injection tuning.
Features an adjustable accelerator-pump surge circuit.
Is easy to adjust on the fly with the push of a button.
Features tuning logic similar to a carburetor.
Installs in 10 to 15 minutes.
Includes recommended settings.

This is not a street-legal product or Green or Red Sticker-approved. This is for closed-course use only.

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Question: Exactly how will you know how lean the bike is when tuning it? I am not very computer-literate, but I am interested in the product; however, the description does not really explain to me how to use the device correctly. I am confused on how you go about tuning it, considering my bike is a 2010 Honda with no O2 sensor….

Answer: You will not know how lean the bike is in terms of a measurement, like 14:1 or 15:1 air/fuel ratio. We develop the suggested tuner settings by testing the power on a dynamometer, using air/fuel measurements over each throttle position, and all the rpm ranges.

You will know that we only allow a fuel-adjustment range that is not going to be excessive or harm your bike, and that this is using your stock EFI map as a starting point to make changes.

The Power Surge tuner has six color-zone adjustment features, each with its own setting. The light number three in each color zone is going to use the stock setting, and pass the same signal directly through to fuel your bike. When the setting is lower, like 2.5, 2, or 1.5, then the jetting is leaner. When the setting is increased, like 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, etc., then the jetting is richer.

Each model of bike has a recommended list of settings to use for correcting the stock map, and then you can add or subtract fuel from there as you feel works best for your motorcycle and conditions. If you feel the midrange power might benefit from an adjustment, then move the midrange (yellow) light up or down and go ride to see how it works. The changes are very fast, and very quick to make. You can easily try a richer setting, and then leaner, for a comparison.

2015 0317 Blais NP PHOTO B 0JD Jetting FI Tuner Demo7315

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