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| 18 July 2015 2:07 pm

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Goshen Iron Horseman Clubgrounds

Story by Bud Northrup
GOSHEN, IN, MAY 17, 2015

Riders from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa turned out for the May 17 hillclimb at the Goshen Iron Horseman clubgrounds. Morgan Wheelwright and her dad, Eric Wheelwright, each claimed two class wins, as did Wade Schultz, while Mike Pulver was a triple-class winner. Tyler Woodrum was the overall fastest rider of the day, while Andrew Fortner set the Youth Fast Time.

Morgan Wheelwright claimed her wins in the Women’s and 200cc classes. Riding her fast KTM 200, her 5.873-second first run was good for the Women’s class win, ahead of Amber Fraedrich, who had a 6.374-second time on her Yamaha, and Emily Schultz, who posted a 6.939-second time on her KTM for third place.

Morgan returned with her KTM in the 200cc class with rides of 6.143 and 5.854 seconds to claim that win. KTM rider Schultz was second in 6.257 seconds, and Tom Ruid was third.

Eric Wheelwright took his first win of the day in the 250cc class on his YZ250 with a come-from-behind time of 5.293 seconds, after crashing hard at 70 feet on his first ride. Andrew Fortner was second with a 5.817 second-run, followed by Tyler Woodrum.

Eric continued his winning ways in the 450cc class with a very good 5.163-second run in the second round on his KTM, overtaking Kirk Gorsuch and his 5.263-second run on his KX450. Matt Steffen was third on his Honda.

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Gorsuch got “even,” however, as he brought his KX450 back for a 5.392-second class-winning time in the 600cc Four-stroke class. Wheelwright was second with a 5.589-second ride on his KTM.

“Wild Wade” Schultz got his wins on big bikes, the first one coming on his awesome Suzuki four-banger in the Open class. His 5.528-second ride in the first round was good for the win, over Tommy Heid and his Harley, but he crashed on his second run trying for the fast time of the day.

Wade switched big bikes for the Senior (Over 40) class, sailing his Harley over the top in 5.186 seconds after crashing at 128 feet on his first ride. This was just good enough to beat Eric Wheelwright, who posted a good 5.238-second run on his KTM for second place. Mike Pulver was third.

Pulver strung together three consecutive wins, taking the Super Senior (Over 50), 400cc Stock and Open Stock-class wins.

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Tyler Woodrum posted a good 5.443-second time on his CR500 in the 600cc class’ first round, and then absolutely blitzed the hill in a high-flying 4.513-second run on his second ride to take not only the class win but also Fast Time of the Day. Wade Schultz was second on his Honda in 5.400 seconds, and Kirk Gorsuch was third.

In Youth action, Andrew “Little Fast Andy” Fortner posted times of 6.128 and 5.934 seconds on his YZ85 to win the 85cc Senior Mini class and also set the Youth Fast Time. Corbin Davis was second in 6.336 seconds, with Reid Van Wyk third.

Nathan Prins was the 50cc winner, with Lyla Carlson second and Dominic Sanders Jr. placing third.

Lilah McGurer was the best of the 65cc-class riders. Dominic Sanders Jr. was second this time out, and Cameron Hood was third.

Kyle Jerls was the 85cc Junior Mini winner. Lilah McGurer was second.

Goshen Iron Horseman clubgrounds

Goshen, Indiana

Results: May 17, 2015

50: 1. Nathan Prins; 2. Lyla Carlson; 3. Dominic Sanders Jr.

65: 1. Lilah McGurer; 2. Dominic Sanders Jr.; 3. Cameron Hodyna; 4. Nathan Prins.

85 JR: 1. Kyle Jerls; 2. Lilah McGurer.

85 SR: 1. Andrew Fortner; 2. Corbin Davis; 3. Reid Van Wyk; 4. James Grenert; 5. Caleb Anglin.

125: 1. Corbin Davis; 2. Emily Schultz; 3. Morgan Wheelwright; 4. Kyle Jerls; 5. Keegan Anglin.

200: 1. Morgan Wheelwright; 2. Emily Schultz; 3. Tom Ruid; 4. Sami Oakes Jerls; 5. David Prins.

250: 1. Eric Wheelwright; 2. Andrew Fortner; 3. Tyler Woodrum; 4. Jon Creek; 5. Brett Muckey.

400 STOCK: 1. Mike Pulver; 2. Jon Creek; 3. Kyle Galloway; 4. Brix McFee.

450: 1. Eric Wheelwright; 2. Kirk Gorsuch; 3. Matt Steffen; 4. Kyle Jacobs; 5. Trey Magstone.

600: 1. Tyler Woodrum; 2. Wade Schultz; 3. Kirk Gorsuch; 4. Kyle Galloway; 5. Jon Creek.

600 4-STROKE: 1. Kirk Gorsuch; 2. Eric Wheelwright; 3. Kyle Jacobs; 4. Matt Steffen; 5. Spike Ferguson.

750: 1. Kyle Jacobs; 2. Michael See; 3. Jacob See; 4. Rich Bemis.

OPEN: 1. Wade Schultz; 2. Tommy Heid.

OPEN STOCK: 1. Mike Pulver; 2. Marshall Dillon; 3. Jon Creek; 4. Brix McFee; 5. Jason Hagsism.

WOMEN: 1. Morgan Wheelwright; 2. Amber Fraedrich; 3. Emily Schultz; 4. Sami Oaks Jerls; 5. Keara Finkbeinres.

40+: 1. Wade Schultz; 2. Eric Wheelwright; 3. Mike Pulver; 4. Kyle Galloway; 5. Spike Ferguson.

50+: 1. Mike Pulver; 2. Brix McFee; 3. Bill Jacobs; 4. Roger C. Riddell.

VINTAGE: 1. Bill Jacobs; 2. Clint Storms; 3. Keith Williams; 4. “Cue Ball”; 5. Jacob See.

YOUTH FAST TIME: Andrew Fortner (5. 934 seconds).

OVERALL FAST TIME: Tyler Woodrum (4. 513 seconds).

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