Race Report from NHHA Round Six, Take Two: Patty Blais

| 17 November 2016 1:37 pm

NHHA National Hare and Hound Association Championship Series
Round 6: Jackrabbits MC at Spangler Hills OHV

By Patty Blais
Courtesy of Blais Racing Services
Photos by Grumpy

Race Report by Patty Blais, ATV Expert Third Overall
When I saw the flyer for the Jackrabbits MC National Hare & Hound, I got really excited, as they were going to let the ATVs race the first three loops (of four). This would total 65 miles (on paper), and in the end, we would race over 75 miles!

ATV rider Patty Blais took third overall at round six of the NHHA Championship Series.

ATV rider Patty Blais took third overall at round six of the NHHA Championship Series.

Patty Blais and friends at the Jackrabbits Hare and Hound.

Patty Blais and friends at the Jackrabbits Hare and Hound.

Two weeks prior to the race, I started hitting the gym hard, because I’ve been skipping some yoga classes and other classes here and there, and I knew I needed to get my stamina up. That gosh-darn stair climber never disappoints!

Since my hubby [Chris Blais] was going to be at the WORCS races all weekend at our local Glen Helen Raceway, I had to figure out who I was going to pit with. My strategy was easy, since I can go 80 miles on my 3.5-gallon IMS desert tank. I wasn’t going to gas unless I felt I needed to. Well, I still need people to know I’m out there by myself, so my good friend Ricky “Pinche” Brabec said “no problem” to me parking with him and Johnny. Our friend Jeremy “Gerbil” Doerksen took care of my two pit stops like a pro! Luckily, I had no flats and only needed a splash of gas for safety on my second pit. Good thing I did this, as the course was a little bit longer that we were told.

I had a great start on the bomb run, with my buddies Jose “Mijo” Torres and Jay “Boo” Young charging hard with me, then dropping right in front of me on my good line! I think I was about the sixth or seventh person of 12 to the end of the bomb and into the open desert.

The first loop was totally all me! Fast washes and fun fun FUN! I love going fast way more than racing through the technical rocks.

I had a great first lap, passed a couple people along the way after losing ribbon twice (oops!), and the fast sand washes just put a huge smile on my face! My quad is so dialed that fifth gear in the sand washes was no problem! So much fun!

My first pit was basically having Jeremy pour water all over my back. It was a hot day, and this totally helped keep my undershirt nice and damp to keep me cool.

The second loop did not disappoint, either! After getting mooned by two Jackrabbits MC members – my longtime friends Andy Vandenberg and his dad, “B-Rad” – I laughed my way through the trails and almost ate it hard at an unmarked four-foot ditch. Oh my God, my neck almost snapped in two after slamming on the brakes and slamming into the face of the other side. Ha ha! There were actually a few of these suckers in the area; I had to keep an eye out, for sure!


At my second pit stop, Jeremy gave me a splash of gas and some more water. After asking for more water on my body and him telling me there was no more, I looked over and saw “Pinche” Ricky holding a nice, fresh, ice-cold bottle of water. I screamed at him, “Pinche, please come pour that on my back – and my front!” Oh, it felt amazing, and I was ready for my last lap.

As I left the pit, Ricky yelled some profanity at me about my nipples and the cold water, and as I took off, I couldn’t quit laughing. He had just won the overall!


Loop three was not my favorite, but very typical Spangler Hills – soft and sandy, choppy whoops through the single-track trails. The cross-grain was totally killing my wrists – ouch! I was yelling out some profanities and yelling for my mommy! Ha ha! I sort of do these things on purpose to keep me laughing and to make light of the situation.

The weather was getting so hot during this lap – oh my God. The temps reaching 100 degrees and me getting really hungry gave me a major headache. I pushed on!

After seeing the 65-mile marker, I got really excited! The end was almost near… or was it? Seemed like another 10 miles before even being able to see the finish line.


With a few more miles to go, I saw my good friend Colt “Gerald” Brinkerhoff lying under his quad. It freaked me out to see him lying there like that, but he was just trying to stay shaded. He had run out of gas, and luckily for him, I carry a tow strap with me. I towed my buddy to the finish line so he could salvage some points, and also I was not going to leave him out there in the hot sun. It was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride back there, I’m sure, because I was not going slow. I didn’t want to give up whatever position I was in just before the finish.

Come to find out I finished third-overall quad! I was so stoked! First place was Jose Torres, second was Chris Dobbins.


I felt good all day and my quad ran flawlessly; thank you, Hubby! I tried my new Kenda front tires and I loved them. My Fastway stabilizer – the best!

Thank you to all my friends and sponsors for all the hugs at the start line, the high-fives in the pits, and to my hubby for always helping me prep my Honda 450 and keeping her – “Black Betty” – running smoothly.

My next race will be Saturday, October 1, down in Imperial, California, at the AMA West Hare Scrambles event. See you at the races!

[For more from this event, please see “Race Report from NHHA Round Six, Take One: Clayton Roberts”… Editor]



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