Regal Earns Fifth Overall Victory of AX Season, Blair Grabs Another Western Win

| 29 March 2015 10:11 am

AMSOIL Arenacross Series
Round 11:
Frank Erwin Center

Courtesy of Feld Motor Sports
Photos by Josh Rud/ ShiftOne Photography
AUSTIN, TX, MAR. 28, 2015

The second round of the playoff-inspired, season-ending Race to the Championship on Saturday night produced some of the wildest action of the season as AMSOIL Arenacross, featuring Ricky Carmichael’s Road to Supercross, visited Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. While his path to victory wasn’t easy, Texas resident and Husqvarna/ TiLube/ TUF Racing rider Kyle Regal was able to emerge with his class-leading fifth overall win of the season in front of his hometown crowd and reclaim the top spot in the Race to the Championship. And in the Western Regional Arenacross Lites class, Haeseker Racing KTM’s Daniel Blair earned a dominant win to extend his lead in the championship chase.

Kyle Regal took a big win in front of his hometown crowd. He now has a class-leading five victories.

Kyle Regal took a big win in front of his hometown crowd. He now has a class-leading five victories.

Regal set the stage for his triumphant effort in the first Arenacross-class main event. The Husqvarna rider took the lead out of the gate, ahead of Team Babbitt’s/ Monster Energy/ AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Chris Blose, who was the Race to the Championship leader coming into Austin, and ThermoTec/ FMC Racing Yamaha’s Bobby Kiniry. The pace of Regal and Blose was exceptional, and while those two were able to stay mere bikelengths from each other, Kiniry, running third, slowly lost touch with the two front-runners.

Things remained the same until lap 12, when Regal made incidental contact with Slaka Wear KTM’s Steven Mages as he went to put him a lap down. The contact occurred right before the finish line, causing Regal to miss the jump and taking Mages to the ground on the face of the jump. As Mages went down, he made contact with Blose, who was about a half-second behind Regal, and, as a result, ended up damaging Blose’s header pipe, forcing him out of the race with three laps remaining.

While Regal lost some time to Kiniry, who took over second, he was still able to race to a comfortable win. Team Babbitt’s Jacob Hayes made an impressive climb to third after starting sixth. Haeseker Racing KTM’s Gared Steinke and TZR/ Woodstock KTM’s Travis Sewell were part of a wild battle for a spot inside the top five that involved four riders, and they ultimately finished in fourth and fifth, respectively. Blose fell to 14th after recording a DNF.

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Thanks to the win, Regal had the opportunity to pick the inversion for the second main event and, with the help of the Frank Erwin Center crowd, he selected the case with the number 16. Much to Regal’s dismay, the entire field would be inverted, giving him the last gate pick.

Jacob Hayes’ runner-up effort vaulted him to third in the Race to the Championship points chase.

Jacob Hayes’ runner-up effort vaulted him to third in the Race to the Championship points chase.

A much-needed win in the second main event allowed Chris Blose to lose just one spot in the Race to the Championship.

A much-needed win in the second main event allowed Chris Blose to lose just one spot in the Race to the Championship.

Regal’s back-row starting position made him vulnerable to misfortune right out of the gate in the second main event, and the Husqvarna rider went down in the first turn, completing the opening lap in 13th.

Out front, Blose rebounded from his heartbreak in the first main event to take over the lead, ahead of his Team Babbitt’s teammate Matt Goerke and Locks Racing KTM’s Jake Locks. Kiniry started in sixth, while Hayes found himself all the way down in 10th.

Blose and Goerke sat comfortably out front, while Husqvarna/ TiLube/ TUF Racing’s Gavin Faith moved into third. Behind them, both Hayes and Regal were on a torrid march toward the front, closing in on the top five, when a red flag on lap four brought the main event to a brief halt and resulted in a staggered, single-file restart.

When racing resumed, Blose, Goerke and Faith continued their battle out front, while Hayes and Regal took advantage of their proximity to the front of the field to slot into fifth and sixth, respectively, behind Kiniry, in fourth.

Faith began pressuring Goerke for third and made numerous pass attempts before taking an aggressive inside move before the finish line on lap nine, which brought the two together and took both riders to the ground. As this happened, Hayes made the pass on Kiniry to jump from fifth to second.

Kiniry and Regal then battled for third for a couple of laps before Regal finally took control of the spot for good on lap 11. Blose bounced back from his hardship in the first main event to take an easy win, with Hayes second and Regal third. Kiniry was fourth. Babbitt’s/ Online Suzuki’s Cory Green rounded out the top five. Goerke battled back to six after his crash, while Faith crossed the line in eighth.

When the overall results were tallied, Regal’s main-event win proved to be the deciding factor, giving him a 1-3 tally and a one-point edge over Hayes (3-2), in second. Kiniry’s consistency and his 2-4 score landed him in third overall, with Green (7-5) fourth and Sewell (5-7) fifth.

Check out this video interview with Austin third-place finisher Bobby Kiniry…

Earlier in the evening, Blose and Regal did battle in the final matchup of the RMATV/ MC Head 2 Head Challenge. Blose came away with the win, and the additional championship bonus point helped him finish sixth overall via his 14-1 result.

Regal entered the night third in the Race to the Championship points standings, but the showdown’s top seed reclaimed first place with his win. He currently sits four points ahead of Blose, who lost just one spot, and six points ahead of Hayes, who jumped from fifth to third. Kiniry (-7) is an additional point back in fourth, while Goerke (-10) is fifth.

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Western Regional Arenacross Lites-class points leader Blair entered Austin with a comfortable 19-point lead in the championship standings, but that didn’t keep him from laying it all on the line in the main event.

Blair, College Hunks Hauling Junk/ Spinechillers Racing KTM’s Dave Ginolfi, and TZR/ Woodstock KTM’s Scott Zont started the Metro PCS Blazing Fast Western Regional Arenacross Lites main event in heated contention for the top spot, but Blair was able to insert himself into the lead, with Ginolfi right on his rear fender.

Daniel Blair (125) appears to be well on his way to the first title of his career.

Daniel Blair (125) appears to be well on his way to the first title of his career.

Once the top three slotted into position, the running order up front stayed the same through the entirety of the 15-lap race. Blair and Ginolfi were in a class of their own, consistently distancing themselves from Zont, and while Ginolfi was able to keep Blair honest, keeping the gap within a second or so, the points leader led every lap en route to his third main-event win of the championship.

Blair added to his lead in the standings, which now sits at 35 points over TZR/ Woodstock KTM’s Cody Van Buskirk.

Check out these video highlights from the Austin Arenacross round…

The 12th round of the 2015 AMSOIL Arenacross, and the third round of the Race to the Championship, will begin Saturday, April 11, with the series’ inaugural visit to Spokane, Washington. Racing in Spokane Arena will kick off at 7 p.m. PDT/ 10 p.m. EDT.

For more information on the 2015 AMSOIL Arenacross season, and to purchase tickets, log on to

Frank Erwin Center
Austin, Texas
Results: March 28, 2015 (Round 11)

ARENACROSS MAIN 1: 1. Kyle Regal (Hsq); 2. Bobby Kiniry (Yam); 3. Jacob Hayes (Kaw); 4. Gared Steinke (KTM); 5. Travis Sewell (KTM); 6. Matt Goerke (Kaw); 7. Cory Green (Suz); 8. Gavin Faith (Hsq); 9. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 10. Steven Mages (KTM).

ARENACROSS MAIN 2: 1. Chris Blose (Kaw); 2. Jacob Hayes (Kaw); 3. Kyle Regal (Hsq); 4. Bobby Kiniry (Yam); 5. Cory Green (Suz); 6. Gavin Faith (Hsq); 7. Travis Sewell (KTM); 8. Steven Mages (KTM); 9. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 10. Gared Steinke (KTM).

ARENACROSS OVERALL: 1. Kyle Regal (1-3); 2. Jacob Hayes (3-2); 3. Bobby Kiniry (2-4); 4. Cory Green (7-5); 5. Travis Sewell (5-7); 6. Chris Blose (14-1); 7. Gavin Faith (8-6); 8. Gared Steinke (4-10); 9. Matt Goerke (6-11); 10. Steven Mages (10-8).

RMATV/MC HEAD 2 HEAD CHALLENGE: 1. Chris Blose (2 points); 2. Kyle Regal (1 point); 3. Jacob Hayes (1 point); 4. Bobby Kiniry (1 point); 5. Cory Green (1 point); 6. Travis Sewell (1 point); 7. Matt Goerke (1 point); 8. Gavin Faith (1 point).

ARENACROSS LITES: 1. Daniel Blair (KTM); 2. Dave Ginolfi (KTM); 3. Scott Zont (KTM); 4. Jake Locks (KTM); 5. Clay Elliott (KTM); 6. Brian Alquist (KTM); 7. Josh Struebig (KTM); 8. Bradley Lionnet (Kaw); 9. Jonah Locks (Kaw); 10. Steven Lopez (Yam).

AMSOIL Arenacross Series Points Standings

RACE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP: 1. Kyle Regal (61/ 1 main-event win); 2. Chris Blose (57/ 3 main-event wins); 3. Jacob Hayes (55); 4. Bobby Kiniry (54); 5. Matt Goerke (51); 6. Gavin Faith (50); 7. Cory Green (48); 8. Travis Sewell (46); 9. Gared Steinke (40); 10. Steven Mages (34).

ARENACROSS CLASS (After Race 16 of 20): 11. Dave Ginolfi (164); 12. Willy Browning (156); 13. Daniel Herrlein (110); 14. Cody Van Buskirk (102); 15. Brandon Glenn (76).

WESTERN REGIONAL ARENACROSS LITES CLASS (After Race 6 of 10): 1. Daniel Blair (85); 2. Cody Van Buskirk (50); 3. Brandon Glenn (48); 4. Jake Locks (39); 5. Clay Elliott (34); 6. Josh Struebig (26); 7. Mason Wharton (24); 8. Jason McConnell (23); 9. Jonah Locks (19); 10. (TIE) Dalton Oxborrow (18)/ Benjamin Nelko (18).

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