Inaugural Sacramento Amateur/Vintage Mile a Success!

| 10 June 2015 2:32 pm

CFTA California Flat Track Association Sacramento Amateur/Vintage Mile
Cal Expo Fairgrounds

Story and Photos by Karen Gould/Checkered Flag Photography

After months of preparation, the California Flat Track Association crew was excited and honored to start the day at the Sacramento Amateur Mile. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the track was outstanding – smooth and very racy. Two hundred and fifteen riders were entered to compete aboard bikes of every kind – old, new, brakeless, modern and vintage, from 250cc to 750cc.

Welcome to the Cal Expo Fairgrounds, site of the first-ever Sacramento Amateur/ Vintage Mile…

Welcome to the Cal Expo Fairgrounds, site of the first-ever Sacramento Amateur/ Vintage Mile…

Thanks go out to SMI for their invitation to make the 2015 Sacramento Amateur Mile a reality. A huge thanks also goes to Randy and Mary Kremlacek and Mike and Lynn Carli, the promoters, and to the CFTA crew, flag people and scorekeepers, most of whom volunteered their time doing the hands-on work, organizing and orchestrating everything to bring all the pieces together to help this event take place.

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The riders’ meeting opened the day with words from the AMA’s Joseph Bromley, who assured the riders that the points earned at the Sacramento Mile and other California Flat Track Association events would be combined with points earned at other AMA-sanctioned events in California, including those at the Lodi Cycle Bowl. Those comments were especially important to riders throughout the ranks who need points to move into more advanced classes of AMA competition. Mr. Bromley also offered inspiration and gratitude to the new AMA riders and the CFTA promoters for their participation in AMA events.

The riders’ meeting gets under way.

The riders’ meeting gets under way.

Safety for the day’s competition was a well-discussed topic in the meeting, introducing first-time Mile riders to some of the nuances of riding a Mile event. Well-seasoned riders also contributed their comments regarding safety.

The cooperation of the entrants in preregistering for this event prior to race day allowed the racing program to begin nearly as scheduled, with two open practice sessions followed by some 27 heat races.

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Ron Long (33) took the Vintage 500cc A main home.

Ron Long (33) took the Vintage 500cc A main home.

Riders came from afar for this opportunity to “ride the Mile.” One came from Europe – Dimitri Coste, also known as “the California guy living in Paris.” He has also ridden previous events in Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series in California. He is a photographer and journalist, and he will be putting together an article in a French magazine about riding the Sacramento Mile. Coste finished fourth in the Classic Brakeless main.

Dimitri Coste (67) came all the way from Europe to ride the first-ever Sacramento Amateur/ Vintage Mile.

Dimitri Coste (67) came all the way from Europe to ride the first-ever Sacramento Amateur/ Vintage Mile.

Gary Inman of Sideburn Magazine was also on hand to ride. Aboard Randy (“Krumple”) Kremlacek’s TT500, Inman finished seventh in the Vintage 500cc B main.

Gary Inman (74) in the Vintage 500cc B main event.

Gary Inman (74) in the Vintage 500cc B main event.

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As practice began, one of the CFTA poster riders, Chris Rudy, suffered a mechanical issue on his vintage Harley-Davidson and was out of the competition. Several others also met with mechanical malfunctions on bikes not used to the speed and endurance of a Mile track.

The start of the Senior Open contest.

The start of the Senior Open contest.

For many of those who were able to complete the competition, this was a day like no other. Comments such as “another lifetime dream has come true” and “can’t wait until next year” and “I had so much fun!” and more could be heard at the end of the day. Social media was also buzzing with everyone’s excitement.

The other CFTA poster rider, Tom Horton, finished first in several classes on this day aboard one of the many bikes (that all look the same) in his stable.

Tom Horton (55) was the winner of the Classic Brakeless class.

Tom Horton (55) was the winner of the Classic Brakeless class.

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The biggest classes of the day were the Senior Open A and Pro Singles A classes. Both mains had 16 riders on the start grid. Many Pros from the past were on hand to compete at the Mile, including Kenny Netto, Lonnie Pauly, Donnie Howard, Tom Horton and many others. Netto, Howard and Horton all finished first in their respective classes on this day.

“Uncle Bud” Riddle (96) led the Super Senior Open B field to the checkers.

“Uncle Bud” Riddle (96) led the Super Senior Open B field to the checkers.

Riding with the older Pros were the newer, current and upcoming Pros such as Kevin Stollings and John Vanderlaan – who were the winner and runner-up, respectively, of the Pro Singles A main event – and, again, Stollings, Brandon Green, and one of the only female riders in attendance, Julia Rankin. Stollings, Green and Rankin finished one, two and three, in that order, in the Expert Singles main.

Kevin Stollings (99) won the Pro Singles A main.

Kevin Stollings (99) won the Pro Singles A main.

Austin Helmholz and James Monaco finished first and second, respectively, in the Pro Twins class, followed by Shawn Raggio. All three are current National number holders.

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About the CFTA
The California Flat Track Association is dedicated to the growth of flat-track racing on the West Coast. They are currently involved in a nine-race series as well as promotion of flat-track schools in conjunction with Big Time Speedway and the Ride Like A Pro dirt-track school. The CFTA’s emphasis is on youth, families and spectators. The next CFTA event will take place at the Salinas Rodeo Grounds on June 13 and 14.

For information about the California Flat Track Association and its events, please go to

Cal Expo Fairgrounds
Sacramento, California
Unofficial Results: May 31, 2015

150 OPEN: 1. James Ott; 2. Dominic Cameron; 3. Tanner Dean; 4. Clayton Williams; 5. Hunter Brooks; 6. Jacob Cascio; 7. Michael Hill; 8. Kyle Raggio; 9. Renee Gardner; 10. Kenny Netto; 11. Charles Mattos; 12. Kimi Valentine; 13. Michael Burns.

OPEN A MAIN: 1. Ron Long; 2. Vince Holt; 3. Jim Moneghan; 4. Tom Horton; 5. James Ottele; 6. Wade Boyd; 7. John Lundgren; 8. Robert Bacosa; 9. Donnie Darrah; 10. Craig Scroggins; 11. Larry Earhart; 12. Ken Alderden; 13. Gene Fitzsimmons; 14. Perry Smith; 15. Max Capps; 16. Sam Marthaller Jr.

OPEN B MAIN: 1. Dave Keil; 2. Brad Raymond; 3. Ron Curti; 4. Rob Lanoy; 5. Barry Hiatt; 6. Jim Bruno; 7. Shane Van Sickle; 8. Lee Yetter; 9. Mark Hunter; 10. Cory Rich; 11. Larry Morrison.

AM SINGLES A: 1. Hale Bachman; 2. Tanner Dean; 3. Jimmy Gillen; 4. Darrel Beardsley; 5. Nolan Hunter; 6. Blake Thompson; 7. Jim Hoogerhyde; 8. Frankie Chesebro; 9. James Ott; 10. Parker Earhart; 11. Laramie Bystedt.

AM SINGLES B: 1. Cody Dyke; 2. Michael Hill; 3. Chris Larson; 4. Brad Miller; 5. Ron Duarte; 6. Renee Gardner; 7. Maxx Caps; 8. Jack Roberts; 9. Stephen Yoshida; 10. Karl Scheel; 11. Kenzie Rae.

EX SINGLES: 1. Kevin Stollings; 2. Brandon Green; 3. Julia Rankin; 4. Zach Johnson; 5. Jace Callison; 6. Michael Rodriguez; 7. Kevin Keeran; 8. Rick Goldrup; 9. Nathan Amies; 10. Robbie Hannah; 11. Robert Curry; 12. Paul Ott; 13. Brian Bartlow.

PRO SINGLES A MAIN: 1. Kevin Stollings; 2. John Vanderlaan; 3. Lonnie Pauly; 4. Casey Cahoon; 5. Tony Meiring; 6. Damon Coca; 7. Chris McDougal; 8. Austin Helmholz; 9. Beau Thompson; 10. Aidan Brown; 11. Kenny Alderden; 12. Christian Olguin; 13. Brandon Green; 14. Jake Burton; 15. Zach Johnson.

PRO SINGLES B MAIN: 1. Casey Cahoon; 2. Aidan Brown; 3. Jace Callison; 4. Chris Ryan; 5. Allison Stacey; 6. Charlie Vanderlaan; 7. Bobby Caldeira; 8. Rick Goldrup; 9. Nathan Amies; 10. Chad Valker; 11. Kevin Keeran.

PRO TWINS: 1. Austin Helmholz; 2. James Monaco; 3. Shawn Raggio.

VET 35+ A MAIN: 1. Don Howard; 2. Steve Liberty; 3. Robert Bacosa; 4. Wade Boyd; 5. Tom Horton; 6. Gene Fitzsimmons; 7. Kevin Keeran; 8. Rick Goldrup; 9. Robert Bush; 10. Chad Valker.

VET 35+ B MAIN: 1. Daniel Clark; 2. Bobby Stellfox Jr.; 3. Jeff Corcoran; 4. Chris Larson; 5. Zane Amaro; 6. Robert Bacosa Jr.; 7. Jack Roberts; 8. Karl Scheel.

SUPER SR OPEN A MAIN: 1. Ron Long; 2. Vince Holt; 3. Jim Monegan; 4. Jody Hale; 5. Ron Curtis; 6. Ron Kilby; 7. John Gugliemetti; 8. Tim Niles.

SUPER SR OPEN B MAIN: 1. Bud Riddle; 2. Mike Keith; 3. Nick Theroux; 4. Barry Hiatt; 5. Unknown; 6. Pete Porter; 7. Mike Rankin; 8. Lane Alle.


CLASSIC BRAKELESS: 1. Tom Horton; 2. Ken Netto; 3. Rodd Lighthouse; 4. Dimitri Coste; 5. Alan Shaw; 6. Allen Bruger.

VINTAGE 500: 1. Rick Reed; 2. Justin Heidt; 3. Roger Kilby; 4. Gene Fitzsimmons; 5. Mitch Gallagher; 6. Barry Hiatt; 7. Gary Inman; 8. Kevin Smith; 9. Brad Raymond; 10. Clay Murphy; 11. Julian Heppenkausen; 12. Anthony Monteleone; 13. Jimmy Clark.

VINTAGE 500 A MAIN: 1. Ron Long; 2. Jim Monegan; 3. Robert Morris; 4. Donnie Darrah; 5. Gary Durbin; 6. Jody Hale; 7. Rick Reed; 8. Jeff Corcoran; 9. Terry Graham; 10. Rob Lanoy; 11. Gene Fitzsimmons; 12. Jack Jones; 13. Mike Keith; 14. Justin Heidt.

VINTAGE TWINS: 1. Rick Reed; 2. Kenny Thiebaud; 3. Tom Horton; 4. Anthony Mitchell; 5. Robert Morris; 6. Steve Liberty; 7. James Otelle; 8. Dimitri Coste; 9. Mitch Gallagher; 10. Josh Klotovich; 11. Maury Austin; 12. Tim Niles; 13. Julian Heppenkausen; 14. Kenny Thiebaud; 15. Mike Fowler.

MODERN VINTAGE: 1. Ken Netto; 2. John Lundgren; 3. James McAllister; 4. Jack Jones; 5. Tim Skov; 6. Mike Fowler; 7. Cory Rich; 8. Sam Marthaller Jr.; 9. Jim Alderson; 10. Laramie Bystedt.

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