Race Report from the NHHA Youth Series Finale: Clayton Roberts

| 22 November 2016 4:36 pm

AMA NHHA National Hare and Hounds Association Youth Series
Final Round: 100s Motorcycle Club at Johnson Valley OHV Area

By Clayton Roberts
Photos by Mark Kariya
Courtesy of Blais Racing Services

Race Report by Clayton Roberts, Supermini, Third Place
It was the morning of the final round of the Youth National Hare and Hounds that was being put on by 100s MC. Me personally, I love racing the Youth Nationals, just because when I was little, the desert was the only thing I rode, so for me the more technical the race, the better. We got to sign-up and checked me in because I was already pre-entered.

Clayton Roberts (199) at speed at the 100s MC’s hare and hound.

Clayton Roberts (199) at speed at the 100s MC’s hare and hound.

Clayton Roberts garnered his first Youth National Hare and Hound Supermini podium finish in Lucerne Valley.

Clayton Roberts garnered his first Youth National Hare and Hound Supermini podium finish in Lucerne Valley.

After everything was dialed, we drove over to pit row and found a spot next to my friend Gunnar Carlson. I was ready to race, but we were the third race, so I still had a while. Time was going by so slowly, waiting for my race. Finally it was time to put my bike on the line and start getting everything ready for the race. I snagged a pretty good spot on the line, so I felt like I was dialed. Now it was just time to relax and mentally prepare for the race. After what felt like a century, the banner went up.

The banner dropped, and I didn’t get the best jump, but I took a good line on the outside and passed some kids. I jumped in behind the top two kids, Tyler Lynn and Mason Matthies. At the end of the bomb, they got confused for a second on which way to go, and that allowed me to get right behind Mason and Tyler, who was leading. I made the pass shortly after and was sitting in second.

Going out onto the second lap, I was still second, but Mason was right behind me. About three-quarters of the way around on the second lap, Mason made the pass on me. I felt like I was exerting too much energy and I tried to relax a little, but as soon as I did that, Mason opened up a gap on me.

I rode the next lap at a solid pace, and when I came through the pits heading out onto my fourth lap, my dad gave me our pit-next-lap signal.

During that lap, Mason had crashed and I didn’t know. I came over one of the hills and there he was, just up ahead. I began to push hard right after I saw him and went into pit row ready to pit right behind him. Once my dad saw I was right behind him and I was still doing good on gas, he shouted, “One more lap, one more lap!”

I guess Mason did not know I was right behind him, so as soon as I came out of the pits, I hammered the throttle, surprising him, and I passed him. It was basically a drag race across the valley. He edged me out and slowly began to pull away. I was pushing to stay with him and made a slight mistake, causing me to tuck my front wheel. After I got up, I told myself I just needed to ride consistent and finish on the podium.


As the laps went by, I stayed third overall and rode a steady pace, trying to avoid mistakes. I came into the finish chute, I was third place overall and third Supermini.


At the finish line, I talked to Mason about some of the good battles we had.

Overall, I had an awesome time on my dirt bike! I was pumped to get my first Youth National Hare and Hound Supermini podium! The course was a ton of fun, and that made the race that much more enjoyable.

[For more from this event, please see “Brabec Takes Second Career NHHA Championship Title!”… Editor]





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