Western Flat Track Championship Final Round This Saturday!

| 13 September 2017 4:10 pm

CFTA/AMA Western Flat Track Championship
Final Round: Hills Ferry Raceway

Courtesy of the California Flat Track Association
NEWMAN, CA, SEPT. 12, 2017

The final round of the CFTA/AMA Western Flat Track Championship will be held at Hills Ferry Raceway, located at River Road and Hills Ferry Road in Newman, California.

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There will be a Pro purse of $1,500 and a Singles Expert purse of $500.

Southern California and Northern California Long Distance Traveler Discount
If you live in Bakersfield, California, or further south, or Ukiah or further north, your first race entry is free, courtesy of the CFTA. Thanks to everyone who drives the big miles for your support this year!

2017 CFTA/AMA Western Flat Track Champion Plates
We are working on the location of our CFTA/AMA annual awards banquet… and a big race… so stay tuned.

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Classic Flat Track Day Practice Session, presented by Ramming Speed
Brady Walker knows how the hell to promote two-wheeled fun! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to burn laps at the fabled Willow Springs track… and also enjoy foamy libations, food, and hilarity. Stay tuned for our plans in 2018.

2017 0912 CFTA PHOTO C

Krumple’s Korner
Our planning has already started for next year. We are changing our name: “CFTA” is being retired, making room for “Western Flat Track.” Our footprint is expanding, and we are looking at all opportunities west of the Mississippi – a sizable expansion from our California roots.

With a long face, I announce that this coming winter we have ended the Chowchilla Afterburner Series. Damn, we had so much fun there… backward races, wheelie contests, Valentine couples’ races, streaking Pro riders, pizza and practice, bourbon nightcaps… let the memories go on. Frankly, it’s the most fun I ever have had as a promoter… riding a tractor for hours, doing prep too late into the night, swilling cheap beer, attending the epic staff after-parties, and the whole feeling of being One Big Damned Family.

It was a combination of factors that led to this decision, but the biggest was the lack of rider participation at our last two events, when we ate it financially. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to work to lose money… even if it is fun!

However, we are still committed to finding venues and activities to draw new riders (especially youth) into our fine sport. We’d welcome your ideas, and we’ve got a few of our own. We won’t be sitting back on our asses. Our mission statement remains intact: Rebuild the sport of flat-track racing.

We will be conducting a rider survey again this year to find out what you are thinking, what you like, changes you’d like to see, and how we might all work together to grow our sport. I’d encourage you to take part. Your voice counts.

Our goals in 2018 are…

…to present a series that will be financially rewarding for our western U.S. Pros;

… to provide a development path for our riders to challenge AFT championships;

… to present high-quality entertainment that will create a buzz for the sport;

… and to attract more and larger sponsors – this is a weakness that we are addressing in earnest.

Speak up: Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and dial 415/531-6851 or e-mail me at and let’s make this all happen.

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New CFTA Flat Track Safety Guidelines
In addition to the regular safety rules as provided by the AMA and CFTA rulebooks, we are expanding our requirements in the name of safety. We are trying to educate and encourage, rather than tell and dictate. Here are our current safety recommendations based upon solid scientific evidence on how to decrease injuries in our sport…

* Abrasion-resistant outerwear – motocross jerseys are not safety gear.

* Chest protection designed to absorb a blunt blow – 360 degrees recommended – roost deflectors are not proper chest protection.

* Leathers are great for abrasion resistance but do not provide chest protection unless they have impact-protection armor added. Leathers by themselves are not proper safety gear.

* Helmet with Snell 2010 or 2015 certification in excellent condition. DOT has a much lower safety standard, and our racers deserve only the best.

The Flat Track Safety Group is dedicated to improving safety in our sport. Read more at and

For more information, please call 415/320-7889 or go to or

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