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| 30 June 2015 11:49 am

Reader’s Point-of-View: Rebuilding a Memory

Courtesy of John Simanovich Jr.

[Note: This arrived at Today’s Cycle Coverage following our coverage of the 2015 Hell On Wheels event… Editor]

The smallest gestures can often times make the biggest difference in someone’s life. One of the most special gifts I ever received was the gift of an old family motorcycle passed along from my uncle.

The author at this year’s Hell On Wheels event.

The author at this year’s Hell On Wheels event.

When my Pops, John Simanovich Sr., passed away on November 4, 2013, we were coming into the time of year that he and I often spent at the track for the annual Day in the Dirt, an event from which we shared some of our best memories.

That following April, in 2014, I picked up a box of parts that had sat dormant for nearly 20 years in the back of a storage unit. With little or nothing to use as reference, not even so much as an owner’s manual, I began to reconstruct what was once the first bike my father purchased for my mother back in 1975 – a Honda Elsinore CR125.

What he started out with…

What he started out with…

When I experienced my first Hell On Wheels race at Milestone in June of 2014, I knew I had to complete this bike build for Day in the Dirt, to honor the legacy of my father, John Sr. Having spent countless nights and hours searching the Web and grinding away in the garage on what I thought would never see the light of day, the bike came together on the evening of Thanksgiving, just days before I was set to race, thanks to help of my family and friends.

…and what he ended up with.

…and what he ended up with.

Knowing the challenges I experienced with restoring the old family dirt bike, along with sharing what I believed were probably many of the same challenges my dad had faced, looking back on the build, it really made me appreciate and cherish not only the time spent working on the old Elsinore, but also the many years of racing alongside my dad and the countless hours he devoted to the sport.

In the end, I was able to “capture the victory” in this bike’s return to glory, and I added another trophy (ahem – dust collector) to all the memorable moments spent riding a dirt bike.

– John Simanovich Jr.

Having fun riding a memory rebuilt.

Having fun riding a memory rebuilt.

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