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| 20 January 2018 1:11 pm

AMA Kenda/SRT WHS West Hare Scrambles Championship Series
Round 1: Prairie City SVRA

Courtesy of the National Hare and Hound Association
RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, JAN. 13-14, 2018

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Round one of the 2018 AMA Kenda/ SRT West Hare Scrambles Championship Series, presented by Mojo Motorsports, took place at Prairie City SVRA. Hosted by the Polka Dots Motorcycle Club, the terrain could not have been any more moist, due to the fog that lingered throughout the weekend.

For round one, the West Hare Scrambles Series welcomed back its racers with a muddy challenge.

For round one, the West Hare Scrambles Series welcomed back its racers with a muddy challenge.

Along with the action-packed start line featuring the best of the best, racers were prompted to start by the sound of a shotgun! The racers were sent off the start line and immediately dragged through the slick mud and quick turns, which put some time gaps between the thick line of competitors. The racers then hit the pavement and were soon taken to the supermoto track, where the pavement seemed to be even more slick than the wet mud. Being faced with slick pavement, slippery rocks, thick mud, and even a sand track, these racers had challenges awaiting them from the very beginning!

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Youth Classes
Before the fog had even lifted, the 85cc Junior, Junior Girls, and 65cc classes were lined up and ready to kick off the race weekend. The gun was fired, and off the line went the 85cc Juniors!

Ryder De Herrera was already plotting his battle with Wyatt Spies on the first lap when De Herrera was behind, in third place. De Herrera landed on top of the podium for the Youth C class, and overall for the 85cc Junior race.

Not too far behind, the 65cc riders were having their own race. Ryder Kroll, who did not stop to pit once throughout the race, earned his spot on top of the podium. After coming in second off the start, Kroll pushed his way to the top for first place – the first 65cc victory of the season.

Having some difficulties in a new format different than the one he is used to, Kevin Holman struggled with the tight sections and finding his way around the course. Nevertheless, Holman raced off-road like a natural, earning his second-place finish.

Behind Holman, in third place, Brandon Munce had a very muddy race. Finishing in the top three, Munce was pumped to make it onto the podium with the rest of his class.

The next race on the schedule was for the 50cc class. After a quick battle among Talan Staggs (who held the lead for almost the entire race), Cody Solis and Brewer McNulty, Solis finished off the race with the win. Staggs came in second, not even a minute behind Solis.

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In the last Youth race of the weekend, it was time for the Big Wheels to dominate the course. It was not long before Zach Kerling was able to steal the first-place position. The third turn on the course posed a difficulty for what seemed like the entire line of Big Wheel racers – except for Kerling, who took this as an opportunity to get out ahead.

Creeping up on Kerling was Anthony Ferrante, in second place. Riding smoothly and holding a steady pace for a portion of the race, Ferrante made a pass on Kerling in the supermoto section, which posed a challenge for Kerling, because of the slick pavement.

Riding in third place was Steven Diaz, who had to make up time after going down in the third turn, along with the rest of the line. Diaz was able to battle his way up to the third-place position, only seconds behind the battle between Kerling and Ferrante.

The Big Wheel podium saw an overall win from Zach Kerling, with Anthony Ferrante in second and Steven Diaz in third.

The Big Wheel podium saw an overall win from Zach Kerling, with Anthony Ferrante in second and Steven Diaz in third.

Women’s Classes
There was a new line-up in the podium positions in the Women’s class on this day, with Kaitlyn Jacobs sitting on the top step in first, Sharon Mowell in second, and McKenna Cheff in third.

Starting off her 2018 season better than her last one, Kaitlyn Jacobs dominated the Women’s contest. While battling with Mowell, who would finish in second place, Jacobs held what seemed like an untouchable lead.

After stealing the holeshot, Mowell stumbled a bit with some difficulties but only came out strong, striving for a solid finish and landing in second.

McKenna Cheff was comfortable with the terrain and used that to her advantage while competing with the rest of the Women’s class, coming in third.

The Women’s podium saw Kaitlyn Jacobs with the win, Sharon Mowell in second place and McKenna Cheff in third place.

The Women’s podium saw Kaitlyn Jacobs with the win, Sharon Mowell in second place and McKenna Cheff in third place.

Pro 250cc Class
Racers in the Pro 250cc class came in not too far behind the Pro finishers, reaching for a battle beyond their class.

Coming up on the Pro class several times, Jeremy Wilton ended up sitting at the top of the Pro 250cc podium in first place. Wilton struggled with some throttle control on the slick rocks, which seemed to pose a difficulty for every racer out on the course. Nonetheless, Wilton rode a clean race and held a nice time gap on second-place competitor Dan Capparelli.

After having some struggles with visibility due to the extreme muddy conditions, Capparelli found his focus and raced in for a podium spot.

Coming in for third place on the podium was Nathan Gibson.


Pro Class
Sitting at the top of the Pro podium in first place was Beta’s Max Gerston, who had no problem conquering the tough terrain while racing to defend his 2017 championship title. Although Gerston placed first overall, it was not an easy journey to get to that position. Coming from Arizona, Gerston found himself struggling with the constant changes of terrain, which only made his victory that much sweeter.

The 2017 Pro 250cc Champion, Team SRT/Husqvarna-backed Trystan Hart, was not going to let Gerston get away with an easy win, either. Throughout the course of the entire race, Gerston and Hart battled each other for that first-place position. Wrapping up his first lap, Gerston was in the lead, with Hart three racers behind him. It was not until the second lap that Hart was able to make a pass on Gerston. Seeing Hart gain time, Gerston found new motivation. Taking each section of the course as a lesson on how he could improve on traction and throttle control for the next lap, Gerston found his groove just in time: When Hart blew a turn, Gerston moved back into the lead.

Holding a steady pace behind Hart, RPM Racing-backed Dante Oliveira was making his mark on the Pro class. Coming in third overall, Oliveira had a battle of his own with Gas Gas’s Joey Fiasconaro and Travis Coy. The three Northern California racers maintained a very small space between one another, all hungry for the same third-place position.

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Prairie City SVRA and the Polka Dots MC did not let these racers leave without a fun challenge, making round one of the 2018 AMA Kenda/SRT West Hare Scrambles Championship Series one to remember! Racers and staff look forward to seeing the same lineup at round two!

One Kick, One Champion – Will you be there?

Prairie City SVRA
Rancho Cordova, California
Results: January 13-14, 2018 (Round 1)

OVERALL: 1. Max Gerston (Bet); 2. Trystan Hart; 3. Dante Oliveira (KTM); 4. Devan Bolin (KTM); 5. Travis Coy (KTM); 6. Justin Bonita (Yam); 7. Joey Fiasconaro; 8. Jeremy Wilton (KTM); 9. J.T. Baker; 10. K.J. McKenzie.

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