2018 NHHA Number Policy and Earned Numbers

| 2 December 2017 9:44 am

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Courtesy of the NHHA
CA, NOV. 30, 2017

The 2018 season is almost upon us, which means you are all busy preparing for round one of either the AMA National Hare and Hound Association Championship Series or the AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship. Please read this announcement carefully to better understand how to find your earned number, and become familiar with our numbering-system policy.

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In an effort to improve number structure and consistency among racers across the western United States for 2018, you will find that the following policy will be held firm throughout the season. Below, you will find some rules, guidelines and regulations, as well as your earned numbers. Please note that this policy applies to both series.

2018 NHHA Number Policy
Applicable to both the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship and the AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship.

The rider may not run the same number in both series, unless requested and approved.

The rider must run respective series number or the hosting club’s series number for that event.

If the rider fails to run the correct number or runs a different number than what is listed on the rider-signed entry form, they will be penalized five minutes.

If the rider fails to run a number at all, they will not be scored.

The rider must request their earned or desired number at or at least one week prior to the event.

Number formatting will be as follows…

Numbers must be at least 4 inches tall.

If the rider is in a Non-Pro class or a Big Wheel class, they must run an “N” before their race number in upper-case format the same size as their race number.

The rider must run the correct class definition letter after their number (see chart).

The rider must run the correct background and number color (see chart).

Number Color Chart

Pro = Red/White

Expert, Master and Pioneer = Black/White

Expert Women = Blue/White

Intermediate = Yellow/Black

Novice = Green/White

Youth Color Rules

Big Wheel = Red/White

Mini = White/Black

Junior Mini = Black/White

Girls = Blue/White

Junior Girls = Orange/Black

Micro Mini = Green/White

Pee Wee = Yellow/ Black

If the rider does not have the correct local or National number, they must purchase a temporary number for $10 at sign-up, and it will only be good for that event.

AMA Classes
The following are the classes in which series points will be kept.

Note: The single letter shown below, within the parenthesis ( ), are the class indicators.

1. Pro/Overall (Pro and A riders riding the same course)

2. Pro 250 (250cc Motorcycles, Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke)

3. 86cc-200cc (A)

4. 86cc-200cc (A) B

5. 86cc-200cc (A) C

6. 201cc-250cc (X) A

7. 201cc-250cc (X) B

8. 201cc-250cc (X) C

9. 251cc-Open (none used) A

10. 251cc-Open (none used) B

11. 251cc-Open (none used) C

12. Veteran (30 years and up) (V) A

13. Veteran (30 years and up) (V) B

14. Veteran (30 years and up) (V) C

15. Senior (40 years and up) (S) A

16. Senior (40 years and up) (S) B

17. Senior (40 years and up) (S) C

18. Super Senior (50 years and up) (M) A

19. Super Senior (50 years and up) (M) B

20. Super Senior (50 years and up) (M) C

21. Masters (60 years and up) (R)

22. Women 86cc-Open (L) A

23. Women 86cc-Open (L) B

24. Women 86cc-Open (L) C

25. Pro ATV Open (15 years and up) (Q)

26. ATV 100cc-Open (15 years and up) (Q) A

27. ATV 100cc-Open (15 years and up) (Q) B

28. ATV 100cc-Open (15 years and up) (Q) C

29. Pioneer (70 years and up) (P)

2018 Earned Numbers
If you raced four out of nine NHHA events or five out of 10 WHS events (regardless of whether or not you received a DNF) in 2017, then you are eligible for an earned number!

For 2018, we have simplified the way earned numbers can be found, and they are accessible in one easy-to-read document. In this document, you will find how many people in your class that participated at least four NHHA or five WHS rounds. It then goes by overall numerical order, starting with Experts, followed by Intermediates and then Novices.

For example: If you raced in the Intermediate skill level and placed first Intermediate in your class championship, then you will not be running the number-one plate. Simply put, the rider in the Expert class would have earned the number-one plate, since they are in a higher skill-level bracket. Check out an example of this please below…

Example of Earned Numbers

VET Class (V):
(Placement – Name – Earned Number)

1. Jim Bob – (N1V)
2. Jeff Smith – (N2V)
3. Bob Doe – (N3V)
4. Terry Evan (N4V)

1. Will Williams (N5V)
2. Tom Thomas (N6V)

1. Jeff Jeffreys (N7V)
2. Ricky Bobby (N8V)

Please note that the numbers still continue regardless of skill level with the next-largest number.

Find Your Earned Number
If you are wondering what your earned number is, please see the appropriate document below and request it on December 1 so we can update your info for 2018! Please note that the numbers on the far right are your earned numbers with the correct color background and number color. You can only run an earned number if you are staying in the class in which you ran in 2017.

AMA National Hare and Hound Association Series

AMA West Hare Scrambles Series

To request your NHHA or WHS number for 2018, please use the appropriate links below…

Hare and Hound

Youth Hare and Hound

West Hare Scrambles

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