Classic Iron Returns to Familiar Grounds

| 29 May 2015 12:46 pm

CALVMX/ 100%/ So Cal Regional Vintage Motocross Series
Round 5:
Cahuilla Creek MX Park

Story by Steve Caro
Photos by Kathryn Caro
ANZA, CA, MAY 17, 2015

Cahuilla Creek MX Park and Southern California’s dominant Vintage Motocross club, CALVMX, have in just a few short years become the perfect pairing for Vintage Motocross. Large entry counts and varied track designs have proved to be the equation for great classic racing.

First-turn action at the fifth round of the CALVMX Series.

First-turn action at the fifth round of the CALVMX Series.

Round five of the first 2015 CALVMX series saw the Vintage and Post-Vintage racers back on Cahuilla Creek’s Vet track once again. Suitably revised for the older machines, 10 motos for the vintage and post-vintage machines plus an additional support-class moto for modern bikes kept things humming all day. Especially challenging was the steep downhill section along the front portion of the course. Nearing the bottom of the hill, a small “kicker” bump was located along the extreme right side of the track. This subtle feature surprised more than one charging rider, with an unintentional nose-wheelie the consequence. Fortunately, nothing more than elevated heart rates and a tighter grip on the handlebars were the end result.

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Travis McCaw has essentially made the Cahuilla course his own, as he again dominated not only the Vintage Sportsman 250cc Intermediate class but added to his collection of wins with a two-moto sweep in the GP 1 125cc Intermediate division and in the Adult Mini Intermediate contest as well.

Dave Scourfield at speed at Cahuilla Creek.

Dave Scourfield at speed at Cahuilla Creek.

In the first Vintage Sportsman moto, Honda-mounted Michael Padilla led the pack as they powered through the first turn of the uphill starting straight, with Yamaha jockey John Woolsey in second, while McCaw was powering his way toward the front of the pack.

Approaching lap two, McCaw blitzed his way into the front spot, and he then proceeded to open up a lead of several seconds over Padilla and Woolsey. McCaw kept his classic, silver-tanked Elsinore in the powerband and took the moto win unimpeded. Padilla took second, with Woolsey third.

Mark and Kathy Wood enjoy a little jaunt in their sidecar.

Mark and Kathy Wood enjoy a little jaunt in their sidecar rig.

In the second moto, McCaw wasted no time powering his way into the lead as the riders entered the main portion of the course. Trailing behind him were Padilla and Woolsey.

Padilla kept the pressure on McCaw for several laps, and it wasn’t until the final lap that McCaw was able to extend his lead. At the checkers, it was McCaw with the moto win and overall victory, with Padilla and Woolsey rounding out the podium.

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Steve Ellis nabs the holeshot in Over 50 Vintage Expert action.

Steve Ellis nabs the holeshot in Over 50 Vintage Expert action.

The Over 50 Vintage Expert class showcases “riders of a certain age” who show that competitive racing is still guaranteed even on machines that are a minimum of 40 years old. CZ-mounted Clark Jones (of Noleen Racing fame) put on a two-race demonstration of the speed capable on a vintage bike.

In moto one, Jones used his decades of experience to track down Can-Am-mounted Steve Ellis, who had absconded with the holeshot at the start and was setting a torrid pace. Making his move on the back half of the course, Jones took the point position and then built a lead of several seconds. Ellis held on to second, while CZ pilot Mike LaPaglia, in his first CALVMX competition since January’s opening round, was closing in from third place.

Mike LaPaglia (54) returned to action in the CALVMX Series.

Mike LaPaglia (54) returned to action in the CALVMX Series.

With Jones comfortably in the lead, Ellis maintained second, while LaPaglia and CZ-mounted Mark Wood vied for third. At the checkers, it was Jones with the win, followed by Ellis. LaPaglia held off Wood for the third spot.

Clark Jones (5Z) keeps Gary Faxon (25S) at bay.

Clark Jones (5Z) keeps Gary Faxon (25S) at bay.

Ellis repeated his holeshot in the second moto and led Jones and LaPaglia onto the main course. Repeating his first-moto strategy, Jones pinned the throttle on his Czech machine and powered his way into the lead as the pack passed through the back portion of the course. LaPaglia, with his unique day-glow-orange-colored CZ, matched Jones’ pace and then took over second, with Ellis now third.

Steve Ellis (1) leads Nick LaPaglia (17).

Steve Ellis (1) leads Nick LaPaglia (17).

Flashing back to an early-1970s National, the Czech machines of Jones and LaPaglia powered around the Cahuilla course, with the tenacious Ellis in third. The class belonged to Jones on this day, as he led from flag to flag to clinch the overall win, followed by LaPaglia and Ellis.

Clark Jones (5Z) on his way to winning the Over 50 Vintage Expert class.

Clark Jones (5Z) on his way to winning the Over 50 Vintage Expert class.

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Besides Mike LaPaglia making a return to CALVMX racing, his son Nick also returned, and contested both the Vintage Sportsman 125cc Expert and Vintage Open Age Expert classes. The twentysomething Nick could be the face of Vintage Racing’s future, as he showed that a bike equipped with a $10,000 valve and cam but with a life span only slightly longer than that of a mayfly is not necessary for a good day of racing. Young LaPaglia swept all four of his motos on his CZ machines in impressive style.

Nick LaPaglia (17) also returned to CALVMX on this day.

Nick LaPaglia (17) also returned to CALVMX on this day.

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Other class winners on the day included Yamaha rider Shane Esposito, in GP Open Age Expert action; Maico man Brad Morrison, in the Over 50 GP Expert class; and Kirk Jackson, who took the gold in GP 3 125cc Expert competition.

Brad Morrison (10) skirmishes with Brian Tracy (77).

Brad Morrison (10) skirmishes with Brian Tracy (77).

Kirk Jackson (118) topped the GP 3 125cc Expert class.

Kirk Jackson (118) topped the GP 3 125cc Expert class.

Also joining the list of winners on the day were Honda jockey Jeff Snyder, in the Over 50 Vintage Intermediate contest; and Honda rider Doug Reyes, in the GP 1 250cc Expert class.

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Round six of the series will see Vintage Racing returning to the Lake Elsinore circuit. Racing is scheduled for June 20. The man-made Elsinore course always provides unique challenges, with the results being good racing action. As always, CALVMX has a class for all eras of machines and riders of all age and skill levels.

For further information on Vintage Motocross racing, please see and

Cahuilla Creek MX Park
Anza, California
Results: May 17, 2015 (Round 5)


IRONMAN GP NOV: 1. Gideon Branch (Kaw); 2. Jeff Hjalmarson (Kaw); 3. Echo Bravo Kilo (Hon).

IRONMAN GP INT: 1. Kitty Hoole (Yam); 2. Don Hansing (Mai); 3. Kathy Wood (TM); 4. Jim Barker (Hon).

IRONMAN GP EX: 1. Brian Tracy (Kaw); 2. Scott Sergeant (Hon).

JR: 1. Christian Hjalmarson.

WOMEN BEG: 1. Mars Ratliff (Yam); 2. Lori Kneebone (Hon).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Echo Bravo Kilo (Hon); 2. Anna Lisa Davis (Yam); 3. Julia Knotman (Mai).

WOMEN INT: 1. Rachel Coombs (Hon); 2. Brenda Wise (Yam); 3. Carol Feeney (Kaw); 4. Katherine Wood (TM).

WOMEN VINTAGE NOV: 1. Kerri Kress (Suz); 2. Anna Lisa Davis (Yam).

WOMEN VINTAGE INT: 1. Katherine Wood (CZ).

ADULT MINI INT: 1. Travis McCaw (Hon).

ADULT MINI EX: 1. Tim Hoole (Hon); 2. Mike Bierman (Hon).

XR STOCK INT: 1. Art Leva.

CLASSIC 125 EX: 1. Charlie Richardson (CZ).

CLASSIC 500 INT: 1. Tim McIntyre (BSA).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 125 NOV: 1. Randy Okada (Yam); 2. Chris Roysdon (Suz); 3. Roland Wheeler (Yam).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 125 INT: 1. Jeff Snyder (Hon); 2. Danny Gonzalez (Yam); 3. John Smythe (Hon).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 125 EX: 1. Nick LaPaglia (CZ); 2. Jim Stein (Hod).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 250 INT: 1. Travis McCaw (Hon); 2. Michael Padilla (Hon); 3. John Woolsey (Yam); 4. Jim Barker (Hon); 5. Tim McIntyre (CZ).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 250 EX: 1. Clark Jones (CZ); 2. Brent Wilkinson (Suz).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 500 INT: 1. Dave Scourfield (CZ); 2. Frank Maney (Suz); 3. Steve Roach (CZ).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 500 EX: 1. Mark Wood (CZ).

VINTAGE SPORTSMAN 500 PRO: 1. Gary Faxon (CZ).

GP 100 MODIFIED EX: 1. Michael Bierman (Hon).

GP 150 INT: 1. Michael Bierman (Hon); 2. Bob Seki (Hon); 3. Terry Russell (Yam).

GP 1 125 INT: 1. Travis McCaw (Hon); 2. Scott Piddington (Kaw).

GP 1 125 EX: 1. Kevin Temple (Yam).

GP 1 250 NOV: 1. Steve Voznick (Mai); 2. Pat Wilkining (Suz); 3. Gary Ward (Yam).

GP 1 250 INT: 1. Charles Hilton (Hon); 2. Michael Smole (Yam).

GP 1 250 EX: 1. Doug Reyes (Hon); 2. Ron Ratigan (Mai).

GP 1 500 INT: 1. Darrell Sedig (Mai).

GP 1 500 EX: 1. Carmen Cafro (Suz).

GP 2 125 EX: 1. Mark Sandzimier (Suz); 2. David MacDonald (Yam).

GP 2 250 EX: 1. Sterlyn Rigsby (Yam); 2. Kirk Chapman (Suz).

GP 2 500 NOV: 1. Kevin Reynolds (Mai); 2. Vince Laker (Hon).

GP 2 500 INT: 1. Bengt Luotenen (Mai).

GP 3 125 NOV: 1. Ed Larnerd (Yam).

GP 3 125 EX: 1. Kirk Jackson (Hon); 2. Ron Renzulli (Hon).

GP 3 250 EX: 1. David MacDonald (Yam).

OPEN AGE VINTAGE INT: 1. Dave Scourfield (CZ).

OPEN AGE VINTAGE EX: 1. Nick LaPaglia (CZ).

OPEN AGE GP INT: 1. Matt Tracy (Kaw); 2. Vince Laker (Hon).

OPEN AGE GP EX: 1. Shane Esposito (Yam); 2. Brian Tracy (Yam); 3. Scott Myers (Yam).

50+ VINTAGE INT: 1. Jeff Snyder (Hon); 2. Dave Scourfield (CZ); 3. Norm Himaka (Mai).

50+ VINTAGE EX: 1. Clark Jones (CZ); 2. Mike LaPaglia (CZ); 3. Steve Ellis (C-A); 4. Charlie Richardson (CZ); 5. Mark Wood (CZ).

50+ GP NOV: 1. Steve Voznick (Kaw); 2. Mike Stafford (Mai); 3. Kevin Reynolds (Mai); 4. Hal Voznick (Bul).

50+ GP INT: 1. Bengt Luotenen (Mai); 2. Don Hansing (Mai); 3. Ron Rinden (Hon); 4. Mark Stubbs (Hon); 5. Rich Ariesohn (Hon).

50+ GP EX: 1. Brad Morrison (Mai); 2. Dave Feeney (Hon); 3. Ron Ratigan (Hon); 4. Brent Koble (KTM); 5. Teddy Tempo (Yam).

60+ VINTAGE INT: 1. Steve Roach (CZ); 2. Chuck DeRan (Yam); 3. Craig Walker (CZ); 4. Dana Yenawine (CZ).

60+ GP INT: 1. Steve Gordon (Suz).

60+ GP EX: 1. Roland Rodriguez (Mai).

MODERN SUPPORT 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Tim Rasmussen (Yam); 2. Gideon Branch (Kaw); 3. Jeff Hjalmarson (Kaw); 4. Al Rogers (Hon); 5. Eric Fernandez (Hon).

MODERN SUPPORT 4-STROKE INT: 1. Rachel Coombs (Hon); 2. Mike Mallen (Yam); 3. David Riley (Kaw).


MODERN SUPPORT 2-STROKE INT: 1. Mikey Martin (Yam); 2. Tim Hoole (Yam); 3. Steve Gordon (Hon).

MODERN SUPPORT 2-STROKE EX: 1. Kirk Jackson (Hon); 2. Mark Sandzimier (Suz); 3. Ron Renzulli (Hon).

DUAL SPORT PRE-1990 INT: 1. Rick Guilmette (Yam).

DUAL SPORT POST-1990 INT: 1. Vince Laker (Hon).

3-WHEEL STOCK 250 INT: 1. John Robertson (Hon); 2. Jerry Nocciolo (Hon).

3-WHEEL STOCK 250 EX: 1. Tanner Pies (Hon).

SIDECAR: 1. Mark Wood/ Kathy Wood (BSU).

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