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| 1 May 2015 7:44 am

SCFTA Southern California Flat Track Association Championship Series

By Elliott Iverson
PERRIS, CA, APR. 29, 2015

Lots to read. Please take a look at all that is posted here! I know this gets to a lot of people; I appreciate responses, and please reply to as soon as possible. If you would like to forward this to friends, please feel free!

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There will be a practice this weekend, on Saturday, May 2. No May Day here! Just hours of fun and testing. Practice will start at 4 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. (Like any of you can ride that long. Pros and minis excepted…)

Sound will be checked this weekend since…

Noise is a problem! At one time, the goal was to keep the bikes within the AMA limits, but the AMA bikes showing up are running really loud pipes. Mufflers are going to be a priority this year. Even though the track may seem to be miles removed from the urban sprawl to which we are so accustomed, there are still good neighbors surrounding Perris Raceway. Even with friends around us, the noise is getting away from what may be socially acceptable. We are all going to have to work on quieter bikes. Us old guys remember the old saying, “Less sound, more ground,” and it could never be more true than here at Perris Raceway. Even though the track has been here a long, long time, civilization creeps up on all of us!

Some bikes are more prone to high noise levels. Newer 450s with higher compression and radical cam timing have a harsher sound than a TT500 or Triumph 500 twin. Two-strokes with a properly packed muffler (such as those used by John Kocinski or Jeff Lessley, and others) can be music, too!

Round four is coming up quickly! May 16 is really right around the corner. You can download entry forms at You may still have to stand in line at sign-up, but the at least the paperwork will be done!

Gates open at noon! Not racing but want to spectate? Show up by 5 p.m. and you should be able to catch all the action!

The next scheduled event after this is a dirt-track doubleheader, June 20 and 21. Anyone up for a Solstice party…?

Not a racer? Please park in the lot across the street from the gate. With the popularity of dirt-track racing growing quickly, with X-Games inclusion and the Daytona Motorsports Group (yeah, NASCAR!) promoting AMA Grand National races, we need the space in the pits for racers! You can still bring your own cooler, but please, no glass bottles.

Since this is a single-day event, overnight parking of haulers may be limited. Call before you haul – 951/443-7622.

If you live nearby, or if you just like Speedway racing, races will be running at Perris Raceway on May 9. This will be great racing on a big track; you won’t see races like this in the United States! For more info, call Steve Evans at 310/309-9418. Steve has been working really hard to get speedway racing going again in Southern California. Gates Will open at 2 p.m., and the races will start at 5!

Know what? There are many great roads to ride if you just want to go for a ride and come watch. I know a lot of the Deus friends like racing!

Speed is a problem! At a previous event, one rider was disqualified for the remainder of the day for speeding in the pits. Don’t let this be you, or we could all be walking our bikes to staging! Please keep your speeds down, and remember: Helmets are required in the pits! Kids and Parents of Kids: California helmet laws apply in the pits at Perris just like they would on the way to school. Please make sure your kids are safe!

Know what? Since there are no written rules regarding this class yet, if you are coming out to race the Hooligan class, or any other “novelty” class (these guys are real racers and just keep getting faster!, please wear appropriate gear: long sleeves, gloves, boots, full-face (i.e., real) helmets, and as much protective gear as you can fit under your favorite shop long-sleeve T-shirt and denim pants as you can find. We have kids on 50s wearing gear that would have made an Indy car driver jealous a few years ago! You’re tossing a 500-something-pound motorcycle around on a track built for 220 pounds.

Preston Petty got some love: Check out the story at

Results from the second round of the Southern California Flat Track Association Championship Series, held on April 18, 2015, at Perris, California…

50 2-STROKE BEG: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg; 2. Chase Gray; 3. Jose Navarrete.

50 2-STROKE NOV: 1. Ashton Carlson.

50 2-STROKE AM: 1. Colin Petton.

50 4-STROKE BEG: 1. Gauge Modica.

50 4-STROKE AM: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Cole Ayers.

65-70 2-STROKE BEG: 1. Ashton Carlson; 2. Colin Petton.

65-70 2-STROKE NOV: 1. Tanner Richey.

65 4-STROKE BEG: 1. Zack Earwood; 2. Sierra Hickerson; 3. Ana Bush; 4. Isabella Mitchell.

65-70 OPEN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Chris Ayers; 3. Isabella Mitchell.

85 2-STROKE AM: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Frank Flores; 4. Alyssa Flores.

85 2-STROKE BEG: 1. Lucas Alvarnez; 2. Conner Hickerson; 3. Tanner Richey; 4. Avery Modica.

85 4-STROKE BEG: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg; 2. Jake Mitchell; 3. Roslyn Kay.

85 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Brett Cooke; 2. Ava Bush.

85 OPEN: 1. Grant Holmes: 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4. Frank Flores; 5. Jacob Cascio; 6. Jake Mitchell; 7. Brett Cooke.

WOMEN POWDER PUFF: 1. Jaycee Jones; 2. Alyssa Flores; 3. Jeanette Griggs; 4. Monica Gil; 5. Ava Bush; 6. Liana Vitale; 7. Dee Kilroy.

MEN’S 4-STROKE: 1. Brad Rudy; 2. Joe Pape; 3. Sean Stevenson; 4. Rico De Saracho; 5. Jim Joseph; 6. David Seminario.

250 YOUTH OPEN: 1. James Ott; 2. Grant Holmes; 3. Clayton Williams; 4. Travis Petton IV; 5. Justin Hanson; 6. Jacob Cascio; 7. Noah Bush.

BOMBER NOV: 1. Brian Bell; 2. Ken Shilling; 3. Jim Bandelin; 4. Josh Mills; 5. Fred Berger; 6. Larry Hanson.

BOMBER AM: 1. Pete Lawson; 2. Tim Watters; 3. Paul Claybaugh.

BOMBER EX: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Travis Petton Jr.; 3. Danny Perkins; 4. Jim Lundgren.

HOOLIGAN: 1. Mark Atkins; 2. Shawn Guardado; 3. Aaron Guardado.

OPEN BEG: 1. Chris Campos; 2. A. Fox; 3. Joe Manthis; 4. Darin Dwyer; 5. Rudy Renka; 6. Dee Kilroy; 7. Liana Vitale; 8. Joel Manthis.

OPEN NOV: 1. Jaycee Jones; 2. Billy Katkov; 3. Hayden Earwood; 4. Gabe Alvarez; 5. Justin Hanson; 6. Noah Bush; 7. Stephen Yoshida; 8. Andrew Myers; 9. Monica Gil; 10. Travis Friedrich; 11. Larry Hanson; 12. Brian Bell.

OPEN UNCLASSIFIED: 1. Jimmy Gillen; 2. Jace Callison; 3. Alex Crosby; 4. Carlin Dunne; 5. Scott Hanson; 6. L.J. Gronek; 7. Evan Markus; 8. Matthew Ott; 9. Cristian Olguin.

OPEN AM: 1. Charlie Vanderlaan; 2. Larry Earhart; 3. Scott Hanson; 4. James Ott; 5. Travis Petton IV; 6. Joel Kath; 7. Robert Stettler; 8. L.J. Gronek; 9. Anthony Brown.

OPEN EX: 1. Jim Gillen; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Alex Crosby.

PRO: 1. Kayl Kolkman; 2. Nick Gil; 3. Nick Armstrong; 4. John Vanderlaan; 5. Casey Cahoon; 6. Carlin Dunne; 7. Robert Bush; 8. Jace Callison; 9. Cristian Olguin; 10. Chris McDougal; 11. Colt Foster; 12. Brandon Watters.

VET 35+ NOV: 1. Rich Hanson; 2. Brian Harmon; 3. Chris Campos; 4. Donnie Moore; 5. Andrew Myers; 6. Jim Bandelin; 7. Donnie Moore; 8. David Wada.

VET 35+ AM: 1. Anthony Brown.

VET 35+ EX: 1. Robert Bush; 2. Jim Rosa; 3. Joel Kath.

SR VET 50+ NOV: 1. Ken Shilling; 2. Donnie Moore; 3. Arnie Fry; 4. Mike Boal; 5. Fred Berger; 6. Rolf Greenhill; 7. Barney Stern; 8. Danny Manthis; 9. Patman Dwyer; 10. Rudy Renka.

SR VET 50+ AM: 1. John Garcia; 2. Brad Rudy; 3. Robert Stettler; 4. Steele Friedrich; 5. Paul Claybaugh; 6. Robert Stettler.

SR VET 50+ EX: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Jim Lundgren; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Jim Ottele.

SUPER SR 60+: 1. Jim Wood; 2. Jeff Lessley; 3. Ron Moore; 4. Dan Kane; 5. Greg Powell; 6. Paul Claybaugh; 7. Greg Powell; 8. DeWayne Jones; 9. Larry Hanson.

PREMIER SR: 1. David Molitor; 2. Ron Moore; 3. Preston Petty; 4. Allan Girdler.

VINTAGE 250 AM: 1. Harly Legowski; 2. David Seminario.

VINTAGE 750: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Julian Heppenkausen; 3. Anthony Brown.

CLASSIC VINTAGE 500-750: 1. Tom Ferguson; 3. Joe Pape; 3. James Kohls; 4. Mike Boal.

Southern California Flat Track Association

For more information and directions to the track, please see or call 951/443-7622, or go to

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