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| 24 October 2017 1:30 pm

Costa Mesa Speedway
Harley Nite: Orange County Fairgrounds

Story by Elaine Jones
File photos by Clark Oden/Race Day Images and Rob Hargraves
COSTA MESA, CA, AUG. 19, 2017

It was Harley Nite at Costa Mesa Speedway, and they turned out big time! Pre-Pageantry had around 50 full dressers on the track, letting the spectators get the full meaning and feel of rolling thunder! They paraded on the track, coming to a stop with engines off for the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” The full effect was not lost on those in attendance, as they broke into applause as the bikes made their exit.

This would be three rounds of heads-up Scratch racing, with the top eight advancing to the two semifinals; the first and second rider from each semi would make up the grid for the main event.

Dillon Ruml (shown here at Industry Speedway) was victorious at Costa Mesa Speedway. File photo by Clark Oden/Race Day Images

Dillon Ruml (shown here at Industry Speedway) was victorious at Costa Mesa Speedway. File photo by Clark Oden/Race Day Images

Round One
The first heat race of the night saw “Mad Max” Ruml open things up with an awesome ride, going wire to wire for the win. Reigning U.S. National Champion Aaron Fox was a solid second, but he just couldn’t find the chink in Ruml’s armor to get by. On back, it was Bobby “Boogaloo” Schwartz and Joey Donaldson.

The second heat was all about Broc Nicol, who’s having an awesome season! He has definitely become a player. He cut a great gate and never looked back. Gino Manzares, who has also come into his own, held off Mike Bloom for the second spot. Ricky Richards, who is new to First Division, was fourth.

The third heat went to crowd favorite “Fast Eddie” Castro. His health is better, and his riding is showing how good he feels. Tyson Burmeister, who has newly returned to the Speedway scene, has not lost his touch; he took second, over Dillon Ruml and Blake Borello.

The final heat of the first round was also a crowd favorite, especially on Harley Nite. It was all Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell’s, as he easily handled Samuel Ramirez and Rudy Laurer. Austin Novratil did not the make the call, which was not a good way to start the night, as he’s always a player.

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Round Two
Burmeister had it all together, as he opened up the second round with a solid ride that started with a great gate, followed by a mistake-free four quick laps. Schwartz was there to apply the pressure, but that didn’t faze Burmeister at all. Ramirez and Bloom were third and fourth, respectively.

Manzares also put together a winning ride in the second heat of round two, and it again started with a great gate and no mistakes. Novratil was eager to get some points on the board, and his second-place finish was a good way to start. The only pass came from Fox, when he got around Borello on the second lap for the third spot.

Max Ruml was keeping his win streak alive, as he got the jump on Castro when the gate came up in the next heat, and was able to hold him off for the win. Laurer and Richards followed them home.

Nicol was not to be outdone by Max Ruml, as he also put another win in the books, keeping himself on track for a perfect night. McConnell and Dillon Ruml battled for the second, with the nod going to McConnell. Donaldson rounded out the field.

Two rounds were in the books, with only one to go. Two riders were still perfect on the night, Max Ruml and Nicol. One back were veterans McConnell and Castro and Manzares. It was do-or-die time.

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Round Three
The opening heat of the final round saw little brother Dillon Ruml rain on his big brother’s perfect night, as they went at it – as siblings will often do. Dillon outgated Max and never looked back. The Ruml brothers have become a force to be reckoned with. Borello and Schwartz were third and fourth, respectively.

Manzares followed Dillon’s lead in his final ride of the night and rained on Nicol’s shot at a perfect night. Not to worry: Both of these guys would be moving on to a semi. For Ramirez and Laurer, their night was over.

The third heat of round three saw Burmeister ensure himself a spot in a semi with another wire-to-wire go. Fox was second, and he would have to wait to see how the points would shake out. The night was over for Donaldson.

The final heat race of the night saw Novratil in a get-’er-done situation. He was in a drag race with McConnell to the first turn. Novratil won it and came around in the lead at the end of lap one. The second lap saw McConnell go down, and Richards and Bloom were more than happy to move into second and third, respectively. Now McConnell would be on the hot seat to see if he would be moving forward.

Believe it or not, four riders were in the semis: Nicol, Max Ruml, Manzares and Burmeister. Five riders were tied in points for the remaining four spots: Fox, Dillon Ruml, McConnell, Novratil and Castro. Do not be last. Unfortunately, Castro didn’t get the memo, and he was done for the night.

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The first semi had Max Ruml on the pole, with Manzares in two. On the outside, it was McConnell in three and Novratil in four.

Novratil read the gate to perfection, and he got to the corner first, with Manzares right on his tail. McConnell, in third, had his hands full trying to hold Max at bay. When all the dust had settled, it was Novratil and Manzares moving on to the main. McConnell and Max would be watching from the pits.

The second semi had Burmeister on the pole, with Nicol in two and Dillon Ruml in three. Against the wall, in lane four, was Fox.

Burmeister got the gate, with Dillon in hot pursuit. Fox had his hands full with Nicol and got a scare on the white-flag lap when Dillon was able to get just a little bit ahead. It was short-lived, though, as Fox came roaring back and regained the third spot. Unfortunately, it would not be enough for him to move to the main, as Burmeister and Dillon Ruml had secured those spots.


Main Event
They rolled to line for the richest race of the night, the Scratch main. The pole went to Burmeister. Manzares was in gate two. Dillon Ruml loaded into three. Novratil picked the outside gate four, which had been good to him so far. They loaded in, the engines came to life, the light went green, and the tapes came up!

It was Dillon Ruml out on top, with Novratil chasing. They were running close, but no one zigged and no one zagged, and four laps go so fast on the bullring, and the win would go to Ruml, with Novratil claiming second. Burmeister and Manzares finished third and fourth, respectively.

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The Sidecar main was rather anticlimactic, as in the second heat race, Bryan Motis & swinger Johnny Bach got upended in turn one. For those of you who may be unaware, Bryan is paralyzed from the waist down, so when his rig flips, it’s of major concern, because he’s strapped onto the bike. He ended up being transported to the hospital, but the good news is that he’s home and doing very well and wanted to thank the riders and fans that sent him so many wishes for his recovery. Hopefully he will be back soon.

The pole for the main went to Josh Heenan & Josh Bennett. Stuart Glass & Jack Straw were in two. Dillon Osborne & Ashley Gibbons were in three, and Joe Jones & Tom Summers were in four.

It was Osborne & Gibbons who broke on top, with Jones & Summers second. Osborne & Gibbons had the ride of their lives as they held off the number-one team in the country for the win – and that is quite an accomplishment! Glass & Stuart were third, with Heenan & Bennett finishing fourth.

Michael Wells (shown here at Perris Raceway) won the Support contest in his 500cc debut at Costa Mesa Speedway. File photo by Rob Hargraves

Michael Wells (shown here at Perris Raceway) won the Support contest in his 500cc debut at Costa Mesa Speedway. File photo by Rob Hargraves

Support honors went to Michael Wells. It was his first ride on a 500cc bike at Costa Mesa. He was one happy camper. Following him home were Harold Hartke, Brad Moreau, Steve Bowen and Chet Kohler.

Costa Mesa Speedway
at the Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California
Results: August 19, 2017

SCRATCH MAIN: 1. Dillon Ruml (Jaw); 2. Austin Novratil (Jaw); 3. Tyson Burmeister (Jaw); Gino Manzares (Jaw).

SIDECAR MAIN: 1. Dillon Osborne/ Ashley Gibbons (Suz); 2. Joe Jones/ Tom Summers (Suz); 3. Stuart Glass/ Jack Straw (Duc); 4. Josh Heenan/ Josh Bennett (Suz).

SUPPORT MAIN: 1. Michaels Wells (Jaw); 2. Harold Hartke (Jaw); 3. Brad Moreau (Jaw); 4. Chet Kohler (Jaw); 5. Steve Bowen.

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