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| 15 May 2016 1:42 pm

AHRMA Preston Petty Products Vintage MX National
AHRMA Race Tech Post-Vintage MX National
Diamond Don’s 14th Annual Riverport National

Story by Roy Jenkins
Photos by Dale Winczewski/MX Photography
JEFFERSON, TX, APR. 8-10, 2016

Diamond Don and AHRMA teamed up again to present the biggest and most fun Vintage Off-Road motorcycle race in America! Unlike last year’s rain and mud, this year the weather was solid – partly cloudy and a light breeze, which made for a fast track. AHRMA set an all-time record for post-entries at 360 for the weekend. Allowing racers to register for Saturday and Sunday at the same time improved the process. More than 900 patrons came through the gate; that’s up from 700 last year. Trials also broke a record, with 27 this year.

Trey Jorski was a Kawasaki jockey on Saturday at Diamond Don’s 14th annual Riverport National.

Trey Jorski was a Kawasaki jockey on Saturday at Diamond Don’s 14th annual Riverport National.

Country-music star Lyle Lovett came out last year as a spectator, and he must have caught the MX virus: This year, he raced a 125cc Husky and scored a trophy.

Arlo Englund and his wife and sister were honored as the Legend of the Weekend. Arlo enjoyed riding the Scott Sears custom-built 1981 YZ465 and was flying around the track… until he ran out of gas.

More than $3,300 was raised for the Wetlands Foundation by the bike raffle. Bruce MacFarlane of Rapid Skunk Racing in Shreveport, Louisiana, won the bike.

Brad Lackey brought his T-shirt exhibit and signed shirts. He even had some Preston Petty shirts to help defray costs for Preston himself.

Guy Cooper and Trey Jorski were the two big names racing on this weekend. Cooper won his motos on Saturday but had to leave for a Sunday appointment. Last year’s legend, Trey Jorski, not only displayed his speed but won the golf challenge with his teammate, 100cc ace Tim Borgfield. Steve Wise brought the spirited (no pun intended) Sunday morning worship service and hung out to play for two days.

Guy Cooper (14) was top dog on the first day of the event.

Guy Cooper (14) was top dog on the first day of the event.

Saturday’s Preston Petty Vintage race started off with a bang, as the older experts raced – the Premier 500, Over 60 and Over 70 riders. Peter Lawson took his Triumph to a double-moto victory, over Beno Rodi’s Indian.

Wes Willis got excited in the second moto and rode his Husky to victory, over CZ-mounted Mark Moore and Skip Kennedy.

Wes Willis (28Y) won Saturday’s Over 60 Expert contest.

Wes Willis (28Y) won Saturday’s Over 60 Expert contest.

In the Over 70 class, it was Californian Ray Atkinson taking his BSA to a double-moto win, over Diamond Don and Zahn Lewis.

Floridian Mike Brown won both motos, ahead of 14 other riders, in the Over 60 Intermediate class. A couple of Texans on Hondas finished behind him – Mark Kowalczyk and Kevin Brown.

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Another 14-rider gate was the one for the Over 50 Experts, which, not surprisingly, was won by Guy Cooper. However, a game Trey Jorski made him earn it. Jorski was leading coming out of the woods, but he got too deep into the sandy turn and missed a gear, and then another coming over the levee jump, which allowed Cooper to take over for good. Phil Reed put in a good, strong ride to finish third. Two of the suspension tuners (of the three who were in the pits) had their own race; Clark Jones bested Rhett Smith for the fourth position.

Trey Jorski (49), Guy Cooper (14) and Phil Reed (17R) lead the pack off the start of Saturday’s Over 50 Expert contest.

Trey Jorski (49), Guy Cooper (14) and Phil Reed (17R) lead the pack off the start of Saturday’s Over 50 Expert contest.

Maico-mounted Tim Clendenin made North Carolina proud by winning the always large Over 50 Intermediate class. Although Mark Hosbach won the first moto, he tallied a DNF in the second stanza, which opened the door for Gary Davis’s Maico, Bill Walker’s Bultaco and William Denner’s Husky.

One of the stories of the weekend was about the Thomas brothers, as Cody “the Youngster” and Chad “the Youngest” were riding their Orazio Hondas like they had stolen them. At one point, they had Bultaco star Mark Stalhman in a sandwich.

“Yeah, it was me and Cody and Chad on the little 125s, screaming down the back straightaway, whiskey-throttling wide open over the bumps,” Stalhman reported. “The spectators were jumping up and down, going crazy! We came over the ‘Big Air’ jump side by side; no one wanted to let off. Then my bike blew up!”

Chad Thomas (333) was a busy man all weekend in Jefferson, Texas.

Chad Thomas (333) was a busy man all weekend in Jefferson, Texas.

Older brother Cody went on to take the double-moto victory when Chad had bike troubles that sent him back to fifth. Travis Shackelford took second in the first moto, but Chad came back to take second, behind his brother, in the second moto. Ohio rider Jeffrey Clark took second overall with his 3-3 tally, Shackelford was third with his 2-4 score, and Thomas was fourth with his 5-2 results for Louisiana.

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CZ-mounted Clark Jones won the double-moto victory in the Sportsman 250cc Expert class, over Texans Matthew Mosely and Travis Shackelford. Trevor Tollett was fourth.

Not to be outdone, the other suspension guru, Rhett Smith, took his CZ to a double-moto victory in the Sportsman 500vv Expert class for South Carolina. He beat Bart Watts, Jeff Acklen and Dale Burroughs.

Guy Cooper brought his Oklahoma Suzuki to victory in the Open Age Expert class, over Texans Bubba Dennis and Matthew Mosely.

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The weather was great on Sunday, too, with a few clouds and a gentle breeze to keep the heat down.

While Guy Cooper won the DD 100 Challenge Expert class on Saturday, it was Cody Thomas who won on Sunday. He had actually stayed right on Cooper’s rear fender for a couple of laps on Saturday before they got tangled up with a lapper and Thomas had to retire with a handlebar through his goggles and a shifter wrapped around the peg. On this day, Thomas had the track to himself. Michael Keating stayed in second, and there was a hot battle between Louisianans Bryce Landry and Stuart McAvoy; they swapped third and fourth behind the leaders for their finishes.

Cody Thomas (668) rode his Yamaha to the win in the DD 100 Challenge Expert contest on Sunday.

Cody Thomas (668) rode his Yamaha to the win in the DD 100 Challenge Expert contest on Sunday.

Tommy Cannon rolled to victories on his Husky in the Historic 500cc Expert class, in front of Alan Drane and Peter Lawson.

In GP 125ccc Expert action, Murray Kaiman took his Suzuki to the overall win, over Doc Tollet’s Honda and the off-road director, Fred Guidi.

Cannon got a new Maico recently, and he rode it to victory in the GP 500cc Expert class.

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Louisiana speedster Joel White won the first moto of the Ultima 500cc Expert class, but he had to settle for fourth in the second moto when he ran out of gas. Texan Gary Emerson took the overall with his 2-1 tally, over Colorado’s Scott Sears (3-2).

White went on to win the Ultima 250cc Expert class as well.

Gary Emerson (9R) went 2-1 for the overall Ultima 500cc Expert victory. Joel White (742) took third overall in that class with a 1-4 score. Tommy Cannon (718) blasted to the Historic 500cc Expert and GP 500cc Expert wins.

Gary Emerson (9R) went 2-1 for the overall Ultima 500cc Expert victory. Joel White (742) took third overall in that class with a 1-4 score. Tommy Cannon (718) blasted to the Historic 500cc Expert and GP 500cc Expert wins.

I can’t speak for my announcing partner J.P. Parsons, but the most exciting moment of the day for me came in the Over 50 Expert class. Hoot Parker and Trey Jorski were battling so hard and close that you could have thrown a blanket over them. Parker made the most beautiful two-turn pass to take the lead for good, right in front of the announcing stand!

“I noticed he [Jorski] was drifting outside as I followed for a couple laps,” Hoot said. “At the flag turn, I ducked inside and decided to keep the inside through the mud in the left-hand sweeper, gambling that my bike would hold. It did. Then I cut back behind him to the next right-hander to take the inside line.”

As this reporter was watching all this unfold, I held my breath when he went through the mudhole, as hardly anyone else was doing it. Jorski managed to stay ahead of him, but without letting off, Parker brushed his rear fender to cross into the inside. I told Hoot at the trophy presentation that he now had a target on his back for next year. Gary Emerson and Stuart McAvoy finished behind them.

Trey Jorski (49) was Honda-mounted on Sunday, taking runner-up in the Over 50 Expert contest.

Trey Jorski (49) was Honda-mounted on Sunday, taking runner-up in the Over 50 Expert contest.

Room does not allow for all the racers and their individual stories, but many thanks to them for putting their money, bikes, health and skill on the line for the show!

Diamond Don would like to thank all the sponsors, racers, employees, volunteers and AHRMA. Without their support, he couldn’t have pulled off this race. A special thank-you goes out to Willie Turlington for working around the race course and Melissa Moit for working long hours to answer questions and organize race details and events. A big thanks also goes out to Mike Haynes and Chicago Jerry for all their prep work on the CC course, and the Jay Huffman trials crew.

For more information on the event, please go to, and for more info on more Vintage racing, pleased go to

Diamond Don’s Riverport National
Jefferson, Texas
Results: April 9-10, 2015

Saturday – Vintage

100 NOV: 1. Denis Jeffries (Hod); 2. Jesse Vinyard (Hod); 3. Gary Capps (Hod); 4. Mike James (Hod).

100 INT: 1. James Winn III (Hsq); 2. Brian Miller (Hod); 3. Mark Eichhorn (Hod); 4. Bruce Capps (Hod); 5. Larry Perkins (Hod).

100 EX: 1. Tim Borgfield (Hod); 2. Corky Root (Hod); 3. Carl Mabrey (Yam).

PREMIER LIGHTWEIGHT NOV: 1. Bryan Johnson (Hon).

PREMIER 350 EX: 1. Beno Rodi (BSA); 2. Corky Root (BSA); 3. Wes Willis (BSA).

PREMIER 500 INT: 1. Joe Edwards (Ric).

PREMIER 500 EX: 1. Peter Lawson (Tri); 2. Beno Rodi (Ind).

PREMIER OPEN TWIN INT: 1. Joe Edwards (Ric).

PREMIER OPEN TWIN EX: 1. Peter Lawson (Nor); 2. Beno Rodi (Nor).

CLASSIC 125 NOV: 1. Mike Gray (CZ); 2. David Terrell (CZ); 3. Pat Bailey (Hon); 4. Jason Lamar (Pen); 5. Rick Field (Hsq).

CLASSIC 125 INT: 1. Garrett English (Hon); 2. Thom Kuhns (Puc); 3. Lyle Lovett (Hus); 4. Henry Gregorich (Hod); 5. John Griffin Jr. (Hon).

CLASSIC 500 INT: 1. Kenneth Jeter (BSA); 2. Scott Andersen (AJS); 3. Mike Shelby (Bul).

CLASSIC 500 EX: 1. James Smith (C-A).

EARLY SPORTSMAN STOCK 250 INT: 1. Bill Orth (Oss); 2. David Crawford (Bul); 3. Steve Elms (Bul).

EARLY SPORTSMAN STOCK 500 NOV: 1. James Bailey (Hon).

EARLY SPORTSMAN STOCK 500 INT: 1. John Foster (CZ); 2. Darel Parsons (Tri); 3. Jimmy Winn (Hsq); 4. Bill Orth (Hsq); 5. Larry Reiter (BSA).

EARLY SPORTSMAN STOCK 500 EX: 1. Peter Lawson (BSA); 2. Ray Atkinson (BSA).


SPORTSMAN 125 NOV: 1. Rusty Reed (Hsq).

SPORTSMAN 125 INT: 1. Mike McCloud (Hon); 2. Garrett English (Yam); 3. Nick Crawford (Hod); 4. Gary Broyles (Yam); 5. Nick Miller (Hod).

SPORTSMAN 125 EX: 1. Cody Thomas (Hon); 2. Jeffrey Clark (Hon); 3. Travis Shackelford (Bul); 4. Chad Thomas (Hon); 5. Robert Lemevstoll (Yam).

SPORTSMAN 250 NOV: 1. Justin Holcomb (Hon); 2. Jesse Vinyard (Yam); 3. John Putkey (CZ); 4. Terry McPhillips (Bul); 5. William Hatcher (Bul).

SPORTSMAN 250 INT: 1. John Fricke (Kaw); 2. Robert Boyer (CZ); 3. Kevin Cleveland (Kaw); 4. Tim Wise (Hon); 5. Steve Tomlinson (Kaw).

SPORTSMAN 250 EX: 1. Clark Jones (CZ); 2. Matthew Moseley (Kaw); 3. Travis Shackelford (Suz); 4. Trevor Tollett (Suz); Kevin O’Brien (Yam).

SPORTSMAN 500 NOV: 1. Tom Shackelford (CZ); 2. Greg Conn (CZ); 3. Krista Nylander (Bul).

SPORTSMAN 500 INT: 1. Mark Hosbach (Kaw); 2. Jeff Hands (CZ); 3. Michael Harding (CZ); 4. Niels Jensen (CZ); 5. Craig Parsons (Bul).

SPORTSMAN 500 EX: 1. Rhett Smith (CZ); 2. Bart Watts (Mai); 3. Jeff Acklen (Kaw); 4. Dale Burroughs (CZ); 5. Allen Schuck (Mai).

WOMEN INT: 1. Alison Watts (Mai); 2. Krista Nylander (Bul); 3. Maranda Anderson (Hon).

40+ NOV: 1. Rusty Reed (CZ).

40+ INT: 1. Robert Boyer (CZ); 2. Randy Howell (CZ); 3. Aaron Kloppe (Pen); 4. Brian Oakley (Bul).

40+ EX: 1. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 2. Bart Watts (Mai).

50+ NOV: 1. Michael Elshout (Suz); 2. John Flemister (Yam); 3. Rusty Reed (CZ); 4. Mike Gray (CZ); 5. Tim Todd (Yam).

50+ INT: 1. Tim Clendenin (Mai); 2. Gary Davis (Mai); 3. Bill Walker (Bul); 4. William Fenner (Hsq); 5. Robert Hedge (Hsq).

50+ EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Suz); 2. Trey Jorski (Kaw); 3. Phil Reed (Kaw); 4. Clark Jones (CZ); 5. Rhett Smith (CZ).

60+ NOV: 1. Terry McPhillips (Bul); 2. Mike Harlan (CZ); 3. Denis Jeffries (Hsq); 4. Pat Bailey (Hon); 5. Mark Waller (Hon).

60+ INT: 1. Mike Brown (Hon); 2. Mark Kowalczyk (Hon); 3. Kevin Brown (Hon); 4. Gayland Bennett (Yam); 5. Marc Warburton (Mai).

60+ EX: 1. Wes Willis (Hus); 2. Mark Moore (CZ); 3. Skip Kennedy (CZ); 4. David Bibby (Hus); 5. Allen Schuck (Mai).

70+ NOV: 1. Michael Collier (Hon); 2. John Bezinque (CZ).

70+ INT: 1. Tray Blanchard (Mai); 2. Gary Taylor (CZ); 3. Charles Matheny (Kaw).

70+ EX: 1. Ray Atkinson (BSA); 2. Don Rainey (Hon); 3. Zahn Lewis (C-A); 4. James Ealer Sr. (Bul); 5. Gary Anderson (CZ).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. Justin Holcomb (Hon); 2. Lance Fausett (CZ); 3. Mark Waller (Hon); 4. Mark Smithard (BSA).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Kevin Cleveland (Kaw); 2. Steve Tomlinson (Kaw); 3. Brian Oakley (Bul); 4. Lindsay Harper (Bul); 5. Christopher Spargo (Hon).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. Guy Cooper (Suz); 2. Bubba Dennis (Mai); 3. Matthew Moseley (Kaw); 4. Chad Thomas (Hon); 5. Chris Todd (CZ).

Sunday – Post-Vintage

DD 100 CHALLENGE POST-VINTAGE EX: 1. Cody Thomas (Yam); 2. Michael Keating (Suz); 3. Bryce Landry (Hon); 4. Stuart McAvoy (Yam); 5. Travis Shackelford (Hon).

DD 100 CHALLENGE POST-VINTAGE INT: 1. Bryan Hedge (Yam); 2. Mike Aymond.

DD 100 CHALLENGE VINTAGE EX: 1. Tim Borgfield (Hod).

AHRMA Classes

HISTORIC 125 NOV: 1. Dallas Winter (Yam).

HISTORIC 125 INT: 1. Darel Parsons (Yam); 2. Albert Newmann (Yam); 3. Paul Massamore (Hon).

HISTORIC 125 EX: 1. Shawn O’Connor (Hon).

HISTORIC 250 NOV: 1. Liam Brookman (Pen); 2. Terry McPhillips (Bul); 3. Justin Wynn (Hon).

HISTORIC 250 INT: 1. Mark Smith (Yam); 2. Keith Davis (Hon); 3. Michael Harding (Mon); 4. John Struckhoff (Hod); 5. John Brookman (Mai).

HISTORIC 250 EX: 1. Louis Leblanc (Hon).

HISTORIC 500 NOV: 1. James Bailey (Yam); 2. Greg Conn (CZ); 3. Terry McPhillips (Bul).

HISTORIC 500 INT: 1. Doug Fisher (Mon); 2. Tim Wise (Yam); 3. Wesley Wallace (Suz); 4. Gary Davis (Bul); 5. Jeff Daly (Suz).

HISTORIC 500 EX: 1. Tommy Cannon (Hsq); 2. Alan Drane (Mai); 3. Peter Lawson (Kaw).

HISTORIC 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Mark Smithard (BSA).

GP 125 NOV: 1. Tim Todd (Yam).

GP 125 INT: 1. Cory Carr (Hon); 2. Jonathan Dunn (Yam); 3. Tad Breaux (Hon); 4. Mark Woolard (Yam); 5. Ray Barrow (Suz).

GP 125 EX: 1. Murray Kaiman (Suz); 2. Mike “Doc” Tollett (Hon); 3. Fred Guidi (Hon); 4. Travis Schackelford (Hon).

GP 250 NOV: 1. Brian Goninan (Yam); 2. Don Cerise (Hon); 3. Mike Ryan (Hon).

GP 250 INT: 1. Nick Miller (Hon); 2. Mirko Lucchi (Hon); 3. Craig Knight (Kaw); 4. Garrett English (Yam); 5. Robert Boyer (C-A).

GP 250 EX: 1. Quincy Stewart (Yam); 2. Parker Jones (Hsq); 3. Dennis Goodson (Hon); 4. Hoot Parker (Hon); 5. Matthew Mosely (Kaw).

GP 500 NOV: 1. Tony Dunnam (Hus); 2. Scott Rohr (Yam); 3. Bruce Keene (Yam); 4. Dal Aymond (Mai); 5. Tom O’Kelly (Suz).

GP 500 INT: 1. Tim Clendenin (Mai); 2. Mark Hosbach (Hsq); 3. Garrett English (Yam); 4. Chris Ingram (Yam); 5. Jeff Daily.

GP 500 EX: 1. Tommy Cannon (Mai); 2. Bart Watts (Mai); 3. Rhett Smith (Mai); 4. Dale Burroughs (Yam).

ULTIMA 125 NOV: 1. Justin Holcomb (Hon); 2. Greg Davidovich (Hon).

ULTIMA 125 INT: 1. Jeff Marks (Suz); 2. Casey Corley (Hon); 3. Robert Hedge (Suz); 4. Jeff Ray (Suz); 5. Brant Wedding (Kaw).

ULTIMA 125 EX: 1. Cody Thomas (Yam); 2. Chad Thomas (Hon).

ULTIMA 250 NOV: 1. Carlos Arguelles (Yam).

ULTIMA 250 INT: 1. Mike Groce (Yam); 2. Mitch McGinnis (Mai); 3. Wes Huffman (Yam); 4. Kenneth Crawford (Yam); 5. Mike McFarlin (Kaw).

ULTIMA 250 EX: 1. Joel White (Hon); 2. Quincy Stewart (Yam); 3. Wesley Chanier (Hon); 4. Bryce Landry (Hon); 5. Bob Bean (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 NOV: 1. Greg Pacini (Yam); 2. J.P. Sharp (Yam).

ULTIMA 500 INT: 1. James Winn III (Yam); 2. Joey Frandria (Hon); 3. Michael Elshout (Hon); 4. John Fedor (Hon); 5. Scott March (Hon).

ULTIMA 500 EX: 1. Gary Emerson (Hon); 2. Scott Sears (Mai); 3. Joel White (Hon); 4. Bob Bean (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE NOV: 1. Tom O’Kelly (Suz).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE INT: 1. Eddie Parks (Hon); 2. Robert Doiron (Yam); 3. Bill Orth (Hon).

ULTIMA 4-STROKE EX: 1. Bubba Dennis (Hon); 2. Mike Parker (Hon); 3. Steve Foster (Yam).

WOMEN NOV: 1. Mary Cutshaw (Yam); 2. Dallas Winter (Yam).

WOMEN INT: 1. Maranda Anderson (Hon); 2. Sheila Monk (Suz).

40+ NOV: 1. Sheila Monk (Hon).

40+ INT: 1. Deral Hunter (Yam); 2. Wes Huffman (Yam); 3. Joey Frandria (Hon); 4. Randy Howell (Suz); 5. Robert Boyer (Yam).

40+ EX: 1. Allen Rushing (Hon); 2. Trey Jorski (Hon).

50+ NOV: 1. Larry Navarro (Yam); 2. Don Cerise (Hon); 3. William Shane (Yam); 4. Tim Todd (Yam); 5. Mark Smithard (BSA).

50+ INT: 1. Tim Clendenin (Bul); 2. Mitch McGinnis (Mai); 3. Rob Springer (Yam); 4. Brian Smith (Hon); 5. Dean Haight (Hon).

50+ EX: 1. Hoot Parker (Hon); 2. Trey Jorski (Hon); 3. Gary Emerson (Hon); 4. Stuart McAvoy (Hon); 5. Rhett Smith (Mai).

60+ NOV: 1. Greg Pacini (Yam); 2. Fred Mears (Hon); 3. John Henderson (Yam); 4. Rick Field (Hsq).

60+ INT: 1. Ray Dunaway Jr. (Hon); 2. Mike Herron (Suz); 3. Tony Moseley (Kaw); 4. Buck Swafford (Mai); 5. Skip Miller (KTM).

60+ EX: 1. Bob Bean (Hon); 2. Joe Busby (Hon); 3. John Gott (Yam); 4. Rob Phelan (Rok); 5. Wes Willis (Hon).

70+ NOV: 1. Michael Collier (Hon); 2. Tom O’Kelly (Hon); 3. Frank Spangler (Yam).

70+ INT: 1. Bill Walker (Hon); 2. Tray Blanchard (Mai); 3. Robert Guilbeau (Suz); 4. Bill Fleming (Suz); 5. Brooks Blair (Suz).

70+ EX: 1. Zahn Lewis (Suz); 2. Gary Anderson (CZ).

OPEN AGE NOV: 1. Lance Fausett (Suz); 2. Justin Holcomb (Hon); 3. Carlos Arguelles (Yam); 4. Mark Smithard (BSA).

OPEN AGE INT: 1. Michael Elshout (Hon); 2. Mirko Lucchi (Hon); 3. Larry Perkins (Yam); 4. Eddie Lee (Yam); 5. Dakota Pieratt (Hsq).

OPEN AGE EX: 1. Wesley Chanier (Hon); 2. Joel White (Hon); 3. Chris Todd (Yam); 4. Chad Thomas (Hon); 5. Jeffrey Clark (Mai).

PRE-MODERN NOV: 1. Mike Comfort (Hon); 2. Mark Sharp (Yam).

PRE-MODERN INT: 1. Steve Tomlinson (Kaw).

PRE-MODERN EX: 1. Kevin Hutchinson (Hon); 2. Dale Burroughs (Yam).

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